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Java Tarik ONE - IDA-Sun Collaboration

Mrs Tan Ching Yee, Chief Executive Officer, IDA - Speech IDA Distinguished Infocomm Speaker Session, Raffles City Convention Centre ...

Mrs Tan Ching Yee, Chief Executive Officer, IDA - Speech
IDA Distinguished Infocomm Speaker Session, Raffles City Convention Centre

Singapore, 19 March 2003

Good morning,
Mr Scott McNealy, Chairman, President & CEO, Sun Microsystems,
Mr Lam Chuan Leong, Chairman, IDA
Members from the Media,
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,


It gives me great pleasure to welcome Mr Scott McNealy, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sun Microsystems, to Singapore. Scott last visited Singapore in 1997. Welcome back!

Between Scott's last visit, when he was a distinguished speaker for the National Computer Board and today, NCB has gotten married and produced IDA. Other fruitful alliances have also taken place in the meantime, like the Java Tarik programme which was conceived during Scott's last visit.

Over the past five years, the Java Tarik programme has generated S$140m (US$80million) in investments for Singapore, and brought Java into the Wireless, Web Services and ASP spheres. The investments have resulted in the following achievements:

  • Firstly, there are about 50,000 Java-related manpower in Singapore.
  • Secondly, over 100 Infocomm local enterprises have benefited from the Java Tarik initiatives;
  • Thirdly, more than 50 products and applications were developed from the collaboration. One of the products is the Service Oriented Platform developed on Sun's Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Platform by Ecquaria. This Service Oriented Platform has achieved significant growth locally and regionally and has been adopted by the Singapore government to power our Public Services Infrastructure (PSi). In addition, Ecquaria's ASEAN Service Access Platform (ASAP) has been endorsed by the e-ASEAN Taskforce, allowing any organisation within ASEAN government agencies or commercial enterprises to leverage on to build and launch customer-centric services to be made available to other ASEAN countries and the world.

The Java Tarik programme is one example of the win-win partnerships which IDA seeks to build with industry leaders, in order to advance infocomm development in Singapore. As a promoter of infocomm technology and champion of the industry, IDA is constantly on the look out for new opportunities - be they improvements on existing technologies, or potentially disruptive changes that will lead to quantum leaps in efficiency, convenience or speed. Our hope is to identify strategic emerging technologies, work with like-minded partners to experiment with them, in order to better point the way to commercial exploitation for economic benefit.

This morning, I am happy to announce that Scott's presence has again spurred the partners to think of the next big thing. It deals with something familiar - the Internet. And yet it is about something new - how best to exploit the Internet to solve real business problems and meet business needs.

IDA and Sun will be embarking on a new strategic collaboration, called Java Tarik ONE, to develop capabilities and open new market opportunities in the area of Next Generation Internet Applications. ONE is a good name - it acknowledges the foundation laid by Singapore's national broadband network called ONE or One Network for Everyone. For SUN, ONE has meaning as Open Net Environment. Tarik reminds us all of how we would like our favourite drink to be prepared - shaken, not stirred.

The Java Tarik ONE partnership has three components. They are ONE Capability, ONE Development and ONE Market. ONE-Capability will build capabilities in Next Generations Internet Applications (NGIA) among our infocomm professionals through collaborations with research centres and institutes of higher learning.

ONE-Development will develop core Intellectual Property (IP) and new products through collaborating with Sun-sponsored research labs and Centres of Excellence. It will also explore the deployment of new technologies through pilots and trials, as well as flagship projects.

Finally, ONE-Market will identify and expand business and technology opportunities for Singapore Infocomm enterprises. Through this, our Infocomm enterprises will leverage on Sun's global networks to access Sun's R&D resources, global strategic alliance and eventually penetrate global markets.

As for the Java Tarik collaboration, the Java Tarik ONE collaboration will involve many partners from industry, other government agencies, research institutions and institutes of higher learning. When fully realised, the Java Tarik ONE collaboration will see a total investment of S$100 million (US$57million) with half to be contributed by SUN and IDA, and the other half from other partners. A total of 500 jobs will be created in the Infocomm industry.

Through the collaboration, we hope to equip 200 professionals in high-end capabilities, produce 50 exportable solutions and applications and S$200 million (US$114million) in project revenue from commercialisation of the solutions and applications.


On this note, I would like to invite IDA Chairman Mr Lam Chuan Leong and Sun Microsystems' Chairman, President and CEO Mr Scott McNealy to launch the Java Tarik ONE partnership.

Thank you.