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New Appointments for the Publications Advsiory Committee

Dated: 8 August 2001

The Ministry of Information and the Arts has re-appointed and appointed new members to the Publications Advisory Committee, with effect from 1 July 2001, for a term of two years. The Committee will continue to help MITA calibrate our regulatory guidelines and standards for publications, including newspapers, and advise MITA on them.

The Publications Advisory Committee comprises 75 members of the public, drawn from a wide cross-section of society. The Chairman is Dr Ong Teck Chin, Principal of Anglo-Chinese School (Independent).

To better reflect the recent developments that have taken place in the mass media in Singapore, the Committee:

a) includes members from SBA's Programmes Advisory Committee and the Parents Advisory Group for the Internet (PAGi) to offer advice on issues arising from the growing convergence between the various media;

b) will be taking on a more active role in monitoring issues of concern in local publications, arising from the proliferation and influence of the print media, especially newspapers.

The Committee has been structured into 3 subcommittees for local newspapers;lifestyle magazines;and audio materials &advertisements. Each subcommittee will have a Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

The Committee will highlight issues of concern in the media as and when necessary, and also publish their findings and recommendations in an annual report to MITA. MITA is confident that the Committee will be able to play a fruitful part in engaging the local media, to arrive at a shared understanding of the future direction and role of the print media in Singapore.

Issued by
Ministry of Information and The Arts
8 Aug 2001

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