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Made-By-Singapore TV Programmes Debut at Cannes TV Mart

Dated: 4 October 2004

A diverse range of made-by-Singapore TV projects and programmes, some of which have already been sold to international broadcasters, will make their international debut at MIPCOM 2004, one of the world's biggest and most prestigious trade shows.

Led by the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA), nine Singapore media companies will set up a Singapore Pavilion at MIPCOM 2004, an annual event where content and programming for the global TV audience are showcased and traded. The event runs from 4 to 8 October 2004 at Cannes, France.

Animated adventures, celluloid action
Making its first appearance will be Tao Shu - The Warrior Boy, a 52-part animation series from Peach Blossom Media. The company holds the distinction of creating the first Asian-originated cartoon series "Tomato Twins" to air on Nickelodeon's regional network. Tao Shu-The Warrior Boy's winning combination of a unique Chinese folk art-based animation style and contemporary storyline has already been acquired by Nickelodeon for regional broadcast in 2004.

Another animation series to be presented at MIPCOM is Master Raindrop, which is produced by New Zealand's Flux Animation Studios and Singapore's Big Communications. Master Raindrop is a 3D animation flash series and is the first co-production project between New Zealand and Singapore.

Also making its debut for international sales is House of Harmony, a multi-million dollar co-production by Germany's ZDF and FFP Media GmbH, Singapore's Oak3 Films and the MDA. House of Harmony stars an international cast of well-known TV stars from Hong Kong, Singapore and Germany. The series will be shown on prime-time TV over Germany's main terrestrial broadcaster, ZDF TV in 2005, with a reach of over 15 million viewers.

Rouge is another made-by-Singapore TV series to hit the international marketplace at MIPCOM. An action-drama series produced by Mega Media with MTV Networks Asia and the MDA, Rouge is the first-ever regional TV series that will be aired on MTV's channels across Asia, including Australia and China. Asian, international cuisines for pay TV, eco-wildlife series.

Apart from TV programmes, a new digital TV channel showcasing the best Asian and international cuisine from around the world will also be making its debut. Asian Food Channel is a pay-to-view TV channel based in Singapore and will be rolled out to Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand in 2005.

Another interesting project is Singapore company Big Durian Production's, Eco4the World, which is the first ever TV project to be endorsed and collaborated upon by the United Nation Development Program office (UNDP). Eco4theworld is a magazine-style multimedia environmental and edutainment programme.

Another made-by-Singapore documentary is Ranger Stations, which is a new nature and wildlife conservation TV series jointly produced by Star Waves.TV, the MDA and the Singapore Environment Council.

Commenting on Singapore's participation at MIPCOM, Dr Christopher Chia, Chief Executive Officer of the MDA said, "While our media industry may be relatively young, there is certainly no lack of creative and production talent. We are most heartened by the quality and range of projects showcased at MIPCOM. Indeed, the level of advance interest expressed towards these projects by international broadcasters and the extent of international collaborations on Singapore-grown projects is testimony to the quality and potential of the Singapore media industry."

Located at stand 05.20 - 07.19 of Cannes' Palais des Festivals, the Singapore Pavilion is the largest contingent to be sent by the Singapore media industry since it began taking part in MIPCOM four years ago, with a total of 42 participants and nine media companies. This year's high-profile international TV market is expected to attract more than 10,000 TV industry professionals.

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