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IBM and IDA Collaborate to Build New Capabilities for Singapore's ICT Companies

IBM Singapore and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) today announced multi-pronged initiatives to build on demand capabilities for Singapore's ICT industry. The three-year joint collaboration, with an ...

Singapore, 12 May 2004 | For Immediate Release

Strategic Collaboration to Build Singapore's On Demand Capabilities Through Initiatives to Develop Manpower, Innovation and Markets.

IBM Singapore and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) today announced multi-pronged initiatives to build on demand capabilities for Singapore's ICT industry. The three-year joint collaboration, with an initial investment of S$40 million, will focus on developing Singapore's human capital and the ICT market, and bring innovative technologies to Singapore. The on demand capabilities will enable businesses, the public sector and community to implement programmes that will empower them to act and respond quickly to their customers' expectations, helping them to be more competitive in a highly dynamic economic environment.

"Staying agile and competitive remains a constant challenge for businesses, non-profit organisations and even Governments. Fortunately, the intelligent integration of IT with business, can help organisations meet this challenge better. IBM has chosen to use the 'On Demand' concept to deliver the benefits of Infocomm technologies for our Infocomm industry, professionals and users. This concept represents both a need to understand business needs better and the adoption of open standards when delivering IT-enabled business solutions. IDA would like our Infocomm companies and professionals to be equipped with the capabilities to deliver on this 'On Demand' vision," said Mrs Tan Ching Yee, Chief Executive Officer, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore.

Ms Patricia Yim, Managing Director of IBM Singapore, said "The next big thing in technology isn't technology itself, but a better way to make it work. IBM's e-business on demand strategy enables businesses to be more responsive to their customers and environmental changes; focused on what you do well, and seek partners to help you do the rest. This fits together into on demand @ Singapore initiatives, which aim to equip organizations and individuals to better respond to opportunities and threats in real-time. Through these initiatives, IBM and IDA are committed to developing and enriching Singapore's human capital and industry resources. They will enable Singapore to achieve on demand capabilities, which in the long-run, will ensure that greater competitiveness in the ICT arena."

The path to securing on demand capability is a multi-faceted one. The first is to better understand client needs and maximise the business value of ICT solutions; and the second is to adopt open standards when delivering those solutions. The first path requires ICT professionals to not only understand technology but also the underlying business drivers, and the second involves a commitment to open standards such as Linux, Web services and Grid computing to provide a common operating environment.

Market Development Initiatives

Two of the market development initiatives are the Overseas Development Programme (ODP) and the extension of the Infocomm Local Industry Upgrading Programme (iLIUP).

Under this programme, IBM will work with IDA to select local independent solutions vendors (ISVs) to expand their business overseas by leveraging IBM business partner programmes regionally and globally. Under the ODP, the target is to bring 10 to 15 local ISVs into the programme over a three-year period, to help these ISVs generate S$15 million in revenue. IBM will facilitate their entrance into the overseas market through a structured process and programme which taps into the global IBM network for technical and go-to-market support. This process will help open up markets for these ISVs in countries where it makes sense for their business. As a start, IBM and IDA will be working closely through the Singapore Solution Centre in Shanghai to provide a venue for local companies to showcase their products and offerings and to access Chinese companies.

In addition, to continue to mature Singapore's ICT market, IBM and IDA will be extending the iLIUP initiative to even more local ISVs. The number of partners recruited currently stands at 24, and both IBM and IDA expect to extend this to 30 partners. The extension is expected to generate S$9 million in revenue to local partners over the next three years. The initiative will allow local partners access to marketing and skills development programmes.

Manpower Development Initiatives

Under this banner, IBM and IDA will pull together resources to enable the skills development, knowledge transfer and scholarships. For a start, a new 5-day CITREP-endorsed course in sales and marketing will be available from June 2004. This course is sales and marketing will help to transform Infocomm professionals from a more technical support person to a trusted business partner.

This partnership also extends into IDA's recently launched National Infocomm Scholarships for promising undergraduates, in the form of attachments to IBM overseas offices and R&D labs, where they will be trained to move up the business value chain where specialized and advanced technical and business-related skills are required.

In addition, leveraging IBM's global expertise in technology, services and consulting, IBM will organise industry briefings, workshops and seminar for the industry to enable knowledge transfer and networking between industry practitioners.

Innovation Development Initiatives

With the establishment of the Open Computing Centre in 2002 which comprise the Nanyang Polytechnic-IBM Web Services Innovation Zone (WIZ) and the Linux Integration Zone (LIZ), IBM has imparted Web services and Linux skills to more than 2,000 people and recruited over 38 partners, 25 of which have either Web-services or Linux-enabled their solutions. The Grid Innovation Zone at the National University of Singapore has recently been set up to grid-enable six local ISVs or systems integrators and implement eight pilot projects.

The Opening Of IBM Place II

The announcement of on demand @ Singapore was done in conjunction with the opening of IBM's new building at Changi Business Park. The new building is a custom-built IBM facility and will serve as IBM Singapore's corporate offices. The new facility, measuring 103,000 square feet, offers employees the latest in innovative technology such as IP Telephony allowing data and voice to be transmitted over a single, IP based network infrastructure, and wireless LANs which enable users to establish and maintain a wireless network connection in meeting rooms. These technologies provide for more flexibility in application deployment to the desktop and increased personal and workgroup productivity. IBM's two buildings at Changi Business Park will be formally called "The IBM Place".

"IBM has been building the technology and services infrastructure for the last 50 years to deliver solutions that are real and relevant for our clients. Over the half century, IBM has been active in promoting education, building up Singapore's research capabilities, transferring technology to local companies as well as partnering with Singapore's entrepreneurs to serve clients more effectively. IBM is committed to helping Singapore grow for the next 50 years and beyond," said Patricia Yim, Managing Director, IBM Singapore.


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