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Singapore Media Companies Go Regional In Co-Productions With Leading Indonesia Partners

Dated: 30 November 2005

Singaporean production houses I Media Entertainment and Upside Down Concepts and Indonesian producer, PT Maxima Entertainment will jointly produce Telesinema - a slate of telemovies - to premiere on Lativi, one of Indonesia’s top Free-to-Air TV stations with potential to reach close to 200 million viewers.

Targeted at Indonesia as well as the wider Bahasa-speaking market globally, Telesinema covers a range of genres, from comedy to mystery to drama and action. Lost In Singapore, a comedy and also the first installment in Telesinema is currently in production, featuring popular artistes like Sarah Azhari and Kiwil Hank.

Director of I Media Entertainment, Mr Salam R said, ”We hope that this will lead to more collaborations between local production houses and overseas partners. With common interests and goals, I am sure both sides will benefit as we strive to produce quality programmes for the regional as well as international markets.”

Telesinema presents as well many opportunities to showcase talents from Indonesia and Singapore, and marks only the beginning of more collaborations to come between Singaporean and Indonesian companies.

Said Executive Producer of Upside Down Concepts, Mr Chan Gin Kai, “Since 2004, we have looked to Indonesia for co-producing partners because we see the great potential there, with its large pool of talents and wide selection of television stations. We hope that this would initiate a head wave of collaborations between Singapore and Indonesia and promote an exchange of talents.”

The Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with I Media Entertainment and Upside Down Concepts, to signify its support for the companies as they embarked on growing and expanding their business in the region through co-productions with regional and international partners.

Dr Christopher Chia, Chief Executive Officer of the MDA said, ""Singapore, with its strategic location in the heart of Asia and its multi-cultural and multi-ethnic mix, has been successful in pursuing co-production projects regionally and internationally. Being Asian and yet global, Singapore has the ability to amalgamate the best of the East with the West while preserving the cultural authenticity, depth and flavour. The collaboration is certainly a positive development and marks the beginning of closer bilateral ties between producers in Indonesia and Singapore.”

About Upside Down Concepts Pte Ltd Since their inception in 1998, Upside Down Concepts (UDC) have created a range of corporate content of various genres, including TV commercials and inflight channel programming, as well as high quality programmes for both local and international television networks.

Their works for the small screen include “Love Poetry”, a telemovie shot on High Definition format, for MediaCorp Programme 5, “Wine Style Singapore” a 4-episode infortainment for CNBC Asia, and a documentary “To Singapore With Love” for Channel News Asia. Their recent telemovie, “Kaki Borak”, won 2 awards at Pesta Perdana, Suria’s annual awards. In 2004, they completed our first feature film, “The Best Bet”, directed by renowned Singapore director, Jack Neo and commissioned by MediaCorp Raintree Pictures Pte Ltd.

UDC has also set up a branch in Indonesia to tap on S.E. Asia’s largest market. Our Jakarta branch has done works for clients such as CNBC Asia. Our docu-magazine programme “Titik Balik” (Turning Point) is currently on air and has received very good audience response.

They are currently developing a 3-episode documentary series with renowned documentary Director/Producer Asoka Raina for Discovery Networks Asia and co-producing 6 telemovies with Maxima, an Indonesian media powerhouse.

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