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IDA Issues Six Wireless Broadband Access Spectrum Rights

To increase Singapore's broadband offerings and enhance competition in the broadband market here, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) has issued six WBA1 spectrum rights in the 2.3 GHz and 2.5 ...

Singapore, 24 May 2005 | For Immediate Release

Six Companies Successfully Bid for Wireless Broadband Access (WBA) Spectrum

To increase Singapore's broadband offerings and enhance competition in the broadband market here, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) has issued six WBA1 spectrum rights in the 2.3 GHz and 2.5 GHz frequency bands today at the WBA Auction. The auction, held at Hotel Intercontinental Singapore, was concluded on 24 May 2005. IDA had earlier earmarked these two frequency bands for WBA trials and commercial deployment in Singapore 2.

Last month, IDA received seven applications, for a total of 38 Initial Offers for WBA spectrum. This demand was greater than the available 25 lots (140 MHz) IDA had opened up for allocation. IDA therefore decided to auction the WBA spectrum as it is the most equitable, fair and transparent method to allocate this scarce and finite resource.

The starting price for each of the spectrum lots was S$1,000. At the close of the auction, the following bidders were successful in their attempts to obtain WBA spectrum lots. For specific spectrum ranges of each lot, please refer to the annex of this media release.

No Operator Spectrum Lots Awarded Final Auction Price Paid (S$)
1 inter-touch Holdings (Singapore) Pte Ltd 7 215,200
9 269,000
10 269,000
2 MobileOne Ltd 11 550,000
12 550,000
21 500,000
22 500,000
3 Pacific Internet Corporation Pte Ltd 15 450,000
16 450,000
19 550,000
20 550,000
25 269,000
4 Qala Singapore Pte Ltd 1 215,200
2 269,000
3 215,200
4 215,200
5 215,200
6 269,000
5 Singapore Telecom Mobile Pte Ltd 13 550,000
14 500,000
23 500,000
24 500,000
6 StarHub Ltd 17 500,000
18 500,000


Mr Leong Keng Thai, IDA's Director-General (Telecoms), said, "IDA is highly encouraged by the strong interest in wireless broadband access (WBA) as shown by strong demand for WBA spectrum. With the deployment of new WBA services, we expect that competition in the local broadband market will be invigorated, encouraging greater broadband offerings for businesses and consumers."

Successful bidders can start deploying their WBA networks from 1 July 2005, and have to offer services within 18 months if they obtain the 2.5 GHz spectrum and/or within 36 months if they obtain the 2.3 GHz spectrum. Like other wireless licensees, successful bidders will be subject to the standard annual spectrum management fee, in this case, of about S$13,000 per lot and an annual licence fee.

For more details of the WBA spectrum, fees and rights please refer to the annex of this media release or the IDA website ( under the Policy & Regulation section, "Wireless Broadband Spectrum Rights Auction" webpage.

The IDA has also made available for public comments, the proposed technical specifications for WBA equipment which cover areas such as the scope and minimum technical requirements of WBA equipment. These specifications are meant to support the rollout of WBA networks and services and can be accessed from the IDA website at "Policy & Regulation", "New IDA Technical & Reference Specifications for Public Comments". IDA invites the industry to submit their comments in writing to reach IDA no later than 10 June 2005.


Notes to Editor:

1 A WBA network, typically operating at frequency bands under 6 GHz, provides access at speeds of 256 kbps and above, to both mobile users and fixed locations. Each base station generally serves an area of up to several square kilometres. Examples of such wireless broadband systems are those based on the IEEE 802.16 and IEEE 802.20 standards.

2 IDA announced this is on 23 February 2004. This was then followed by a public consultation issued on 2 April 2004, inviting comments and feedback on wireless broadband issues such as spectrum allocation, licensing framework and the use of 3G frequency bands for wireless broadband technologies. In July 2004, IDA then introduced the Market Trial framework to enable companies to test out various innovative business models and new technologies like wireless broadband.

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A. Summary of WBA Frequency Bands Auctioned

Frequency 2.3 GHz 2.5 GHz
Bandwidth made available for auction 50 MHz  90 MHz

Total number of available lots for auction

10 lots 15 lots

Size of each lot up for auction

5 MHz 6 MHz

Total cap per bidder (SingTel & StarHub)

4 lots 1

Total cap per bidder (other operators)

6 lots 1

1 Six lots are deemed sufficient for nation-wide roll-out of WBA in Singapore. The SingTel Group and StarHub Group, as existing broadband providers with an already extensive infrastructure reach in Singapore, were subjected to a lower cap on the number of lots they can bid for i.e. 4 lots. This cap is sufficient to complement their existing infrastructures with WBA technologies, if they wish to do so.

B. Spectrum Ranges of Each WBA Lot

Number of WBA Spectrum Lot Starting Frequency (MHz) Ending Frequency (MHz) Frequency Block (MHz)
1 2300.0 2305.0 5
2 2305.0  2310.0 5
3 2310.0   2315.0 5
4 2315.0  2320.0 5
5 2320.0  2325.0 5
6 2325.0 2330.0 5
7 2330.0  2335.0 5
8 2335.0 2340.0 5
9 2340.0  2345.0 5
10 2345.0  2350.0 5
11 2516.0  2522.0 6
12 2522.0 2528.0 6
13 2540.0  2546.0 6
14 2546.0  2552.0 6
15 2564.0  2570.0 6
16 2570.0  2576.0 6
17 2576.0  2582.0 6
18 2582.0 2588.0 6
19 2588.0  2594.0 6
20 2594.0  2600.0 6
21 2636.0   2642.0 6
22 2642.0  2648.0 6
23 2660.0  2666.0 6
24 2666.0  2672.0 6
25 2672.0   2678.0 6

C. Spectrum Fees, Rights, Rollout Obligations & Moratoriums

1. Spectrum Fees Payable

Description Fees Payable Comment

Spectrum Management Fee
(Annual Fee)

  • $13,200 per lot for 2.3 GHz
  • $13,500 per lot for 2.5 GHz
Standard Annual Fees with or without Auction

Facilities-Based Operator (FBO) Licence Fee
(Annual Fee)

 1% of Annual Gross Turn Over (AGTO)

Spectrum Right Minimum Starting Bid Price
(One-off Fee)

$1,000 per lot
Additional One-time Fee with Auction

2. Licensing

Successful bidders who do not own a Facilities-Based Operator (FBO) licence will need to apply for one before deploying their WBA services. Successful bidders who already own FBO licences will need to modify the scope of their systems and services under their existing FBO licence.

3. Spectrum Rights

IDA recognises that due to the still-evolving standards of the technology, a longer period is required by successful bidders to recoup their investments in WBA. As such, IDA will grant successful bidders a 10-year spectrum right to provide greater investment certainty to them.