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No National Day Parade Tickets?

26 July 2007 - IDA collaborates with mobile operators to waive mobile data charges (from 1 to 26 August 2007) when Singaporeans log onto to enjoy up to four free 'live' views of National Day celebrations. 10 July 2007 - Singaporeans can look forward to celebrating National Day the infocomm way, thanks to a collaboration by the National Day Parade 2007 Executive Committee (NDP EXCO), Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), and industry partners.

Singapore, 10 July 2007 | For Immediate Release

Thanks to Infocomm, You Can Now Catch All Celebrations From Wherever You Are to Enjoy 'Live' Footage from Up to 18 Camera Views & Bond with Fellow Singaporeans

Singaporeans can look forward to celebrating National Day the infocomm way, thanks to a collaboration by the National Day Parade 2007 Executive Committee (NDP EXCO), Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), and industry partners.

"We are very excited that this year, even without National Day Parade tickets, Singaporeans can enjoy a personalised National Day from the comfort of your homes as well as on-the-go with your mobile and PDA phones, and laptops", said COL Teo Jing Siong, Chairman, NDP 2007 EXCO.


From today till 26 August 2007, apart from logging on to to find out more about this year's National Day celebrations and activities, Singaporeans can log onto to enjoy an array of infocomm services related to the celebrations. What's more, when they are on-the-go, they can also use their mobile or PDA phones to visit to be part of the celebrations. Accessing these services is easy - all you need is connectivity to Singapore's pervasive mobile cellular or broadband networks, both wired and wireless.

Mr Chan Yeng Kit, IDA's Chief Executive Officer, said, "Infocomm has the power to extend the 'reach' and 'richness' of our National Day celebrations. Even if you are not one of the lucky ones with an NDP ticket, or are overseas far away from home, you too can enjoy the celebrations. Catch up to 18 alternative 'live' views of the celebrations simultaneously, including the excitement in the backstage and at fringe events. Share your National Day well wishes, photos and video clips with fellow Singaporeans all in real time.  With infocomm, you needn't take a back seat. You can be part of the celebrations."

As at May 2007, Singapore's mobile penetration stands at 109.5 per cent, while household broadband penetration has reached 69.2 per cent. 78 per cent of, or some 8 in 10 households, own at least a PC or a laptop. There are also now 428,000 Wireless@SG (free 512 kbps) subscribers in Singapore.


Once connected, Singaporeans can immediately begin to enjoy National Day, the infocomm way, and to get more out of their celebrations. 

Footage from up to 18 'live' alternative camera views will be available on the actual-day Parade itself and Singaporeans can also be a part of the fringe celebration activities without physically being there. In addition, through a camera trained on the floating platform twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, Singaporeans can view the preparatory activities that take place from now till National Day. Look out too for a 3D model of the Marina Bay area. Have fun navigating through it!
For those keen to indulge in a spot of creativity, try your hand at the 'Best Living Memory' video and 'Your Vision of NDP 2015' art contests. If you garner the most online votes, you stand to win coveted NDP tickets, as well as electronic products, such as PDA phones and digital cameras. Contest details are also available online. Show your patriotism the online way. Download free NDP wallpapers onto your laptops and computers.

With your mobile phones, you can now enjoy discounts at some 168 participating retail outlets in the Marina Bay area when you use it to snap a special  'EzCode' found on posters at Marina Square, CityLink Mall, Millenia Walk, Suntec City, Raffles City and the Esplanade. You can download discount coupons from These coupons will be valid for use from 1 to 12 August in conjunction with BayFest. 


In the spirit of nation-building, Singaporeans can get closer to each other and bond with blogs from the NDP parade commander, performers and spectators, even before the Parade starts. Log onto to learn more about the brainstorming and hard work that went into building the floating platform. Who else but the man himself - the NDP EXCO Chairman, COL Teo Jing Siong, blogs his NDP 2007 journey to share with fellow Singaporeans. 

From 1 August, if you want to video-blog or share pictures of your celebrations, you can upload them to with your mobile phone, wherever you may be. Similarly, if you want to check out the happenings at the Marina Bay area, you can also try streaming 'live' camera views onto your mobile phone by logging onto the same site.

LOWER Data Charges for Video-on-Demand

As part of the celebrations, 3G subscribers are treated to lower video call charges for a special video-on-demand service from 10 July to 26 August. 

For this period, M1, SingTel and Starhub are lowering their video call charges from an average of fifteen to five cents per minute for this special service which allows more than 1.14 million 3G subscribers to have National Day filmlets and MTVs, such as 'Samsui Woman', 'Taxi Driver' and 'Ah Meng', streamed onto their handsets for their personal enjoyment when they call 6829-2007. 

Celebrate Singapore's 42nd birthday by enjoying possibilities with Infocomm. Visit and today.


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