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High-Definition Format Debut For Singapore-China TV Series

Dated: 6 June 2004

Joint News Release by One Take Production Pte Ltd, Xi'an Film Studio and the Media Development Authority

Singapore film company One Take Production Pte Ltd and China's Xi'an Film Studio will be collaborating on a 20-episode contemporary romance drama series called "Love Misplaced". Filming is expected to start in November this year.

"Love Misplaced" is Singapore's first co-production effort to be shot in highdefinition format. It stars famous Chinese artiste Wang Ji as the female lead and filming is expected to take five months. The TV series will be broadcast during prime time on China's Western Movie Channel in the second quarter of 2005.

One Take Production and Xi'an Film Studio today signed a contract at the Shanghai TV Festival in Shanghai upon reaching an agreement on the following:

  • The series will be filmed in high-definition (Hi-Def) format;

  • Filming will take place in Shanghai and Singapore, as the story revolves around the experiences and relationships of Singapore businessmen in Shanghai;

  • The theme song and music composition will be partly produced in Singapore;

  • One Take Production and Xi'an Film Studio will form a post-production team to undertake post-production work, with team members consisting of a director each from China and Singapore and two post-production supervisors, again each from both countries;

  • Offline editing will be undertaken by X'an Film Studio, though the EDL (Edit Decision List) would be brought back to Singapore for online editing and post-production

  • The series will be distributed throughout China, Singapore as well as in overseas markets. The peak seasons for distributing films within China are in May and September and the series will be widely distributed in September 2004 and May 2005.

    The series, debuting on China's Western Movie Channel early next year, will be during the prime time blockbuster series slot (China's prime time is from 19.40 to 22.00 hours). It is expected to attract viewership figures of 6.5 to 7.2 per cent.

    "Love Misplaced" is the first Hi-Def television series produced under the partnership among One Take Production, X'an Film Studio and the Media Development Authority (MDA).

    The project symbolises the ability of Singapore production companies to keep pace with international television trends and it is a positive stride towards making Singapore a vibrant global media city. The MDA is supporting the project under its "TV Content Development Scheme", which is an initiative under its Media 21 blueprint to develop the Singapore media industry.

    For more information, please contact:

    Mr Toh Yong Chuan
    Deputy Director
    Corporate Communications
    Media Development Authority

    Ms Yvonne Poh
    Assistant Corporate &Marketing Communications Manager
    Corporate Communications
    Media Development Authority

    "Love Misplaced" Synopsis
    Set in cosmopolitan Shanghai, "Love Misplaced" chronicles the life of a successful modern businesswoman whose life has been on a tumultuous journey ever since she gave up her baby born out of wedlock with her school sweetheart who abandoned her for a wealthier girlfriend. After being cheated of her feelings and chastity, Qirui braced herself for a better future in the United States, eventually marrying her ex-boyfriend, Fan Zhi Wei.

    After a failed a marriage due to Fan's infidelity, Qirui decides to venture on her own back in China but is soon faced with business sabotages. Plagued with an ailing business and emotional entanglements, Qirui's biggest heartbreak is to find out that she and Zhu Xiao Qi, her biological daughter had fallen in love with the same man, Bruce. Bruce is a good ten years younger than Qirui but has been a loyal and reliable shoulder for her to lean on.

    With her ex-husband and the father of her daughter vying for a patch with her at the same time, all Qirui wanted was Bruce. After sacrificing the man she loves for her daughter's future, Qirui reconciles with Fan and settles in the States for good.

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