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UnionWorks fined for breach of programme code

Dated: 25 September 2003

UnionWorks Pte Ltd has been fined by the Media Development Authority (MDA) for broadcasting sexually explicit conversations on its English radio station WKRZ 91.3FM during the programme The Morning Show.

The programme, broadcast on Sunday 27 July 2003, from 9 - 10am, had featured sexually explicit discussions on the topic of sex, masturbation, cunnilingus and orgasm. The DJ on duty invited female listeners to call in to talk about how they liked to experience orgasm. Those who called in were also asked to describe details of their sexual experiences on air. One caller was asked to simulate orgasm while another was asked to masturbate herself. Following the broadcast, the MDA also received complaints from members of the public that the segment was distasteful and offensive.

The MDA reviewed the programme and found WKRZ's broadcast of the sexually explicit conversations to be obscene and in bad taste. It has also breached the MDA's Radio Programme Standards &Censorship Code, as it contravened the guidelines mandating that obscene and offensive sexual contents should not be aired.

The broadcast of obscene content is a major breach of the Code. Having considered UnionWorks' explanation of the matter, and taking into account the severity of the breach, the MDA has decided to fine UnionWorks S$15,000.