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Agreement Signing Ceremony to Form Singapore ONE Infrastructure Consortium

The signing of the agreement to form a consortium to develop the Singapore ONE core network today marks another milestone in telecommunication development in Singapore. It represents another step closer to achieving our ...

Teo Ming Kian, TAS Chairman - Speech
Singapore, 23 September 1996

Speech delivered by Mr Teo Ming Kian, TAS Chairman, on Monday 23 September 96 at TAS Building

The signing of the agreement to form a consortium to develop the Singapore ONE core network today marks another milestone in telecommunication development in Singapore. It represents another step closer to achieving our IT2000 vision.

The consortium is formed with an equity ownership of 30% each by Singapore CableVision and Singapore Telecom, and 40% by Singapore Communication Investments, a fully owned subsidiary company of TAS.

The Singapore ONE project was launched in June this year by the Minister for Communications to jump-start and put in place, new technologies and applications for the development of the nation's broadband network infrastructure.

Our airport, seaport, roads and telecommunication networks are infrastructure vital for our economic development. Just as we proactively expand the capacities of our seaport, airport and roads to meet growing demands, and make them more comprehensive and efficient to keep us ahead of intensifying competition, we will have to do the same and more for telecommunications. Just as our seaport, airport and roads serve to facilitate quick and effective transfer of physical goods from and to all over the world, our telecommunication infrastructure must be able to do the same for information.

The need to preposition ourselves to enable quick response to new and increased telecommunication and multimedia needs is especially crucial. More than ever, knowledge is becoming the cutting edge for economic competitiveness. Our already excellent telecommunication infrastructure and the pervasiveness of IT applications in Singapore, especially in government services provide a good foundation for us to build an advanced high-speed information network infrastructure with meaningful applications riding on it. This continual upgrading is necessary for us to stay globally competitive and maintain our leading position as an advanced value-added info-communication hub.

Recognising the need to quickly launch this early stage development and share in its risk, TAS has exercised its nurturing role by co-investing in this consortium to build the Singapore ONE infrastructure. The Government will also be an anchor tenant to this core network, not only to bring even greater access and convenience of government services to the people, but also to help start this off. Concurrently, effort is being directed to encourage the industry to participate and invest both in the construction of such a broadband infrastructure and in the development of applications, services and content that can be delivered on this network.

The Consortium aims for an initial rollout of broadband multimedia services direct to the homes, businesses and schools before the end of next year. For this, it plans to commit S$20m over the next two years for network development.

The formation of the Consortium is a clear statement and commitment to build the Singapore ONE broadband network. It serves to break the often difficult quandary of applications waiting for adequate infrastructure and infrastructure waiting for sufficient applications.

With this commitment to build the infrastructure, the industry can begin to prepare for full involvement and exploit the tremendous opportunities opening up. It can participate not only in the provision of network enhancing capabilities and middleware, but also in a variety of customer based content services and applications made possible by the fast, high capacity broadband network, capable of high bandwidth interactivity. I call on all companies and organisations which can add value to Singapore ONE to work with the Consortium to take advantage of this opportunity early.

To encourage early participation of service and content providers, we intend to form a 'Pioneers Club'. The Pioneers Club aims to bring on board early, innovative application and content providers using Singapore ONE as a roll out platform. These club members will enjoy benefits such as preferential rates for broadband usage and access to other firms and users of Singapore ONE. The tariffs for usage of Singapore ONE will be made highly affordable to encourage the proliferation of services to the public.

It would also be an excellent opportunity for foreign multimedia related companies to consider setting up in Singapore, either on their own or for joint venture development of advanced communications software and broadband multimedia products with local partners. The Singapore ONE is probably the first such broadband infrastructure in the region, to serve not only the actual needs of the community, but with the comprehensive and extensive reach, as an outstanding beta site for multimedia applications which can be exported to other places.

TAS is committed to continue to support any effort in opening up new frontiers for telecommunication services and exploiting the potential of new technologies in furthering the growth of the industry. With the joint commitment of NCB and NSTB, and the active participation of other agencies such as the Institute of Systems Science and the Information Technology Institute, we will help nurture the industry to fully realise the potential of Singapore ONE so that our people and companies based here are able to reap the benefits of comprehensive and convenient access to multimedia information.

Thank you.