Infocomm Clubs Programme Expands In Depth And Breadth In Its Second Year

16 November 2007 - Speech By Mr Leong Keng Thai, Deputy Chief Executive / Director-General (Telecoms), Infocomm Development Authority Of Singapore As Host At The Infocomm Club 2nd Anniversary And Award Ceremony, The Arena, Clarke Quay.

Speech By Mr Leong Keng Thai, Deputy Chief Executive / Director-General (Telecoms), Infocomm Development Authority Of Singapore at The Infocomm Club 2nd Anniversary And Award Ceremony on 16 November 2007, The Arena, Clarke Quay.

RADM(NS) Lui Tuck Yew, Minister of State, Ministry of Education,
Principals, teachers, partners, and
Our Infocomm Club members,

Good morning.

First of all, let me thank RADM (NS) Lui for taking time off his busy schedule to grace this event. We certainly appreciate your presence this morning as the Infocomm Clubs programme is an important collaboration between IDA and the Ministry of Education.


1. For a start, I am proud to say that we have plenty to celebrate on our second anniversary because, just within a short span of two years, 150 Primary and Secondary Schools and Junior Colleges, or two out of every five schools, have set up Infocomm Clubs, reaching a total membership base of close to 7,000.

2. Through the different club activities, we have not only been expanding the students’ creativity but also cultivating their entrepreneurial and community spirit, which supports our wider vision of grooming a globally competitive and infocomm-savvy workforce for the future. 
3. 2007 has been remarkable and rewarding for us as it is the year when we fostered stronger connections with our people, community and industry.

Connecting with Each Other – Let’s Broaden Our Dream

4. For this year, the inaugural National Infocomm Club Awards is a significant step that we took to recognise infocomm club members for their creativity and application of infocomm skills beyond the classroom. What you have seen at the exhibition booths earlier are some of the more outstanding projects by these students. You might have noticed their commendable efforts in using infocomm effectively to either bridge a communication gap or achieve educational objectives in the school or community.

5. But what you may not know is that: many of the 74 entries that we received have extended their reach beyond the clubs to other schools, voluntary associations such as the Down Syndrome Association, HOPE Student Care Centre and even to places as far as Cambodia. What is most heartening to me is that our Infocomm Club is not simply just a CCA for students to learn infocomm skills, but a connecting point where experiences are shared, where lives are touched and where the real learning begins - unrestricted by  physical boundaries. 

Connecting with the Community – Let’s Expand Our Network

6. Besides preparing for this award, the Infocomm Club students have also been busy organising events for their fellow members. The co-operation amongst the members, be it within the same club or amongst other clubs, have allowed them to express their creativity and work together as a team. 

7. This year, we have also launched iSpace at the Singapore Science Centre. iSpace offers a clubhouse environment for our members where many Infocomm Clubs’ activities, such as workshops, quizzes and seminars have been held. 

8. As the Infocomm Club network expands, it becomes a compelling platform for people of similar passion to connect, communicate and collaborate. To grow this network further, you may be pleased to know that IDA will be expanding the Infocomm Clubs programme to include another 100 schools. With this, we will have a total of 250 Infocomm Clubs by 2009, which is two out of every three schools in Singapore.

9. It is important that we must not forget the driving force behind our Infocomm Clubs – the students. In addition to today’s Infocomm Club Awards ceremony, we will also be appointing 16 outstanding individuals, who display leadership qualities and a passion for infocomm, as Infocomm Club Ambassadors. As ambassadors, you represent the voice of the students and are instrumental in connecting the clubs and expanding the network.  In fact, you will lead in the planning and execution of Infocomm Club activities and work closely with the IDA during your one-year term. Some of you who are as young as 13 years old will enjoy industrial attachments with key infocomm players. What a head-start for your infocomm career! 

Connecting with the Industry – Let’s Leap Into The Future

10. It is also my privilege to acknowledge our industry partners whom we have worked closely with to promote infocomm to our students.   

11. Their support and involvement has given our members a real world look into the infocomm industry. They provide guidance, resources and programmes, such as company visits and industrial attachments, to hone the infocomm skills of both students and teachers.


12. The future of infocomm is bright. We certainly have much to celebrate. I would like to commend and congratulate all the Award winners and also the newly appointed Infocomm ambassadors for your achievements.

13. Happy anniversary and enjoy the party.

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