Over 60 companies from across Singapore's information communications value chain will represent the industry at the Singapore Pavilion during CommunicAsia this year ...

Singapore, 6 June 2001 | For Immediate Release

Full value chain represented at largest Singapore Pavilion ever

Over 60 companies from across Singapore's information communications value chain will represent the industry at the Singapore Pavilion during CommunicAsia this year (see Annex A).

These include heavyweights such as SingTel, Starhub and Pacific Internet as well new developers such as Celestix and Inixus Media.

Visitors to the pavilion can expect to view the best of Singapore's information communications industry including real-time demonstrations of mobile payment by Telemoney and digital rights management by ZEUS Digital Asset Services.

Located at Hall 5, the Singapore Pavilion at CommunicAsia 2001 covers an area of 1,700 square metres, which is the largest ever for a Singapore Pavilion at CommunicAsia.

Hosted by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, CommunicAsia 2001 is Asia's leading Information Communications industry event. The show brings together some 2,200 exhibitors and some 50,000 visitors are expected to visit the show at Singapore Expo.


About Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) is a dynamic organisation with an integrated perspective to developing, promoting and regulating info-communications in Singapore. In the fast-changing and converging spheres of telecommunications, information and media technologies, IDA will be the catalyst for change and growth in Singapore's evolution into a vibrant global info-communications technology centre. For more information, please visit www.imda.gov.sg.

For media clarification, please contact:

Dulcie Chan
Senior Manager, Corporate Communication
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
Tel: +65 6211 1999
Fax: +65 6211 2227
Email: dulcie_chan@imda.gov.sg

Elliza Rahim or Wong Mei-Hwen
Edelman Public Relations Worldwide
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1. Aeon/Xe Technology Pte Ltd
Aeon/Xe Technology Pte Ltd is a Network Security and Open Source company. We make use of Open Source technology to help clients achieve a secure computing environment.
Tel(HP): +65 9694-8678
Email: raymond@aeonxe.com

2. Agilis Communication Technologies Pte Ltd
Agilis is a pioneer in the field of VSAT transceivers, block-up converters, satellite modems, antennas that can be used for a wide variety of applications.
Tel: +65 6568-7417
Email: mktg@agilis.st.com.sg
URL: www.agilis.st.com.sg

3. ASKnLearn.com Pte Ltd
ASKnLearn.com is an e-Learning software platform, contents and solutions company. E-Learning solutions include streaming-video talking-head courseware and interactive broadband contents.
Tel: +65 6776-2013
Email: sales@asknlearn.com

4. Aztech Systems Ltd
Aztech Systems Ltd will showcase a full range of ADSL and SDSL Modems/Routers and give a live demo of their applications in residential and business environments.
Tel: +65 6741-7211
Email: patricia.ng@aztech.com
URL: www.aztech.com

5. C2C Pte Ltd/Network I2I Ltd
C2C and Network i2i are global bandwidth providers with presence in China,Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan,offering international bandwidth capacity with city-to-city connections.
Tel: +65 6887-2947
URL: www.i2icn.com

6. Celestix Networks Pte Ltd
Celestix Networks is a premier developer of innovative network appliances targeting at SOHO market. Celestix focuses on emerging technologies such as internet appliances, broadband communications and wireless networking.
Tel: +65 6844-1301
Email: info@celestix.com
URL: www.celestix.com

7. CET Technologies Pte Ltd
A leading communications system house specialising in wireless broadband solutions: Juztalk UMS, DAB, RF Identification Systems, e-Pen & eVO information appliance meeting the needs of mobile businesses.
Tel: +65 6567-6769
Email: infor@cet.st.com.sg
URL: www.cet.st.com.sg

8. ChainFusion Ltd
ChainFusion provides end-to-end integrated B2B2C supply chain, e-fulfillment, enterprise XML content management, multi-currencies online payment and customers/partners relationship management system
Tel: +65 6299-9686
Email: enquiry@chainfusion.com
URL: www.chainfusion.com

9. Cybermax Enclosure Systems Pte Ltd
Design and manufacture racks, cabinets and enclosures including wall mounted cabinets, open frame racks, LAN workstations, consoles and 19" and 24" customized racks with accessories.
Tel: +65 6897-7789
Email: sales@cybermax.com.sg
URL: www.cybermax.com.sg

10. David-Stephenson Communications Pte Ltd
We are a value-added distributor for data-communication products, particularly in wireless LAN/WAN on both RF & Optical technologies and broadband hardware.
Tel: +65 6339-4106
Email: sales@dst.com.sg
URL: www.dst.com.sg

11. DCS Solutions Ltd
DCS Solutions Ltd delivers comprehensive IT solutions with in-depth enterprise consulting, seamless systems integration and creative content management.
Tel : +65 6282-7655
Email: roger@dcssolutions.net
URL: www.dcssolutions.net

12. DigiSAFE Pte Ltd
DigiSAFE develops, markets and supports a range of information security products and services in e-Commerce & network security, internet security, security appliances and encryptors.
Tel : +65 6568-7118
Email: achowkk@digisafe.com
URL: www.digisafe.com

13. Earth9.com Pte Ltd
Earth9.com provides enterprise collaborative applications and customised solutions over Web and WAP, for websites and enterprises. Check out our Voice Portal, SMS and UMS capabilities!
Tel: +65 6324-4200
Email: sales@earth9.com
URL: www.earth9.com

14. e-Brilliant Pte Ltd
e-Brilliant specializes in the development and syndication of high quality 3D animated content for the converging multimedia markets worldwide.
Tel: +65 6890-0211
Email: zanettal@eb3d.com
URL: www.eb3d.com

15. ENZER Electronics Pte Ltd
ENZER is in the business of electronics, entertainment, information and communications. Products include fixed line phones, DECT and PABX system.
Tel: +65 6553-3218
Email: enquiry@enzerglobal.com.sg
URL: www.enzerglobal.com

16. Ezybills Pte Ltd
Ezybills offers Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment services that enable companies to present their bills and statements online to their customers.
Tel: +65 6372-3510
Email: contact@ezybills.com
URL: www.ezybills.com

17. Forteq Corporation Pte Ltd
Froteq Structured Cabling System meets the standards and specification of the LAN market of Singapore. It is a Singapore brand and it is "Forteq", naturally.
Tel: +65 6862-8233
Email: william@forteq.com
URL: www.forteq.com

18. FTMS Business and Computer School
FTMS is an IT training provider focused on infocommunication courses and customised solutions for online business concerns.
Tel: +65 6733-2888
Email: vela@ftms-cs.com.sg
URL: www.ftmsglobal.com

19. iCentric Software (S) Pte Ltd
We power businesses by building, integrating and delivering next-generation enterprise applications for HR, accounting, and employee self-service with the "Internet Inside".
Tel: +65 6333-8880
Email: singapore@icentricsoft.com
URL: www.icentricsoft.com

20. Information Fusion Pte Ltd
A leading software company in supply chain management with an award-winning flagship product - Vinfiniti, that provides industry-specific solutions.
Tel: +65 6872-8070
Email: sales@fusion.com.sg
URL: www.fusion.com.sg

21. Inixus Media Pte Ltd
Inixus Media Pte Ltd is a e-business solutions provider. Our products include SMSXchange, SMS gateway and ecommerce solutions for B2C/B2B as well as Intranet knowledge management solutions.
Tel: +65 6327-1013
Email: info@inixus.com
URL: www.inixus.com

22. Inventis Singapore Pte Ltd
Inventis is a leading Internet business strategy partner & solutions provider to MNCs, providing value-added services in consultation and system integration.
Tel: +65 6224-2028
Email: enquiry@inventis.com.sg
URL : www.inventis.com.sg

23. i-STT Pte Ltd
i-STT provides co-location and manages hosting services with its pan-Asian network of data centres --- WEBCentres.
Tel: +65 6723-8888
URL: www.i-STT.com

24. Iverson Computer Associates Pte Ltd
Iverson's e-learning offers media rich, highly customised content and enhancing the learning experience, whilst requiring minimal hardware and bandwidth.
Tel: +65 6324-6552
Email: elearning@iversonca.com
URL: www.iversonca.com

25. janusX/ The Payment Solutions Company
The Payment Solutions Company was founded in October 2000 to design a secure, reliable and easy-to-use online payment gateway for businesses called janusX.
Tel: +65 6332-6722
Email: liliane.lye@janusx.com
URL: www.janusx.com

26. JustLogin Pte Ltd
An Application Service Provider that enables organizations to conduct surveys, manage leave & claim applications, optimize office resource utilization and facilitate effective communication.
Tel: +65 6476-5330
Email: sales@justlogin.com
URL: www.justlogin.com

27. LEI Electronics (S) Pte Ltd
We specialize in manufacturing and designing of linear & switching adaptors, power transformers, power supplies units and battery chargers.
Tel: +65 6271-8690
Email: leisin@singnet.com.sg
URL: www.lei.com.sg

28. N2N Consulting Pte Ltd
MobileRush, a wireless marketing platform, offering full campaign management that is based on ethical, targeted and permission-based, one-to-one marketing.
Tel: +65 6337-0322
Email: info@n2nconsulting.com
URL: www.n2nconsulting.com

29. Nanyang Polytechnic
Nanyang Polytechnic offers quality education in engineering, design, IT, business management, health sciences and life sciences, with the mission to prepare graduates for life and work.
Tel: +65 6451-5115
Email: NYP_Registry@nyp.gov.sg
URL: www.nyp.edu.sg

30. NetLearner Pte Ltd
NetLearner is a premier network learning company that provides professional and practical networking courses in the region.
Tel: +65 6735-6846
Email: sales@e-netlearner.com
URL: www.e-netlearner.com

31. NewsPage Pte Ltd
A leading wireless software solution provider offering complete suite of wireless applications that enhance the sales and value chain processes in courier, logistics, FMCG, telecommunications and financial industries.

Tel: +65 6338-6328
Email: info@newspage.com.sg
URL: www.newspage.com.sg

32. OpenAsia Network Pte Ltd
OpenAsia is a content delivery network ('CDN') focused on providing streaming media distribution services in the Asia region.
Tel: +65 6337-1900
Email: info@openasia.net
URL: www.openasia.net

33. Pacific Internet Limited
Asia's largest Internet service provider by geographic reach with 6 operating offices. PacNet provides seamless End-to-End Internet services showcasing newly expanded Internet Data Center and Network Broadband.
Tel: +65 6872-9800
Email: business@pacific.net.sg
URL: www.corporate.pacific.net.sg

34. PalmWindow Pte Ltd
PalmWindow specialises in offering software products and SMS-based application infrastructure for wireless messaging in mobile commerce.
Tel: +65 6233-3558
Email: sales@palmwindow.com
URL: www.palmwindow.com

35. Planet Telecoms (S) Pte Ltd
Planet Telecoms (S) Pte Ltd is an active importer and exporter of new and used mobile phones. We seek to extend our services to you and establish a point of contact.
Tel: +65 6333-5466
Email: mailto:info@planet-telecoms.com.sg
URL: www.planet-telecoms.com.sg

36. PM-B Pte Ltd
PM-B specialises in data centre consultancy, design & implementation. We provide precision airconditioning units, building automation systems, leak detection system, smoke detection system and other related systems.
Tel: +65 6553-1108
Email: feedback@pm-b.com
URL: www.pm-b.com

37. ROOTS Communications Pte Ltd
ROOTS Communications is a telecom engineering solutions and equipment provider. Next-generation network solutions, wireless engineering, test and measurement equipment and mobile applications are available at the event.
Tel: +65 6283-8500
Email: enquiry@roots.com.sg
URL: www.roots.com.sg

38. Safe-Ex Global Pte Ltd
SafeEx.Com is a new e-Business venture being developed with Citibank and Stratech Systems, enabling Safe Exchange of Purchases and Payments via Internet for both B2B and B2C markets.
Tel: +65 6323-2188
Email: Paul_FY_LIM@StratechSystems.com

39. Sakon Singapore
Sakon Singapore delivers a full suite of communications and internet services. These include the region's first international callback service, international call direct, international faxing, IDD calling cards and web business solutions.
Tel: +65 6837-0098
Email: agency@sakon.com.sg
URL: www.sakon.com.sg

40. See Seng Enterprise Pte Ltd
See Seng Enterprise specialises in a full range of electronic items ranging from handphone sets, handphone accessories as well as game sets and game accessories.
Tel: +65 6282-8725
Email: acesse@pacific.net.sg
URL: www.seeseng.com.sg

41. Semitron Science & Technologies Pte Ltd
Semitron is a Singapore-based company, established in 1983, with electronics business mainly in distribution and owns a research and development subsidiary on wireless equipments.
Tel: +65 6781-9888
Email: admin@semitron.com.sg
URL: www.semitron.com.sg

42. Senao Communications Singapore Enterprise Pte Ltd
Senao Communications is the regional office of Senao International, an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of quality short, medium and long range wireless Private Local Area Mobile phone (Plam).
Tel: +65 6227-1088
Email: senao@pacific.net.sg
URL: www.senao.com

43. Singapore Engineering Software Pte Ltd
SES is a leading software house in the region which provides quality real-time decision support, mission critical solutions and services for defence and commercial applications.
Tel: +65 6481-8888
Email: mktg@ses.st.com.sg
URL: www.ses.st.com.sg

44. Singapore Information Services Pte Ltd
Singapore Information Services (SIS) publishes more than 10 trade directory titles and powers eBizAsiaLink.com and its verticals. SIS represents a huge Singapore business community that spans across major industries.
Tel: +65 6272-3390
Email: services@ebizasialink.com.sg
URL: www.ebizasialink.com

45. Singapore Technologies Electronics Ltd
ST Elect is a leader in delivering innovative solutions to customers worldwide. ST Elect specialises in the design, development and integration of advanced electronic systems.
Tel: +65 6481-8888
Email: mktg.elect@stengg.com
URL: www.stelect.com

46. Singapore Telecommunications Limited
Find out more about SingTel's comprehensive suite of services and solutions that meet all your corporate telecommunications needs over a cup of coffee!
Tel: +65 6838-3388
Email: bizdirect@singtel.com
URL: www.singtel.com

47. Starhub Pte Ltd
StarHub offers both fixed and mobile telecommunications services. Our services include multimedia & mobility solutions, global managed network and core telecommunications services.
Tel: +65 6825-5000
Email: customercare@starhub.com
URL: www.starhub.com

48. StarVision Information Technology Pte Ltd
StarVision develops business software solutions and offers complete applications that support business-critical processes in HR, Payroll, Distribution, CRM, DMS, web applications and consultancy.
Tel: +65 6293-4828
Email: sales@starvisionit.com
URL: www.starvisionit.com

49. Sunderland Technologies Pte Ltd
Sunderland Technologies is a leading developer in wireless products and mobile enterprise applications/solutions for the mobile and handheld markets.
Tel: +65 6286-2555
Email: marketing@sunland-group.com

50. Swiftech Automation Pte Ltd
A total business internet service provider that endeavours to provide companies with a customised cost effective internet solution.
Tel: +65 6274-4722

51. Synetcom International Pte Ltd
Synetcom is an emerging and leading telecommunications, networking and multi-media technology system integrator in Asia. Solutions include videoconferencing, network security, IVR, CTI, and bandwidth management.
Tel: +65 6323-2263
Email: info@synetcom.net
URL: www.synetcom.net

52. TeleMoney by Systems@Work Pte Ltd
TeleMoney, created by Systems@Work, is a secure online payment service that enables consumers and businesses to transact securely and conveniently online using GSM phone. Tel: +65 6873-8123
Email: info@telemoney.com.sg
URL: www.telemoneyworld.com

53. Teleconsult Pte Ltd
Teleconsult is a specialist firm offering training, technical assistance and project management services to the infocommunications industry and has 130 training courses in telecommunications subjects.
Email: tconsult@singnet.com.sg
URL: www.teleconsultinternational.com

54. Teledata (Singapore) Limited
A communications network specialist and leading systems integrator of voice, video and data communications products and services. Teledata's extensive range of products are available at the exhibition.
Tel: +65 6471-1733
URL: www.teledata.com.sg

55. ThatWeb Solutions Pte Ltd
ThatWeb Solutions Pte Ltd will exhibit its web, wireless, corporate and network solutions including real-time demonstration of MSG121 and iAccess.
Tel: +65 6741-7211
Email: sales@thatweb.com
URL: www.thatwebsolutions.com

56. The WebWap Company (S) Pte Ltd
The WebWap Company is one of the earliest wireless ASPs in Asia that provides advanced internet and wireless technologies for a broad-based of organizations.
Tel : +65 6224-4160
Email: info@theweb-co.com
URL : www.thewebwap.com

57. TMC Educational Group Enjoying strong affiliations with reputable educational institutions and universities overseas, TMC offers quality Business and Computing programmes at various levels.
Tel: +65 6339-7933
Email: kwchoy@tmc.edu.sg
URL: www.tmc.edu.sg

58. UGotACall Pte Ltd
UGotACall is a Next-Generation Convergent Technology Company that partners with Telcos/ISPs and distributors worldwide, to provide communication solutions/services to both enterprises and consumers.
Tel: +65 6826-1008
Email: enquiry@ugotacall.com

59. Unified Communications Pte Ltd
Unified Communications provides enhanced, converged communications solutions to carriers and service providers, as well as MNCs in the Asia Pacific. Tel: +65 6297-7100
Email: info@unifiedcomms.com
URL: www.unifiedcomms.com

60. Virtual Map (S) Pte Ltd
Virtual Map develops GIS and map application software and various location-based services for wireless and fixed Internet.
Tel: +65 6272-2538
Email: sales@virtual-map.com
URL: www.virtual-map.com

61. WAPworkz Technologies Pte Ltd
WAPworkz Technologies develops and customizes wireless applications and solutions, packed with rapid deployment tools and technologies.
Tel: +65 6872-0155
Email: wapbiz@wapworkz.com
URL: www.wapworkz.com

62. WorldRemind Pte Ltd
WorldRemind specialises in SMS solutions and applications. Visit our booth to look at our range of SMS products, suitable for personal, corporate and industrial deployment.
Tel: +65 6222-0610
Email: thomas@worldremind.com
URL: www.WorldRemind.com

63. YHI Group YHI is a group of companies, supplying industrial power products (rechargeable battery) in the Asia Pacific region for more than 15 years.
Tel: +65 6264-2155
Email: power@yhi.com.sg
URL: www.yhi.com.sg

64. ZEUS Digital Asset Services
ZEUS Digital Asset Services, a subsidiary of MERCURiX, provides digital asset management services to content owners and wholesale distribution of digital products such as music, books, and others.
Tel : +65 6872-9340
Email: info@mercurix.com
URL: www.mercurix.com