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Media Development Authority (MDA) shows documentary on the rise of China as an economic giant

Dated: 11 February 2003

The Media Development Authority (MDA) has commissioned a documentary series looking at the rise and development of China's economy entitled The Ascending Dragon.

Spanning 12 episodes, The Ascending Dragon examines the driving forces behind China's change from a relatively impoverished planned economy into an economic giant. Each week, the documentary series will trace China's transformation in the following key areas: industry, agriculture, life sciences, IT technology, arts and culture, education, media, and city planning. The programme will also explore the changing mindsets of the Chinese and look at how they are embracing capitalism.

Ms Amy Chua, MDA's Director of Media Content Division said, "The past decade has seen China grow into an economic force to be reckoned with. We hope that this series will give insights into how we can learn from China's experience and ride on its phenomenal economic growth".

Commissioned by MDA at $300,000, The Ascending Dragon was filmed on-location in various Chinese cities and provinces including Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian and Wenzhou. It is produced by Yellowstone Productions and will be shown on Channel NewsAsia at 8.30pm every Thursday from 13 February.


Media Development Authority (MDA) was formed on 1 January 2003 from the merger of Singapore Broadcasting Authority, Films and Publications Department and Singapore Film Commission. As the promoter and regulator of the media industry, MDA will work towards developing a vibrant media industry in Singapore and nurturing a Creative Media and Connected Society.