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Government e-Services Exhibition

BG (NS) Lam Joon Khoi, Deputy Secretary (Services), Ministry of Finance - Press Statement Media Conference for Singapore Learning Festival 2001 ...

BG (NS) Lam Joon Khoi, Deputy Secretary (Services), Ministry of Finance - Press Statement
Media Conference for Singapore Learning Festival 2001

Singapore, 27 September 2001

As part of Singapore's vision for service excellence among government agencies, the Singapore Public Service is committed to transforming the way in which the public interacts with the government. The Government e-Services Exhibition at the Singapore Learning Festival 2001 offers opportunities for the public to learn a new way to interact with the government.

The focus on e-Government by Singapore in recent years will bring about significant improvement in service quality and convenience to the public. The eCitizen Internet portal was launched in 1999 to deliver integrated online government services to the public under one common interface.

Positioned as the first-stop for all government service interactions on the web, the eCitizen portal is designed and organised to meet the specific needs of the public at various touchpoints in their life journey.

For the first time, the public will see the eCitizen portal 'come to life' at the Government e-Services Exhibition @ Learning Expo 2001 in November.

At this exhibition, visitors will be able to get a quick overview of the diversity of online government services, of which the majority can be accessed through the eCitizen portal and their experience will be facilitated by public service officers at the exhibition

In line with the theme of the exhibition - "Towards Citizen-Centred Services - eGovernment and YOU", the public can experience first hand how easy and convenient it is to use government e-services.

For example, users of the eCitizen portal do not have to queue for government services but access information and services online at the convenience of their home or work place. These transactions and information are just a click away and available anytime, anywhere.

Styled as a modern and vibrant mini city, the exhibition will present exciting multimedia presentations of what the eCitizen portal can offer. Visitors can learn to retrieve information and transact online with any of the public services provided by the various government agencies.

At the exhibition, the public can also find a wide range of e-services categorised under different towns according to lifestyle needs, including: Business, Defence, Education, Employment, Family, Health, Housing, Safety and Security, Sports, Recreation, Transport and Information Services.

Jointly organised by the Ministry of Finance (MOF), Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and its partners, the Government e-Services Exhibition aims to raise public awareness and adoption of government e-services.

Through the Government e-Services Exhibition, we hope to encourage more people to start using online government services and reap the benefits of an e-lifestyle.

Whether it is filing income tax returns, applying for a HDB flat or applying for tertiary education, the public will be able to enjoy a better quality of service, faster turnaround times and simpler procedures by using online government services.

We want to share with the people that using government e-services can bring you a world of convenience and benefits, enhancing your life in many ways.

Note to Editor:

The Government e-Services Exhibition will be held at the Learning Expo from 2-4 November 2001. The event will be held at the Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre and admission is free.