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Singapore’s first “Digital Garage” to grow a community of 1000 digital makers

The Digital Garage will teach tech making and coding skills, highlighting technology as a means to problem-solve, as we drive towards a digital society in a Smart Nation.

SINGAPORE, 8 July 2017 – Tanjong Pagar Community Club (CC) will host the first Digital Garage for the Community in its newly launched making space. Targeting to reach 1000 interested members of the public to join the Tanjong Pagar CC Digital Makers Interest Group over the first three years, the Digital Garage will teach tech making and coding skills, highlighting technology as a means to problem-solve, as we drive towards a digital society in a Smart Nation. 

A collaboration between Tanjong Pagar CC and the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), the Digital Garage was opened by Ms Indranee Rajah, Grassroots Advisor to Tanjong Pagar GRC and Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Law. 

As part of IMDA’s Digital Maker programme which aims to introduce digital making to 100,000 people across schools and the community, the Garage aims to invite people from all walks of life and age groups to join its workshops, especially those without tech skills. By learning about tech as a group, participants will be able to foster a spirit of innovation, experimentation, creativity and collaboration. The Garage will make use of the open-ended, code-able micro:bit microcontroller as the primary platform for inventions. Participants will be taught to make prototypes, methodically test and improve their projects and to learn from their failures so that they can achieve eventual success. 

Using the micro:bit to build simple projects, the Garage will offer introductory workshops on a variety of subjects such as simple coding, basic electronics, 3D printing, carpentry and craftwork. The Garage will also offer making facilities and equipment for interested participants to use either for workshops or for their personal digital making projects.

“The Community Digital Garage is part of our preparation for a tech future. It is a wonderful platform for everyone to acquire digital making skills, irrespective of age or background. It allows people to come together, learn and share tech knowledge and skills. We want collaborative digital communities across all Singapore, innovating and creating solutions for everyday life,” said Ms Indranee Rajah. 

The Digital Garage is a result of extensive partnerships and contributions from various parties. IMDA and Tanjong Pagar CC have collaborated with Microsoft Singapore and Home-Fix D.I.Y. To further enhance the depth of digital making, Tanjong Pagar CC has been tapping into NCS Pte Ltd and Singapore Polytechnic for their industrial and academia expertise. Furthermore, NCS and Singapore Polytechnic have been providing volunteers who serve the community of Tanjong Pagar CC Digital Maker Interest Group, bringing the spirit of tinkering, making, and inventing to the neighbouring residents who come in without prior knowledge on coding or making.

“As Singapore prepares ourselves for a digital future, society must also be ready to capitalise on the benefits technology can bring to our lives,” said Ms Koh Li-Na, Senior Director, Digital Readiness Cluster, IMDA. “The Digital Maker programme instils a culture of innovation, creativity and problem solving through tinkering, which are important for this digital future.”

Mr James Loo, PBM, Chairman of Tanjong Pagar CC Management Committee (CCMC) also added, “Tanjong Pagar CC is very happy to add this new facility as part of our CC transformation. To meet the changing needs of our residents, the CCMC is always looking out for opportunities to offer new and exciting activities and programmes for our residents. Residents and users of Tanjong Pagar CC Digital Garage can share and collaborate on their ideas, projects, exchanging knowledge and combining skills in Digital Making in this communal garage.”

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