Dated: 31 December 2002

A new statutory board, the Media Development Authority (MDA), will be set up to promote and regulate Singapore's media industry from 1 January 2003, with the gazetting of the MDA Act to come into effect on the same day.


MDA is the result of a merger of three existing organisations, namely : the Singapore Broadcasting Authority (SBA), the Films and Publications Department (FPD), and the Singapore Film Commission (SFC). Its parent ministry will be the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MITA)


MDA's Chairman is Dr Tan Chin Nam, who is also the Permanent Secretary (MITA). He will lead the new organisation together with a new Board of Directors. Mr Lim Hock Chuan is the Chief Executive Officer of MDA. He was formerly the CEO of SBA.


MDA's mission is to develop a vibrant media industry in Singapore. To achieve this goal, it will set up various programmes to help groom talent, and enhance services and facilities catering to all forms of media content creation. In consultation with the industry, international advisers and other agencies, MDA's blueprint for the media industry is contained in the document Media 21 which was submitted to Sub-committee on Services Industries of the Economic Review Committee.


Dr Tan said, "MDA will allow us to nurture a strong ecosystem of inter-related media industries, incorporating film, broadcast, print and publishing to connect Singaporeans to each other and to the world beyond our shores."


Dr Tan added, "The setting up of MDA is timely as the convergence of media has resulted in the need for a consistent approach to the regulation of different media to achieve both social harmony and economic development objectives.


The formation of MDA will mean that various regulations and standards for TV, cable, film, videos, radio, publications and new media will be handled by a single body in a more holistic manner."


MDA's corporate headquarters will be located at MITA Building, Hill Street. Public services for the issuance of licences and permits for publications, films, video, video games will be provided from its office at URA Centre (East Wing);while TV, vehicle radio, Internet Service Provider and TV-Receiver Only licensing matters will be serviced at the office located at Novena Square. Detailed addresses are listed in the Annex.


Editor's notes :

The Singapore Broadcasting Authority (SBA) is a statutory board set up in 1994 under MITA. SBA regulates and promotes the broadcasting industry, comprising television, radio and Internet content developments.


The Films and Publications Department (FPD) is an autonomous agency under MITA. It oversees the regulation and licensing of films and publications, including newspapers, magazines, video, video games and audio recordings.


The Singapore Films Commission (SFC) is a promotional agency set up in 1998 to promote and develop local films and the film industry in Singapore.




MDA Offices ​

Main Office: 140, Hill Street
MITA Building, #04-01
Singapore 179369
Tel: (65) 6837 9973
Fax: (65) 6336 8023

Licensing Services (Broadcasting) :
Office for 238A, Thomson Road
TV, Vehicle Radio, Novena Square, Tower A
Internet and #10-01/05
Satellite licences: Singapore 307684
Tel: (65) 6835 6380
Fax: (65) 6738 4142

Licensing Services (Films and Publications) :
Office for 45, Maxwell Road
Art Exhibitions and URA Centre, East Wing
Performances, #07-11/12
Audio Materials, Films, Singapore 069118
Publications, Video and Tel: (65) 6372 2800
Video Games: Fax: (65) 6222 1361