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Arts Central profiles ordinary people who turn what they do best into commercially viable art forms

Dated: 11 May 2005

Real-life accounts of how some ordinary people have pursued their passion in Peranakan beading, jewellery making, wax candle-making, pottery, photography, animation, music and turned these into lucrative ventures or new business opportunities will be highlighted in a new programme on Arts Central TV12.

Flair Affair, an eight-part series, pays tributes to ordinary Singaporeans like Vincent Lam, a marketing executive-turned-balloon sculptor who has parleyed his ability to create balloon sculptures into a successful business --- he now makes a living by running his own events management company and is also a professional entertainer. There is also Chris Headech, who discovered his passion for candle-making after a trip to Europe in 1999. He began exploring various exciting designs, like the Water candle and Ice candles, and now shares his skills by teaching the craft at community centres, private clubs and corporations.

Other, more prominent personalities featured include photographer Russell Wong, Seng Choon Meng, founder of animation company Scrawl Studios, and Lee Wei Siong, who has groomed popular singers like Stefanie Sun and Huang Yi Da.

Viewers can tune in to Arts Central TV12 on Thursday, 12 May 2005 at 9.30pm to find out more about how arts can be within the reach of everyone. Learn about the history behind each craft;the creative process;the passion and dedication of each of these individuals;and their efforts to perfect their skills.

The series is commissioned by the Media Development Authority and produced by independent production house Yellowstone Productions.

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