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Innovation is the Key to Becoming a Market Leader in the Global Infocomm Industry

Continuous innovation is a fundamental requisite for market leadership in the global Infocomm industry. This key message resonated as the 16 finalists who will vie for the first National Infocomm Awards in two categories were revealed today......

Singapore, 7 March 2002 | For Immediate Release

Continuous innovation is a fundamental requisite for market leadership in the global Infocomm industry. This key message resonated as the 16 finalists who will vie for the first National Infocomm Awards in two categories were revealed today. This is especially pertinent to the 8 finalists in the category of Most Innovative Product / Service.
The National Infocomm Awards are designed to celebrate and promotethe spirit of innovation in the local Infocomm Industry. By recognising companies that have created innovative Infocomm products, the awards aims to inspire others in the industry to embrace the spirit of innovation in their own companies.

Mr Thomas Lim, a Director at Gartner Consulting and a judge on the Evaluation Committee for this category, commented, "Becoming a market leader in the global Infocomm industry requires more than just anticipating trends. If companies want to succeed, they must take an active hand in shaping trends, and the key to doing this is continuous innovation."

In the category of Most Innovative Infocomm Product / Service, there are 8 finalists deemed to have demonstrated this spirit of innovation.

1. FairEx International Financial Systems' innovative products, FairEx B2B, FairEx BConnect & SuperTrader are an example of how a home-grown company has successfully created and globally patented a product. Leveraging Internet technology, it offers a multitude of super high speed and secured trading platforms that are all interlinked. This helps foster closer relations between global and regional banks, financial institutions and their customers.

FairEx B2B platform is the only web-based Foreign Exchange System that empowers the quick formation of Interactive FX Trading Communities. It is a full-fledged FX Trading Exchange with Comprehensive Risk, Credit and Collateral management systems. This allows any number of market-makers and market-takers to co-exist in the same cyberspace. A world first, FairEx BConnect offers banks and financial institutions their own brand of Margin FX Trading and Risk Management Platforms that have complete Straight-Through Capabilities into the Internal Pricing Engine and Risk Management system of global banks.

FairEx has achieved phenomenal success both locally and internationally. Despite an installed base of live systems in over 18 banks and financial institutions in Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan, FairEx is aggressively venturing into new markets. Over Euro 3 billion worth of transactions flow through FairEx systems each month. Its prominent local clients include Deutsche Bank, GK Goh Futures, iOCBC, Hantec (HK), Fimat Asia, Phillip GNI Futures, N M Rothschild and Sons; Pacific Asset Management and ABB Treasury. Deutsche Bank distributes FairEx products globally.

2. Developed in partnership with Software System Integrators and Vidtools, Fuji-Xerox Singapore provides customers with end-to-end knowledge management solutions based on two products from its Document and Knowledge Management suite, 'Document WorkBench' and Video Management System for Knowledge Management (KM).

Their total solution comprises of an extensive suite of software, hardware, consultancy and business services. It helps businesses to capture, archive, retrieve and distribute information, documents and knowledge residing in different document formats (paper, digital, video, human mind). The unique proposition of their solutions lie in the security and trust capabilities that have been developed to meet the needs of government and large enterprises with high security needs.

The Document WorkBench solution provides the knowledge repository (document management) and knowledge process (workflow) to address knowledge management needs. Solutions using Vidtools' Video Management System for KM helps customers capture tacit knowledge by bridging gaps between tacit knowledge and externalisation. Resulting management of video content, such as previewing, summarising, bookmarking and annotating becomes much easier.

Fuji-Xerox used Document WorkBench to develop Electronic Registry System (ERS) for the government, and similar systems are being implemented in MINDEF and JTC. Similar solutions are also currently being implemented in various countries such as Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Since the product was set-up in year 2000, it has generated revenue of around S$5.9 million in Singapore

3. GridNode's GridTalk is an XML-based, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) business framework that integrates inter-enterprise data communication and business applications over the Internet. Developed on a distributed architecture, the GridTalk software enables enterprises in a business supply chain to exchange business documents, automate workflows and synchronize shared data directly with business partners. Conducted over the Internet in real-time, it is reliable and efficient.

Developed entirely in Java, GridTalk runs off any PC, notebook, or servers with Internet access. Designed with comprehensive business process flow control, security features and business audit functions, GridTalk can work on an existing Internet network infrastructure. It enhances the capabilities of existing enterprise information systems, such as the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

GridTalk complies with the latest industry standards for e-business, such as XML, Java, and RosettaNet.

Headquartered in Singapore, GridNode is a software development company focused on providing a suite of businessware for extended enterprise management. It has offices in Taiwan and the US. Its key clients include Seagate Technology International, Fritz Logistics (A UPS Company), Yageo Corporation, Yosun Industrial Group, Phycomp and CTW Logistics Corporation.

4. InfoTalk is a provider of multi-lingual conversational speech understanding technology, which includes multi-lingual and mixed language speech recognition, text-to-speech and speaker authentication, and fully supports VoiceXML specification. Their products help to drastically reduce the costs of hosting customer services, such as call centres, and in turn, facilitate greater customer interaction. With a focus on multi-lingual and mixed language speech technologies, the company serves a wide clientele. These include companies in the telecom, banking, entertainment, utility and transportation sectors. Optimised for languages commonly used in Asia Pacific including English and Chinese, its products are dominant in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Already established as a dominant player in the Asia Pacific region with its speech understanding telephony solutions, InfoTalk has offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore and Taipei. Research and development is situated in Singapore.

5. muvee autoProducer by muvee Technologies is the world's only smart automatic video editing software. It is targeted at the 95% of consumers who shoot video but are not inclined to edit using complex traditional editing tools. Combining innovative (patent-pending) audio and video analysis with a simple 5-button interface, muvee autoProducer creates finished, professional-quality video productions automatically. Users simply choose the raw video files they want to include, pick one or more pieces of music, select a production 'style', and click "make muvee". The program analyzes the video for shot boundaries, poor quality material, object & camera motion, the presence of human faces and other factors. The music is analyzed in terms of tempo, beat, rhythm and "drive". This analysis data is used to make all the automatic edit decisions which create the finished production. This includes the selection of material from the raw video, and the timing of cutting points, video transitions and special effects.

6. Nixvue Systems Pte Ltd has introduced the palm sized Nixvue Digital Album. A stand alone device with image retrieval, viewing and direct printing capabilities, users can quickly and conveniently download images from their camera's storage media into Nixvue's Digital Album by pressing a button. Its 10-Gigabyte hard drive can store tens of thousands of high-resolution camera images.

With this product, users can store the images directly into the devices and view the pictures on a television set. No more problems with the storage, viewing and organisation of digital images.

This is first-of-its- kind of product in the local and global market. Nixvue System participated in the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) show in February 2001, held in Orlando, Florida. It won the Digital Imaging Photo Association Innovative Product award alongside with 16 other products from major players such as Kodak, JVC, Minolta, Polaroid and Nikon

7. Sunderland Technologies Pte Ltd is a first mover in the local Bluetooth industry with the launch of WAVEclip for the large Palm V community. Palm V users can now communicate and transmit data with other Bluetooth-enabled devices simply by clipping on the WAVEclip, which is a clip-on Bluetooth adapter for Palm V handhelds. The device promotes instant access to personal, public and corporate data between intranets and the mobile devices. Powered by built-in rechargeable batteries, the sleek and portable unit can be used continuously for up to 8 hours. The Palm V can also be recharged through the WAVEclip.

8. Launched in February 2001, TeleMoney by Systems@Work Pte Ltd is the world's first cross-platform secure payment service. It provides consumers and businesses a secure yet convenient solution for Internet and wireless transactions using a GSM mobile phone, and a secure Personal Identification Number (PIN) as electronic identification for transactions.

In November 2001, the launch of TeleMoney into Malaysia in November 2001 made it the first mobile payment service for Internet and wireless transactions in Malaysia. Since then, TeleMoney has quickly emerged to become the mobile payment standard for Internet, wireless and proximity payments. It is already in use by many online businesses in Singapore and Malaysia as the payment service for their online and mobile services whose clients are mainly from the retail and services sectors. These range from food & beverage and photo-colour labs to electronics retailers.

Finalists for the category of Most Innovative Use of Infocomm Technology have also been announced.


About the National Infocomm Awards

The National Infocomm Awards is the highest industry accolade for Infocomm innovation in Singapore. Jointly organised by the IDA, ec.Think and CommerceNet Singapore, the Awards aims to provide a platform for promoting and recognising the innovative development and adoption of infocomm technologies by companies based in Singapore. The Award winners will be the ambassadors for Singapore in the global Infocomm arena and their brand names synonymous with outstanding Singapore Infocomm companies.

Of the original 347 nominations received, 229 were for Most Innovative Infocomm Product/Service and 118 were for Most Innovative Use of Infocomm Technology.

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