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Singapore Animation Company serves up Triple Treat of International Co-production Deals Worth S$32m

Dated: 30 November 2005

In a landmark deal for a Singaporean animation company, Peach Blossom Media Pte Ltd has sealed three international co-production deals –totaling S$32 million –signifying the emergence of Singapore as a regional node for animation. All three projects, which will be produced using state-of-the-art 2D digital animation, have been sold to American and European broadcasters.

Two of the projects will be co-produced with Sunwoo Entertainment, a leading animation studio in South Korea well known for the creation of animated shows such as The Simpsons and The Rugrats. The first project is Creepie, a 26-part cartoon series about a girl raised by a family of bugs, which will air on Discovery Kids USA.

The second project with Sunwoo Entertainment, I Got a Rocket, is a 26-part cartoon series based on a popular picture book of the same name. The series stars a boy and his very own talking rocket and has already been sold to international broadcasters such as Germany’s Kika, and Nickelodeon Australia.

Peach Blossom Media is also teaming up with innovative Dutch company Submarine on a co-production entitled The Incredible Adventures of Kika and Bob. This is a 26-part interactive children's animation series starring Kika, a resourceful seven-year-old girl, and Bob, a not too clever fire-fighter who journey around the world learning about interesting cultures. The series have been pre-sold to several European broadcasters including Discovery Kid UK, Belgium broadcaster VRT and Swedish Broadcaster SVT.

Peach Blossom Media Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director, Mr Sung Lin Gun said, “These are very fun shows with top creative talents behind them. I think it’ll be a triple treat to kid audiences world-wide.”

Last December, Peach Blossom Media signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) to collaborate on the production of seven animation projects over a three-year period.

The MDA’s Director for Industry Development, Mr Seto Lok Yin said, ""These international co-production deals are a testament to Peach Blossom Media’s standing today as an animation studio capable of producing shows for major international broadcasters. We signed the MOU last year as a commitment to support promising local animation companies to expand their production capability and content offerings for the international markets. To that end, Peach Blossom Media has done us proud and we very much look forward to future partnerships with the company, even beyond the seven-project agreement.”

The three new projects follow immediately after the wrap of Wild Animal Babies, which is the first project under the MOU. The 12-part children’s wildlife series is based on a popular pre-school magazine by the respected non-profit organization, National Wildlife Federation of the USA. Wild Animal Babies has just completed production and will be available for sale at the Asia Television Forum taking place from 30 November to 2 December at the Shangri-La Hotel.

About Peach Blossom Media Peach Blossom Media (“Peach”) is a world-class original content producer, engaged in the creation, production, marketing and distribution of animated children's programs for television and 'Direct to Video' markets as well as the exploitation of ancillary rights through licensing and merchandising. Its original shows have been sold to top broadcasters such as Disney, Jetix, Nickelodeon and many others. With the first series Tomato Twins, a 26-episode animation series that is the first original Asian show to be broadcast internationally on major kids channel, Nickelodeon, Peach established its reputation as Singapore’s premiere Content House. Peach recently completed a new 52-episode series entitled Taoshu the Warrior Boy, which is sold worldwide, including Nickelodeon Asia, Europe, France, Middle-east, Hong Kong, etc. Peach Blossom is also currently in the co-producing a slate of new programs with leading Asian and US studios.

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