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Beyond the Game. Singapore Strengthens Digital Games Hub Status

10 August 2006 - Speech By Mr Chan Yeng Kit, Chief Executive Officer, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore At World Cyber Games 2006 Final, Opening Ceremony, Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Speech By Mr Chan Yeng Kit, Chief Executive Officer, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore At World Cyber Games 2006 Final, Opening Ceremony on 10 August 2006, Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Mr Yoon Ki-Heung, Managing Director, Samsung Asia Pte Ltd,
Mr Gary Willihnganz, Marketing Director for Intel APAC Brands &
Promotion Marketing Group,
Mr. Herman Ng, Managing Director, Rapture Gaming,
Ms. Yvonne Chng, International Cyber Marketing,
Distinguished guests,
Fellow gamers,
Ladies and Gentlemen,


1. Good afternoon. It is great to be back again at this year's World Cyber Games 2006 National Finals. I remember last year, Team Singapore put up a very exciting performance at the Grand Finals right here, competing with over 800 of the world's top gamers. And winning a silver medal that put Singapore on the world's gaming map. I am delighted to be here this afternoon, to feel once again, the buzz of this year's WCG Singapore Finals.

Growing Popularity of Computer Gaming

2. The growing popularity of tournaments like World Cyber Games bears testament to the burgeoning market for online games and other interactive entertainment. IDA has been supporting WCG since its debut in Singapore six years ago, because we recognise the significance of the digital entertainment industry. I understand from Rapture Gaming that this year saw a more than twenty percent increase in participation interest for the National Finals.

3. WCG has grown to become an anchor event in Singapore's annual gaming calendar. This year’s tournament has expanded to encompass various gamer groups from school campuses to LAN centres. With more than 300 gamers battling it out, I hope Team Singapore will make even greater achievements in the Grand Finals in Italy this October.

IDA in the Digital Media and Entertainment Space

4. IDA has been actively promoting Singapore as the region's premier infocomm hub. Cybergame tournaments help to increase not only awareness in Singapore but also reinforce our position as a vibrant digital games hub.

5. The recently launched iN2015 national infocomm masterplan furthers our efforts in growing the digital media and entertainment, or DME, space. The DME plans under this 10-year blueprint focuses on the area of research and development, and eEstablishment of DME resource and technology centres for games and animation companies to tap into when creating DME content and services.

Singapore's Digital Games Hub Powered By Next Generation National Infocomm Infrastruture (NGNII)

6. Global cybergame tournaments have also provided local industry, such as game studios, publishers, device manufacturers, and online communities, a platform to promote and showcase their products and capabilities on a global stage. Being a digital games hub, Singapore is an ideal test-bed for game companies that wish to conduct beta trials for new titles, whether for online or console or mobile game. Companies can use Singapore as a launchpad for their new game services and solicit user feedback, all at internet speeds.

7. Singapore, with its excellent networked infrastructure, is poised to play a key role in the coming digital revolution.

8. With a new nationwide wireless broadband network in place by next year, you have constant connectivity and are no longer trapped or restricted by location. Imagine being able to play your Nintendo DS or Sony's PSP, anywhere and anytime, with anyone.

9. Similarly, the new gigabit-class National Broadband Network holds the key to the future of gaming. Capable of delivering broadband speeds beyond 1 Gbps to every physical address in Singapore, the new network will herald a whole new experience and new possibilities for interactive gaming, enabling a totally immersive experience of being right there in the gamescape.

Beyond the Thrills of Gaming

10. Beyond the enjoyment of playing games, working in the games industry is now a reality here, especially for those with an infocomm foundation. The games industry is a significant part of the infocomm sector -- from programming to online distribution, handset capabilities to broadband adoption. Going byGiven today's trends in the U.S., gameplay and gaming technology will also have an important role for more 'serious' sectors, such as education and training, engineering simulation, financial services and healthcare. Many of our universities and polytechnics today offer courses in the area of game development, computer graphics and animation, as there is growing demand for such skills.

11. The games industry has often led the push in innovation and new technology in entertainment. This year in particular, we see that happening with new capabilities and features in the next-generation game consoles. This includes High-Definition-ready gaming, for example, in the Xbox 360, innovative motion-sensitive game controllers with the advent of Nintendo Wii, and the power-packed CELL processor in the next generation PlayStation 3.

12. So for all games enthusiasts out there, beyond just playing games, you can also be a part of this vibrant and growing industry. This way, you get to enjoy your passion, get involved in the creation process, and get paid for it.


13. In closing, I wish every player a thrilling time at World Cyber Games 2006. You can now get down to some serious fun - May the best cyber-athlete win!

14. Thank you.