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MDA releases the Code of Practice for Market Conduct in the Provision of Mass Media Services

Dated: 1 April 2003

The Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) today released the Code of Practice for Market Conduct in the Provision of Mass Media Services. The Code will come into force on 15 April 2003.

The Code, which comprises 10 parts and two appendices, specifies the rights and obligations of regulated persons and certain other entities participating in the Mass Media Services markets of broadcasting and print. It aims to promote fair market conduct and effective competition by laying out the ground rules for fair competition. The Code also addresses the issue of abuse of market power by dominant players, and spells out obligations that are intended to safeguard public interest in the provision of Mass Media Services.

The Code was developed in close consultation with the industry and public. Two rounds of consultation were called to obtain comments on the Code. All comments received were carefully considered and improvements were made where appropriate. MDA has prepared a document summarising the key comments made during the public consultation exercise and MDA's response to them.

The Code and the document on key comments raised during consultation can be found on the MDA website at