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Reconstitution of TAS & the Corporatisation of Singapore Telecom

Mr Tan Guong Ching, Chairman Telecommunication Authority of Singapore (TAS) Speech - Reconstitution of TAS & the Corporatisation of Singapore Telecom

Mr Tan Guong Ching, Chairman
Telecommunication Authority of Singapore (TAS)
Speech - Reconstitution of TAS & the Corporatisation of Singapore Telecom
Singapore, 1 April 1992

The Telecommunication Authority of Singapore or TAS for short, was formed exactly twenty years ago. Today, as it embarks on its new role, it is a much slimmer organisation. It has divested its commercial operations and would instead concentrate on its main task as a regulator and promoter of telecommunication and postal services.

This is an exciting development. Let me share with you some of the areas of work that the TAS would be involved in. Its regulatory role is more familiar. It involves constant monitoring, to ensure that our telecommunication and postal services are among the best in the world; the best not only in terms of quality and availability, but also in terms of price and service. It also involves the cultivation of a more competitive environment, through the gradual liberalisation of services. A start has already been made in the liberalisation of customer-premises equipment and Value Added Network Services. We will continue this process.

The function of promoting telecommunication and postal services will be a new and growing challenge for TAS. Together with the Economic Development Board, the National Computer Board and Singapore Telecom, the TAS will set out to attract telecommunication manufacturers to build up their R&D activities here. This will help ensure that Singapore remain at the leading edge of new technology, new applications and new systems that integrate the powers of computers and telecommunications. Wherever feasible, we will encourage Singapore Telecom to introduce such services to Singapore quickly, thereby bringing the benefits of the new technologies to our businesses and consumers.

We will also promote closer relations with other telecommunication and postal authorities. The Authority will also act as the Singapore Government's representative in international and regional organisations such as the International Telecommunication Union and the Universal Postal Union. These efforts would help enhance the image of Singapore as an international telecommunication hub and advance our national interest.

Over the years we have accumulated a significant collection of Singapore stamps and other archival materials. They are our national heritage and should be preserved for posterity. Together with Singapore Post, the TAS will work towards the setting up of a Philatelic Trust to manage and exhibit these archives. The activities of the Trust will give a boost to the collecting of stamps, particularly among our children. Philately is a satisfying and often financially rewarding hobby enjoyed by millions around the world.

To help achieve these targets, the TAS is happy to have inherited a group of dedicated staff with a broad range of expertise in the telecommunication and postal industries. Due to the need to keep its establishment small, staff will be trained to be multi-skilled. Job scopes and job sizes will also be expanded. With its new roles, the staff will also find themselves stretched and given interesting assignments. They will find their career with the TAS to be a rewarding and challenging one.

The task ahead will not be an easy one. We had, over the years, built up a very modern and efficient infrastructure. The challenge now is to bring our infrastructure and services up to an even higher level of sophistication and quality. I am sure that with a closely coordinated effort, the TAS together with Singapore Telecom and Singapore Post will be able to strengthen Singapore's position as a communication and business hub and to constantly improve the quality of life for Singaporeans.

Thank you.