Commissions Two Programmes on Living in China and Handling the Recession

Dated: 1 April 2002

The Singapore Broadcasting Authority (SBA) has commissioned two programmes entitled Singaporeans in China and Recession Proof on MediaCorp TV's Channel 8.

Singaporeans In China
Singaporeans in China will feature 13 case studies of Singaporeans who have either made it big in China or have decided to carve out their career paths there. Those featured include: Mr Goh Toh Sim, Deputy CEO of China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Development Co. Ltd. (Suzhou), Ms Dorothy Seet, GM of Smart Garments (Beijing) and Mr Lee Tong Soon, Chairman and Managing Director of Thai Village Holdings Ltd. Each will share their tales of toil and trouble, the difficulties they faced when they tried to break into the China market, as well as their experiences of living in the country.

The eight-parter series will make its debut on Channel 8 every Saturday from 6 April to 25 May at 7pm. Commissioned by SBA at $200,000, the series is produced by the local production house, Yellowstone Productions.

Recession Proof
Funded at $160,000 by SBA under its commissioning scheme, Recession Proof is a reality-based info-educational programme on the recent economic downturn. It features actual case histories of blue and white collared workers who are either retrenched from their jobs or are required to learn new skills. The programme also covers the emotional stress and physical strains that come with the retrenchment or learning of a new skill. At the end of each episode, tips and advice will be given to those who needs help or assistance.

The eight-part series which is produced by the local production house, 3hree6ixzero Productions, will make its debut on Channel 8 every Tuesday from 28 May to 16 July at 8.00 pm.

Ms Amy Chua, SBA's Director of Programmes said, "We are pleased with the quality and timeliness of these two programmes. The programme Singaporeans In China, provides a good insight into how Singaporeans are faring in China, the difficulties they go through and advice for those keen to follow their footsteps. Recession Proof focuses on retrenched workers who take the opportunity to start something on their own or learn new skills. The programme's main message is 'Many opportunities abound as long as one is willing to take the challenge."/p>

Said Mr Khiew Voon Kwang, Vice-President of Network Programming and Promotions 8, MediaCorp TV, "The two series come at the most appropriate time. With recession still haunting most of us, Recession Proof provides hope to many on how we can overcome this trying period. Singaporeans In China provides a good insight for aspiring Singaporeans on what to look out for should they decide to work or invest in China, the next engine of growth for the 21st century."