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IDA and Oracle Pioneer Enterprise Grid Computing Architect Programme in Singapore

At the official opening of Oracle's new office in Singapore, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and Oracle Singapore announced g-MAP - the Enterprise-g Manpower Programme - to drive the development of ...

Singapore, 9 May 2005 | For Immediate Release

Together with the Opening of Asia's First Enterprise Grid Computing Centre of Excellence, Enterprise-g @ Singapore Initiative Demonstrates Continued Momentum

At the official opening of Oracle's new office in Singapore, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and Oracle Singapore announced g-MAP - the Enterprise-g Manpower Programme - to drive the development of enterprise grid capabilities, which will introduce a pioneering enterprise grid computing1 architect programme. Oracle also launched its first centre of excellence for grid computing in the Asia Pacific.

Enterprise-g Manpower Programme (g-MAP)

In a global grid computing market worth US$12 billion2, dynamic market conditions and Singapore's vision to be the hub for utility computing in Asia are making increasingly important the country's need for structured certification encompassing enterprise grid computing skills development. Especially relevant will be higher value skill sets to enable the design, creation and optimisation of enterprise grid computing environments.

g-MAP will deliver enterprise grid computing training at several levels: student, administrator and architect. Oracle and its partners have developed g-MAP to progressively scale up the skills and abilities of individuals to understand, operate, implement and eventually, design and manage enterprise grid computing projects. g-MAP is also aligned with the 'National Infocomm Competency Framework' initiative announced today by the Infocomm Competency Council. This framework defines the competencies needed for key Infocomm occupations, and career progression pathways. It is driven by IDA and the Workforce Development Authority (WDA), in collaboration with industry captains. g-MAP, which aims to train 300 Infocomm professionals over three years, supports this national effort by defining the competencies and certification required for IT professionals in grid computing.

At g-MAP's highest level, experienced IT professionals can be certified as Enterprise Grid Computing Architects by the Institute of Systems Sciences (ISS), a pioneering certification standard that endorses these individuals' capabilities to design and manage the creation of enterprise grid computing environments. This certification program, which targets 60 architects over three years, is based on curriculum contributed by key technology leaders such as Oracle, Sun Microsystems and Red Hat as well as leading infocomm training institution, ISS. (Please refer to Annex One for more detail on g-MAP).

Enterprise-g Center

At the same event, Oracle also launched the Enterprise-g Center, its first centre of excellence for grid computing in the Asia-acific, with support from IDA, Dell and Sun Microsystems.

"Enterprise-g Center clearly demonstrates Oracle's commitment to the development of grid computing not only in Singapore but also in the Asia Pacific region. The industry now has a 'digital laboratory' to brainstorm and conduct their trials in a secure environment managed by our software experts," said Stanley Chew, managing director, Oracle Singapore.

The Enterprise-g Center will be the nerve centre for the various activities under Enterprise-g @ Singapore. It will provide the infrastructure and software expertise for consultation, development and testing of new grid designs or proofs-of-concept to the industry in the Asia Pacific region. It will also develop a reference architecture to spur the adoption of enterprise grids.

"The IDA-Oracle Enterprise-g @ Singapore collaboration is progressing in tandem with Grid developments in Singapore, where the successful adoption of Grid in the R&D community is now moving into the commercial space. The launch of today's g-MAP and the Enterprise-g Center will bring the benefits of Grid to the industry. IDA values its partnership with leading technology MNCs, such as Oracle, to spur the adoption, innovation, capability and market development of Grid in Singapore," said Chan Yeng Kit, Chief Executive Officer, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore.

Continued Momentum from Enterprise-g @ Singapore Initiative

Both developments are part of Enterprise-g @ Singapore (see Annex Two for fact sheet), a S$25 million three-year collaboration launched last July between IDA and Oracle to drive the adoption and innovation of enterprise grid computing in Singapore. Enterprise-g @ Singapore is aligned with the National Grid (Phase 2), which aims to bring the benefits of grid computing from the lab to industry. Good progress has been made in the last ten months, as follows:

  • The on-going Land Data Hub pilot project with the Singapore Land Authority is now moving into the next phase of integrating with other government agencies. Initial tests show promising results in productivity gains in data processing, as well as more timely information-sharing.

"The Enterprise Grid Infrastructure Proof-of-Concept (POC) Phase 1 for the Land Data Hub has been completed," said Mr Lewis Wu, Director of Information Technology at the Singapore Land Authority (SLA). "The POC Phase 1 has yielded benefits of enterprise grid computing infrastructure such as ease of management through Grid Control, high availability of services, and scalability of the Grid Infrastructure. The grid-enabled Land Data Hub allows real-time and online land data sharing amongst government agencies integrated in the Hub. It would also provide the flexibility to meet future growth of the Hub, that is, adding new data layers and integrating new agencies, without any interruptions to normal operations. We are now in the next stage of trial where four more government agencies are involved in testing the capabilities of the enterprise grid technologies."

  • Oracle and its partners are helping the industry in the Asia Pacific region test and build enterprise grid applications. Under the IDA infocomm Local Industry Upgrading Programme (iLIUP) local companies who have signed up as an Oracle iLIUP partner have started development of new products and solutions based on grid computing platforms. Resources like g-MAP and the Enterprise-g Center will help accelerate development in this area.

"Oracle is delivering its commitment to Enterprise-g @ Singapore with these new developments for industry-recognised certification with ISS and the establishment of our new resource centre," said Chew.

"Enterprise-g @ Singapore is a quintessential example of the collaborative effort between government and MNCs for industry development," added Chew. "Oracle is proud to lead the industry in driving the adoption of new technologies and in setting the bar for nurturing local talent to harness the potential of enterprise grid computing."


Notes to Editor:

1Enterprise grid technology allows companies to access and use computing processing power off the Internet just as easily as electrical appliances consume electricity when plugged into the power grid. With enterprise grid technology, companies tap on the unused IT processing capacity of other organisations connected to the Grid to develop real-time applications that meet real-time business needs.

2 Source: Role of Grid Computing in the Coming Innovation Wave (IDC #30871), March 2004 - expects global grid industry to exceed US$12 billion in revenue by 2007

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