e-Festival Asia 2001 Media Conference

Pam Hu, Director, E-Lifestyle Marketing, IDA Singapore - Speech Media Conference for e-Festival Asia 2001, Suntec Singapore

Pam Hu, Director, E-Lifestyle Marketing, IDA Singapore - Speech
Media Conference for e-Festival Asia 2001, Suntec Singapore
Singapore, 22 February 2001

1 Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

2 We are one year into the new Millennium and yet the transition has not been as dramatic as foreseen by many science fiction writers and filmmakers.

3 This is because the change, driven in a large part by technology, has been a continuous process and thus delivered, rather than dropped us into a new landscape. By landscape, I am talking about a new lifestyle, which we call an e-lifestyle.

4 The move towards an e-lifestyle is an exciting one and for many Singaporeans, it is becoming increasingly pervasive judging from the increased adoption of technology in their everyday lives.

5 As evidence of this pervasiveness, our mobile phone subscriber penetration rate at 70 percent is equal to Sweden's. The Internet penetration rate in Singapore is 60 percent and six out of ten households in Singapore own personal computers.

6 As a nation, Singaporeans have taken to online transactions in a big way. We search for information, download music, file taxes online and have access to a world-class e-government portal. Singaporeans have even gone online for our favourite national past time, shopping. According to a Nielsen/NetRatings survey released, Singapore has the highest growth rate of 31 percent in Asia Pacific for traffic to online shopping sites.

7 This compelling trend towards all things 'e' motivated us to initiate the first e-Festival Asia last year. Since the inaugural event, IDA has continued to work in partnership with community self-help groups and the private sector to improve the accessibility of an e-lifestyle for Singaporeans. Our partnership with the private sector to help Singaporeans adopt an e-lifestyle has been very successful and IDA will continue to review possibilities to strengthen this partnership.

8 e-Festival Asia showcases how community groups, the private sector and government can work together in helping Singaporeans move forward in their pursuit of an e-lifestyle. As the anchor event of e-Celebrations Singapore, e-Festival Asia will heighten the awareness of the benefits of an e-lifestyle in the areas of transactions, communications, learning and entertainment.

9 With e-Festival Asia, IDA aims to make technology more accessible and relevant to the public by providing a myriad of fun and interactive learning experiences for visitors. By exposing Singaporeans early to evolving technologies, IDA believes it will help them understand and adopt aspects of an e-lifestyle that are relevant and beneficial to their daily needs. This also encourages them and boosts their confidence to make transactions online, learn and find entertainment on the Internet.

10 This year's e-Festival Asia will be held at the Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre from 7 to 11 March. IDA is expecting more than 50,000 visitors, of which some 20,000 will visit the event under a special outreach programme.

11 The outreach programme is designed to attract people in the community who are perhaps, 'e-adverse' right now. Visitors under this outreach arrangement will participate in a special education programme under the assistance of e-Ambassadors for a full experience of e-Festival Asia. Together with our community partners, IDA intends to reach out to senior citizens, homemakers and workers. Members of the public who wish to visit e-Festival Asia may contact our community partners for free transportation to the showcase. The contact numbers of our community partners are listed in the media kit and we would like your assistance in highlighting this to the public.

12 As befits a showcase of all things 'e', e-Festival Asia will appeal to many. With our co-organiser, Reed Exhibition Companies, we have put together five pavilions this year which encompass an e-lifestyle: e-Entertainment, e-Transactions, e-Learning, e-Communications and Broadband. Visitors will find products and services for entertainment, online transactions and updates on what's evolving in an e-lifestyle at e-Festival Asia. Our exhibits will cater to the Chinese, Malay, and Tamil speaking communities as well as individuals who have had little or no experience with the Internet or mobile phones. In a short while, Michelle will tell you more about the exhibitors and highlights

13 IDA is pleased to have the support and assistance of like-minded community partners: the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP), Central Singapore Community Development Council, Majilis Ugama Islam Singapura, Senior Life.com, Singapore Association for the Deaf, Singapore Council of Women's Organisations, Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA), The Singapore Scout Association, Yayasan Mendaki (Mendaki) and Youth Guidance.

14 On behalf of IDA, we would like to extend a personal invitation to you to join us at the event.

Thank you.