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SBA Brings in Animation Expert for Fifth Masterclass

Dated: 16 July 2002

The Singapore Broadcasting Authority (SBA) is pleased to organise a Masterclass Lecture and Workshop on Scriptwriting for Animation. It has specially invited award-winning producer/director/writer Mr Frank Saperstein to present the lecture on 22 July 2002 and conduct the workshop from 23 to 25 July 2002. Mr Saperstein is currently serving as the Creative Director / Executive Producer for pasi (the philippine animation studio, incorporated).

The lecture entitled 'Breathing Life into Characters - The Foundation of Good Animation', is to be held at the Auditorium of the Civil Service College. It will focus on areas like identifying what makes good animation material, developing the building blocks of an animated story, creating tension and building a story line, structuring the rhythm and pacing of visual storytelling as well as maximising the punch lines and visual gags.

To bring a local perspective to the lecture, Mr Edmund Ooi, CEO of 7G Studios Inc will enlighten on what makes for good animation, and the various approaches to telling an animated story. Edmund was instrumental in creating Singapore's first 3D animation programme on TV, RATS 2099, which was broadcast over our local channel, Kids Central, in 1999 on Children's Day.

Following the lecture, a three-day Masterclass workshop, titled 'The Art and Technique on Scriptwriting for Animation' will be held from 23 to 25 July. Conducted by Mr Saperstein, it will offer participants an overview into the art and technique of writing for animation. Subjects to be covered ranges from identifying suitable material for animation and the building blocks of
telling an animated story to maximising punch lines and visual gags as well as freeing one's mind to think outside the box.

The workshop offers selected participants a chance to work in small groups to develop animated scripts from concept to outline and first and final draft. It is limited to 25 participants, and will be held at the Civil Service College.

The Masterclass Lecture is free and open to all professionals in TV production and in broadcast-related services, budding scriptwriters and enthusiasts, and members from the public. The fee for the Masterclass Workshop is $100 per participant. Interested applicants for the Workshop must submit their CV and a one-page outline for an animation programme. And they must have at least a basic knowledge in animation and scriptwriting.

SBA has been organising such Masterclasses with the aim of boosting scriptwriting skills in Singapore and providing industry participants and scriptwriting enthusiasts the opportunities to learn the finer points of scriptwriting from experts from around the world.

To further boost local talents, SBA is also organising the second SBA National Scriptwriting Competition. Following the success of the inaugural SBA National Scriptwriting Competition last year, the Competition this time round will focus on the Drama and Documentary categories. The winning works will be turned into programmes for airing on local television as well as compiled into a book. The compilation of winning scripts from the 2001 competition will be available in selected bookstores. Entitled blueprint, the book, which retails at $24.95 will
be on sale at $19.95 (a 20 per cent discount).

For more information on the Masterclass Lecture/Workshop and the SBA National Scriptwriting Competition, please visit the SBA's website at