4 November 2011 - The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) has issued a consultation paper to seek feedback on proposed changes to the Code of Practice for Infocommunication Facilities in Buildings (COPIF).

Singapore, 4 November 2011 | For Immediate Release

To facilitate better mobile coverage within building compounds and better future-ready homes for Next Gen NBN

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) has issued a consultation paper to seek feedback on proposed changes to the Code of Practice for Infocommunication Facilities in Buildings (COPIF). The intent for this consultation is, first, to ensure buildings are future-ready with infocomm infrastructure that meets users' needs for wired and wireless broadband services and second for better connected homes with greater ease of access to future communication technologies.

Last revised in 2008, the COPIF stipulates the duties of building owners and developers and telecom licensees on the provision, maintenance and utilisation of space and facilities used to provide infocommunication services within a development. The key changes proposed to the COPIF include:

  • Requirements for building owners to set aside additional space1 and to allow access to facilities such as telecommunication risers, cable trays and underground pipe systems, for mobile operators to deploy plant and equipment necessary for the provision of better mobile coverage within building compound2. Previously, such space and access were commercially negotiated between mobile operators and building owners.

  • Requirements for developers and owners of new buildings to ensure that optical fibre cables are installed from a termination point in each residential unit to a distribution point at the telecommunication riser. This is to enable future homes to come ready to be connected to the Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN), thereby providing end users with greater convenience to enjoy the wide range of services.

  • Enhanced in-unit cabling requirements to facilitate home networking solutions, whereby homeowners may tap the ultra high broadband speed delivered over the Next Gen NBN at various locations within their homes. For example, there will be a connection point in the living room and each bedroom which could be used for telephony or connection to the home network.

Singapore is one of the first countries in the world to propose such requirements. Mr Leong Keng Thai, Director-General (Telecoms & Post), said "IDA is proposing changes to the COPIF in view of the trends in infocomm usage in Singapore. With the increasing pervasiveness of smartphones and high mobile penetration rates in Singapore, mobile operators would need to meet increasing expectations for mobile coverage. Also, with the growth in adoption of Next Gen NBN services, IDA is facilitating optical fibre installation in buildings, so that all new residential buildings will be fibre-ready and end users will have on-demand fibre services."

All submissions on the COPIF consultation should reach IDA by 16 December 2011, 12.00 pm. For more information, please refer to www.ida.gov.sg.


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Notes to Editor:

1 The allocated pace could be in the building's Main Distribution Frame rooms, Telecom Equipment Rooms or in alternative spaces like roof-tops, in-building carpark spaces or void-decks.

2 Changes relating to provision of space and access for providing mobile coverage will apply to both existing and upcoming developments and buildings.

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