Singapore Broadcasting Authority Commissions New Documentary Series on the Straits Chinese on Arts Central

Dated: 7 June 2002

The Singapore Broadcasting Authority (SBA) has commissioned a new series entitled 'On The Trail of the Phoenix' on Arts Central.

This six-part documentary series looks at different facets of the Peranakan heritage, tracing their origins in Malacca and the multi-ethnic influences which shaped a community we identify today as Peranakans.

The series explores the eclectic characteristics which evolved and styles which set them apart. It brings viewers into the ancestral homes of Straits Chinese in Malacca and Singapore, some of which have never been seen on television before, providing a glimpse of the activities in a Baba household. At the same time, it explores the origins of Peranakan food as well as the uniqueness of Peranakan furniture and artifacts.

Featured in the programme are also the costumes and jewelry of the Nonyas, including the wedding outfits and accessories made for a bride's wedding trousseau. From Singapore to Penang, 'On The Trail of the Phoenix' goes in search of these ceremonial artifacts and takes a look at the preparations that go into a Peranakan wedding

This series is produced by documentary producer Joan Chee in collaboration with local production house Film Formations and commissioned by SBA at a cost of $150,000. Filming was done on location in Penang, Malacca and Singapore.

'On The Trail of the Phoenix' will make its debut on Arts Central on Sunday, 9 June 2002 at 9.30pm.