Dr Kaizad Heerjee, Assistant Chief Executive, Online Development, IDA Singapore - Welcome Address RosettaNet Launch, Suntec Singapore  

Dr Kaizad Heerjee, Assistant Chief Executive, Online Development, IDA Singapore - Welcome Address
RosettaNet Launch, Suntec Singapore

Singapore, 29 September 2000


1. It is my pleasure to be here at the launch of RosettaNet in Singapore

Importance of Manufacturing Sector

2. The manufacturing sector is an integral part of the Singapore economy. This sector contributes 25% of Singapore's annual GDP. Singapore is home to more than 4000 manufacturing companies of which many serve their customers globally and has extensive network of supply chain partners. The manufacturing sector in the global economy is facing continuous challenges to meet customers' demands for cost and time reduction in the marketing of their products and services..

3. To compete in the new digital economy, companies continuously have to change their business mode, rethink new ways of doing business and extend their business processes out to their suppliers, trading partners and customers.

4. The manufacturing sector is also not spared of these changes. The proliferation of Internet and electronic business technology is driving drastic changes to the manufacturing sector. The shift from regional electronic products supply chain to a global networked buyer-driven chain has amplified the weakness of non-integrated business processes between execution systems of trading partners. Such non-integration calls for a need to have a standard language for business-to-business commerce applications interoperability, where consistent protocols and data formats are use for information interchange. Indeed RosettaNet's initiative, which seeks to address these gaps, is indeed a timely one.

5. In an age where everything happens at Internet speed, the need for businesses to streamline and innovate its business processes to stay competitive is indeed a challenging task. It is like changing shoes while you are running!

Infocomm21 Strategic Plan

6. As part of the Infocomm21 blueprint, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), together in consultation with industry partners and other government agencies, has outlined the strategic thrust to "Dotcom the Private Sector", which describes a framework to position Singapore as an EC hub. Acting as a catalyst, IDA has outlined a two-pronged strategy to promote EC penetration and eventual adoption in the industry, namely:

  • Broad-based community usage of EC to promote mass adoption within the smaller and medium sized companies;

  • Sector-specific adoption of EC on specific industries.

7. The direction for the sector-specific adoption refers to the digital transformation of businesses in key economic sectors like manufacturing and logistics that contribute to Singapore growth as well as the infocomm industry.

RosettaNet as an industry-led initiative

8. At this point, I would to like to congratulate RosettaNet on its timely decision to establish a presence in Singapore. The strong support and interest given by Singapore manufacturers and IT companies demonstrated the need and urgency to move ahead in implementing a global standard for e-business.

9. The launch of RosettaNet in Singapore is indeed a demonstration of an industry-led effort. I would also like to thank the members of the RosettaNet Singapore Protem Committee and CALS Association of Singapore for their tremendous effort and resources in the last 2 months to formulate the process of launching RosettaNet in Singapore. Such strong support has made IDA's role as a facilitator much easier. Your effort has charted a future for the manufacturing industry.

10. On this note, I wish RosettaNet success in its endeavors.

11. Thank you.