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Improvement in NetLink Trust’s Quality of Service Performance, But Still Fall Short of Minimum Standard

10 December 2014 - NetLink Trust (formerly OpenNet), the Network Company of Singapore's Nationwide Broadband Network, has displayed significant improvements in the timely provisioning of connection service to residential end users, during the assessment period from January to June 2014.

Singapore, 10 December 2014 | For Immediate Release

NetLink Trust to amend its Interconnection Offer to better its service standards

NetLink Trust1 (formerly OpenNet), the Network Company of Singapore's Nationwide Broadband Network, has displayed significant improvements in the timely provisioning of connection service to residential end users, during the assessment period from January to June 2014. Despite this improvement, NetLink Trust still fell short of meeting the passing mark of the Quality of Service (QoS) standards set by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). During the assessment period, NetLink Trust fulfilled 85.34% to 92.48% of the service orders within three business days or by Request for Activation2 (RFA) Date, short of the minimum standard of 98%. NetLink Trust fulfilled 89.1% to 94.85% of the service orders within seven business days or by RFA + 4 business days, for which the standard is 100% of all orders.

IDA has imposed a financial penalty of $50,000 on NetLink Trust for failing to meet the QoS standards for the above assessment period.

In arriving at the quantum of the financial penalty, IDA took into consideration the improvement in NetLink Trust's QoS performance as a result of the measures implemented by NetLink Trust. These measures include increasing the number of appointment slots on weekdays, Saturdays and during promotions such as IT shows. IDA has also considered NetLink Trust's efforts in improving its processes to manage delays arising from end-users switching from one retail service provider to another. NetLink Trust had earlier failed to meet the QoS standards in the first half of 2013 , and it was given six months in the second half of 20133 to rectify its processes and improve its performance.

NetLink Trust will also make improvements to its Interconnection Offer (ICO), a standard offering that sets out the prices, terms and conditions of services which NetLink Trust offers to its customers. These suggested amendments, which were put to a public consultation, were made in a bid to improve NetLink Trust's service provisioning standards. IDA has reviewed the ICO, and will require NetLink Trust to make additional improvements that are above and beyond NetLink Trust's proposed initiatives.

In summary, some of the key additional changes required by IDA include the following:

  • NetLink Trust will better enhance its service provisioning capacity by changing the way it responds to demand for service.
  • NetLink Trust will be required to increase the amount of rebate payable to its Requesting Licensees (RLs) for delayed orders, and to pay the maximum rebate amount in a shorter timeframe. It will also have to pay rebate for delays in engaging developers/owners/MCSTs of buildings to deploy fibre to end-user premises beyond a certain specified timeframe where appropriate.
  • RLs are to promptly release unused fibre lines back to NetLink Trust once end-users cease their retail subscription, and NetLink Trust is to promptly make available and re-assign such fibre for other RLs to use.

Please refer to Annex A (436.21KB) for NetLink Trust's QoS performance, and Annex B (362.62KB) for further details of the key revisions to the ICO.

IDA will work with the industry on the implementation of the changes to NetLink Trust's ICO and will continue to monitor NetLink Trust's performance closely. IDA will continue to require NetLink Trust to fully meet the QoS standards.


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Notes to Editor

1 CityNet Infrastructure Management Pte Ltd (as Trustee-Manager of the NetLink Trust) ("NetLink Trust") completed its acquisition of OpenNet's business and assets on 1 October 2014. As a result, NetLink Trust has taken over the systems and services previously undertaken by OpenNet under OpenNet's Facilities-Based Operations licence.

2 The RFA date refers to the date requested by Requesting Licensees beyond the service provisioning timeframes stated in the QoS framework despite slots being available within the said period.