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2003 Kicks Off with Launch of "Blueprint" Series on TV to Showcase Singapore Talents

Dated: 26 December 2002

Come early 2003, TV viewers in Singapore will be in for a special drama treat when the "Blueprint" series makes its debut, showcasing the local talent of budding scriptwriters.


In partnership with MediaCorp TV, the Singapore Broadcasting Authority (SBA) is launching the TV series "Blueprint" Award-winning stories from the MDA* National Scriptwriting Competition which features six winning scripts that have been selected and made into TV dramas. The series will be broadcast weekly from Friday, 3 January 2003 onwards over Channel 5 at 8pm.


The "Blueprint" series is the culmination of the inaugural SBA National Scriptwriting Competition launched in April last year. The competition drew a total of 163 entries. In recognition of the winning efforts, SBA had also earlier launched a book "Blueprint". Prize-winning scripts from the SBA National Scriptwriting Competition" on the top three scripts.


The winning scripts -- comprising the three top awards and three of the merit award-winning entries -- touch on a variety of human issues, and they bring fresh perspectives to subjects such as relationships, the influence and impact of technology, traditional values versus modern needs and crime.


Said Mr Koh Tin Fook, Deputy CEO, SBA, "The six scripts that have been made into TV dramas will certainly strike a chord with Singaporeans and TV viewers. The stories are local in appeal yet have universal themes. We believe the SBA annual National Scriptwriting Competition will become a key platform for both professional and amateur scriptwriters to showcase their creative works, and over the years a bigger pool of talented scriptwriters will emerge."


Different local production houses were selected to produce the dramas based on the strength of their proposals and track records. The series features actors like Tay Ping Hui, Edmund Chen, Andrea de Cruz, Vernetta Lopez, Terence Cao, Melody Chen and Jimmy T in leading roles, as well as a slew of fresh and exciting faces from outside of MediaCorp. The six dramas and the producers are:


1. Ceciliation, produced by Ochre Pictures Pte Ltd

2. One Peep Too Many, produced by Big Communications Pte Ltd

3. The Bra Shop, produced by Oak 3 Films Pte Ltd

4. Missing, produced by Pagoda Pictures Pte Ltd

5. Scars, produced by Film Formations Pte Ltd

6. A Concerto for a Bus Driver, produced by MediaCorp Studios Pte Ltd


Senior Assistant Vice President of Programming for Channel 5, Ms Selena Ho, said, "Channel 5 is proud to be in this partnership with SBA to groom local English writing talent by participating in the judging, producing and broadcasting of "Blueprint". Local drama is one of Channel 5's strengths, so it is of paramount importance to have a large pool of creative scriptwriters available. With the first batch of award-winning scripts finally produced and soon to be broadcast, we are sure that more closet writers will be encouraged to come forward and showcase their talents."


* From 1 January 2003, the Singapore Broadcasting Authority (SBA) will merge with the Films and Publications Department and the Singapore Film Commission to form a new statutory board, the Media Development Authority (MDA).