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Launch of Satyam Computer Services and System Access Global Partnership in Singapore

Mrs Tan Ching Yee, Chief Executive Officer Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore Speech - Launch of Satyam Computer Services and System Access Global Partnership in Singapore Networking Event, Four Seasons Hotel

Mrs Tan Ching Yee, Chief Executive Officer
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
Speech - Launch of Satyam Computer Services and System Access Global Partnership in Singapore Networking Event, Four Seasons Hotel
Singapore, 29 July 2004

Mr Ram Mynampati, President of Satyam Computer Services,
Mr Leslie Loh, Chief Executive of System Access,
Distinguished guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

1. I am very happy to be here today to celebrate the launch of the global partnership between Satyam Computer Services and System Access, a home-grown Singapore infocomm company.

2. This global partnership represents a meeting of great minds, and the union of two strong partners. Satyam, founded in 1987 has grown from an IT software services company based in Hyderabad to become India's fourth largest software services company with solution centres set up in 18 countries. System Access, our local Infocomm company, started out in 1983 to provide turnkey custom software solutions that supported the treasury operations of banking institutions. It has now become one of Singapore's leading financial software solutions provider. Today, these two companies are now joining hands to promote the latest cutting edge solutions to the global Finance and Services markets. IDA congratulates Satyam and System Access on their global partnership.

Meeting of Minds, the Coming Together Partners

3. Some four months ago, in one of the regular meetings with the industry, Mohan Mirwani, the Centre Director for the IDA India Office met up with Leslie of System Access. Leslie shared with Mohan that System Access, having established itself quite well in the financial solution space, is now keen to extend its successes into the global marketplace. However, what it needs is a strategic partner that has both the domain expertise in systems integration and a well-established global distribution network.

4. This set off a relentless journey by the IDA India Office to help System Access find its partner. IDA combed through a long list of companies, evaluated and re-evaluated their strengths and at the end of the day, it became obvious that the perfect match for System Access was Satyam. At that time, it turned out that Satyam was also looking for a partner which offers a comprehensive suite of financial solutions and services to further its product offerings in the financial and services industry. The IDA India Office then set up arranged for the two companies to meet. They 'fell in love', and here we have today, this global partnership. I give great credit to Mohan for his match-making abilities.

5. However, match-making cannot work unless we have good partners who are willing to combine their strengths. I am happy that we indeed have two very strong and committed partners. With its well-established marketing alliance in service network which spans than 46 countries, across 6 continents, Satyam has strategic technology and marketing alliances formed with over 75 top-notch companies. Satyam will be the best fit to partner System Access in its market expansion and further its product offerings to customers globally. Singapore System Access has a world-class banking product and has a customer reach of over 22 countries, across Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. System Access offers Satyam financial solution suite that will complement the Indian IT giant's technology offerings to its global customers.

Significance of Global Partnership

6. This global partnership is a good example of IDA's industry developmental work. As the national Infocomm development agency, IDA helps local infocomm companies to acquire new capabilities and develop new growth opportunities. This partnership will bring Singapore infocomm to the world, and spur more economic activities for Singapore.

7. With its regional headquarters and business continuity and disaster recovery centre based in Singapore, Satyam has become part of the Singapore Infocomm scene. Welcome you to do even more here!


8. System Access has scored many firsts. Early this year, it became the first local company to lead a group of other local companies to offer complete financial solutions to markets in Europe, Middle East and Africa under IDA's Overseas Development Programme. Today, System Access launches its global partnership with Satyam, a company with roots in India but a network and presence that span the world.

9. I encourage other Singapore infocomm companies to look for partners in India and beyond. I once again congratulate Satyam and System Access on their global partnership. I wish you both all the very best in your new partnership. May you have a successful and profitable venture ahead.

10. Thank you.