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New Infocomm Training Programmes Unveiled


The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) today launched two new training incentive programmes - the Infocomm Competency Programme targeted at the general workforce; and the E-Business Savviness Programme targeted at executives... 

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) today launched two new training incentive programmes - the Infocomm Competency Programme targeted at the general workforce; and the E-Business Savviness Programme targeted at executives and managers1. The offering of these new programmes represents the on-going efforts of the IDA and MOM in providing opportunities and support to individuals to continuously upgrade their skills, so as to build a globally-competitive workforce in Singapore.

Essential Infocomm Skills for the General Workforce, Executives and Managers

Infocomm technologies and the Internet are transforming businesses in all industry sectors around the world. For Singapore's general workforce to remain employable and productive, it is crucial that they be equipped with basic IT skills. Findings from the Infocomm Literacy Survey (60.22KB) released by IDA on 12 June 2001 indicate that only 8% of Singapore's workforce is e-business savvy. For companies to digitally transform their business to meet the challenges of the e-economy, there is a need to grow the e-business manpower resources in Singapore. Equipping non-infocomm managers and executives with relevant e-business knowledge and skills is an effective means to develop in-house champions for a company's e-business strategies and operations. Already possessing the business skills required for the job, managers and executives who acquire e-business skills can become important strategic resources in the company.

The Infocomm Competency Programme and E-Business Savviness Programme aim to address the essential infocomm skills requirements of the general workforce, as well as managers and executives working in non-infocomm fields. These programmes will help nurture infocomm-skilled workers and e-business savvy executives and managers, which will strengthen the competitiveness of their companies and ultimately, the economy. Together with the National IT Literacy Programme launched on 23 June 2001, the two programmes launched today will address the first three levels of training needs in the IDA's Infocomm Training Framework2. The programmes are also in line with MOM's Manpower 21 objective of developing a globally competitive workforce for Singapore in the knowledge-based economy. Both programmes are managed by the IDA and funded by the MOM and have been developed in consultation with the industry.

Infocomm Competency Programme (Level 2 of Infocomm Training Framework)

The Infocomm Competency Programme is designed to equip the general workforce with essential infocomm skills required in their jobs. These include PC skills, office applications, workgroup computing and webpage design. The programme is also open to non-working individuals who wish to acquire essential infocomm skills to build their confidence in re-entering the new digital working environment. It will provide individuals who have undergone the National IT Literacy Programme opportunities for further skills progression.

E-Business Savviness Programme (Level 3 of Infocomm Training Framework)

The E-Business Savviness Programme caters to non-infocomm executives and managers, professionals and operators of Small and Medium Enterprises. It seeks to address the industry's growing demand for e-business savvy manpower, by equipping them with the relevant knowledge to facilitate the adoption of e-business for their organisations.

This programme also provides the platform for a first-time collaboration between the IDA and the Building Construction Authority to develop an e-business training course for the construction industry. According to the Infocomm Literacy Survey 2000, members of the construction industry are not as infocomm-savvy, as compared to those in the manufacturing, real estate or transport and communications sectors, for example. The partnership between the two agencies is a good start to providing essential infocomm skills training to the workforce in the construction industry3.

The E-Business Savviness Programme offers an e-learning module4. E-Learning is fast becoming a popular complement and alternative to traditional classroom-based instruction because it offers anytime, anywhere and just-in-time access as long as there is an Internet connection. Companies should leverage the flexibility of e-learning to equip their non-infocomm professionals with e-business skills. More importantly, skill upgrading can take place without affecting normal work productivity as employees can access online content from home during after-office hours.

Funding Support

The Infocomm Competency Programme is funded by the Singapore Productivity and Standards Board's Skills Development Fund, and MOM's Lifelong Learning Endowment Fund (LLF). The E-Business Savviness Programme is funded by the LLF. Funding generally ranges from 50% to 80% of course fees support. This is applicable to both employers and individuals, depending on the programme and training courses.

With the Internet being one of the key business accelerators in today's economy, most jobs would require at least basic computing skills and knowledge. As explained by Dr Kaizad Heerjee, Assistant Chief Executive for Online Development at the IDA, "Since two-thirds of the Singapore population already know how to use a computer5, we want to grow and nurture this capability by developing the infocomm and e-business skills and expertise within our workforce. In today's knowledge economy, it is important for workers, as well as executives to continuously upgrade their skills. This is the only way for us to keep up with the fast pace of change. With a workforce that is competent in infocomm and e-business technologies, we are a step closer to realising our vision of making Singapore a home to infocomm talent and learning".

Emphasising the need for skills training in IT, Mr Chan Heng Kee, Divisional Director of Manpower Development Division, MOM said, "While the dot-com fever has subsided, longer-term market and technology trends still point towards the increasing use of IT and the Internet among businesses. The two programmes launched today will help us respond to these longer-term trends. They will equip our workers with essential infocomm skills needed at the workplace, and our managers and executives with important e-business skills that can enhance their employability and transform their businesses".

Interested employers, training providers and individuals can obtain more details on both programmes at by selecting "Infocomm Training Schemes". They may also contact the IDA at Tel: 211-0474, Fax: 211-2207 or Email:


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1 Annex A: Programme Details (31.13KB)

2 Annex B: Infocomm Training Framework (27.51KB)

The framework was announced on 12 June 2001 and aims to identify infocomm training needs for different segments of the Singapore population. The Infocomm Training Framework comprises five levels (L1 - L5) of infocomm training programmes to meet Singaporeans' specific needs in infocomm skills. From promoting an e-lifestyle to workforce training to capability development, the framework focuses on different levels of infocomm competency to enhance quality of life and to improve employability.

3 & 4 Annex C: Course Details (240.16KB)

5 Findings from the Infocomm Literacy Survey 2000 revealed that 66% of Singaporeans know how to use a computer.