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Singapore Stays Ahead With Yet Another Hi-Def Co-Production With Leading Chinese Media Conglomerate

Dated: 15 June 2005

Singapore company One Take Production Pte Ltd has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Hong Kong’s Mei Ah Entertainment Group Ltd to co-produce a 20-episode contemporary drama series, Twilight Harmony. The MOU was signed on 12 June at the Shanghai Television Festival. Production will start in October.

Twilight Harmony is Singapore’s second high-definition (HD) project after Love Misplaced, another drama series co-produced with One Take Production with Xi’an Film Studio. Filming for Twilight Harmony will take five months in both Shanghai and Singapore.

Expressing his confidence in the collaboration, Chairman of Mei Ah Entertainment Group, Mr Li Kuo Hsing said, “While we had maintain contact and engaged in exchanges with Singapore’s media companies, a co-production partnership is a first. We are very happy the project offers an opportunity to work with Singapore and we are confident the series will receive good response from mainland China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other parts of Asia. This is the first step towards future long term collaboration.”

Twilight Harmony is the second television series Singapore’s Media Development Authority (MDA) is investing together with One Take Production.

Commenting on the partnership, the MDA’s Director for Industry Development, Mr Seto Lok Yin said, “We are very excited with this co-production between Mei Ah and One Take. This project is in line with our strategy to encourage more Made-by-Singapore content for the international market. We are confident that this will be yet another quality production that showcases talents and capabilities from Hong Kong, China and Singapore.

“We are happy that over the last two years, Singapore media companies are able to collaborate with key players in China. This will certainly bring about a long term partnership with the Chinese media industry.”

The drama series will be distributed throughout China, Singapore as well as in overseas markets. The peak seasons for distributing films within China are in May and September and the series will be widely distributed in September 2005 and May 2006.

Twilight Harmony is the first collaboration among independent production company One Take Production, Mei Ah Entertainment Group and the MDA. The project symbolises the ability of Singapore production companies to stay ahead of international television trends and is a positive stride towards making Singapore a vibrant global media city. The MDA is investing in the project under its “TV Content Development Scheme”, which is an initiative under its Media 21 blueprint to develop the media industry.

Mr Hsih Ying Chieh, Managing Director of One Take Production said, “Our company is committed to developing HD content and we are happy to partner Mei Ah in opening the market for HD productions. Singapore has a pool of production talents and coupled with our skills in HD production, we hope this partnership will bring about more HD programmes, such as HD films, so that Singapore will remain at the fore-front of the digital media wave.”

Sharing his enthusiasm, Mr Charlie Zhuo, General Manager from Shenzhen Meiya Pictures Limited said, “We have started off well in our partnership and look forward to a fulfilling partnership. We certainly believe this will lead to a long term relationship with Singapore.”

Please refer to the annex for the synopsis.

For more information, please contact:

One Take Production Pte Ltd
Karen Tang (Ms)
Tel/Fax: (65) 6440 5902

Media Development Authority of Singapore
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Assistant Director
Corporate and Marketing Communications
Tel: (65) 6837 9344

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Assistant Manager
Corporate &Marketing Communications
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