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MDA Supports Industry and Community Initiatives In Promoting Online Safety

Dated: 6 July 2006

The Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) notes the initiatives and recommendations in the National Internet Advisory Committee (NIAC)’s 2005 annual report and agrees that Internet regulations must be kept up-to-date in the light of converging technology and market changes.

In its report, NIAC called for concerted and coordinated efforts on all fronts to make the Internet and new media platforms safe for all, especially children.

MDA shares NIAC’s views that everyone, from parents, the industry to regulatory bodies, has to work together in ensuring a safe online environment for the young.

Said Ms Ling Pek Ling, MDA’s Director of Media Policy, “We thank the NIAC for its contributions in reviewing and making recommendations to update MDA’s Class Licence scheme. MDA will look into these recommendations carefully and work with the industry to study the feasibility of implementing them.”

”We applaud the initiatives by the three mobile phone operators to introduce and adopt the landmark Voluntary Industry Mobile Content Code to protect its users, especially the young, from undesirable and objectionable mobile content. This is a positive development that will complement the existing light touch regulatory framework for mobile and Internet services whilst providing a safer environment for mobile users in Singapore.”

MDA will continue to support the industry in their efforts to protect and empower young users against the undesirable effects of new media. Industry groups in the IT and Interactive and Digital Media (IDM) sectors are also encouraged to play a proactive role in promoting safe use of their services.

On the public education front, MDA will continue to support the Community Advisory Committee’s efforts and programmes to spread the message of Cyber Wellness and in cultivating a media savvy and literate population as outlined in Annex A .


A public outreach programme by the Media Development Authority’s Community and International Relations Division

The Community and International Relations (CIR) Division of the Media Development Authority (MDA) aims to empower Singaporeans to make informed media choices and to boost Singapore’s international standing of its media industry.

This is achieved through a two-pronged approach: consumer marketing and public education on the community front, and building Government to Government linkages on the international front.

In line with the community outreach efforts of CIR, the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) formed in April 2006 advises MDA on ways to promote greater media appreciation and the positive use of new media tools amongst Singaporeans.

MEDIAction! is MDA’s outreach programme that aims to equip every citizen to be media aware &savvy. Through MEDIAction!, our citizens are equipped with knowledge, skills and the right attitude to take responsibility on choice of media consumption. It consists of a series of engaging and inspiring activities to create the buzz targeting students, parents, educators and the public to stimulate demand of media consumption and instil the mindset of creativity and inquiry.

Taking action to attend the paraphernalia of experiential media (TV, film, radio, publication, Internet) related events such as talks, forum, debates, workshops, game-shows, exhibitions, competitions etc. held all year round, you are able to sharpen your knowledge and honed skills to distinguish style from substance, issue from image, policy from personality, and rhetoric from reality.

In short, MEDIAction! activities are enriching and enable you to:

  • Deepen understanding of the role and impact of media and be discerning in media consumption to benefit daily experience

  • Provide insights and discover potential on career opportunities in the media industry

  • Acquire tips and tools on how to use media effectively for work, learn and play

MDA in partnership with stakeholders in the people, private and public sectors, MEDIAction! aims to touch and convert those who seem afraid of media, who cannot afford it or who simply do not believe how media can be relevant and beneficial to work, learn &leisure.

In conjunction with BroadcastAsia2006, MEDIAction! brings to the public a series of engaging and memorable events that the entire family could enjoy. Please see Calendar of Events for events supported by MDA’s MEDIAction!

For more information on how to collaborate with the MDA on MEDIAction!, please e-mail

Calendar of Events Supported by MDA’s MEDIAction!

Moving Minds Project
Jun 2006 - 2007

Organisers: Asian Film Archive
Contacts: Jeanine Tan,, 67773243

A project consisting of screen seminars and workshops to expose students and teachers to the rich film heritage of Singapore and Asian cinema, the dynaimcs of the film industry and explore how to play an active and entrepreneurial role in contributing to the creation, perservation &promotion of works in our community.


First Take
6 June, 4 July 06

Organisers: Substation
Contacts: Kristin Saw,, 63377535

First Take, happening every first Tuesday of the month, is a platform for new and first-time filmmakers to show their works and share ideas with other filmmakers and the audience. This signature programme has enjoyed an overwhelming response since 2004. Some of the short films shown have gone on to screenings at international festivals, with encouragement (and sometimes facilitation) from Moving Images. In 2006, there will be 11 sessions.


Reel Revolution
15 Jun 2006 –Registration, Substation

Organisers: Substation
Contacts: Kristin Saw,, 63377535

Reel Revolution challenges teams of youths to produce four-minute video essays relating to social or community issues, and to use these videos to open the discussion chaired by each team at the Reel Revolution Powwow. Programme includes an introductory seminar and workshop.


Canon Digital Video Fest 2006
Jun - October 2006

Organisers: Canon
Contacts: Adeline Yeo,, 96398654

The Canon Digital Video Fest is an annual event which aims to promote creativity amongst the masses using the digital video platform and provide equal opportunities for everyone interested in filmmaking. The festival incorporates public screening roadshows, workshops and school seminars to educate the public on the advancements in digital video technology, as well as, impart new and convenient ways of integrating new movie-making medium into their lifestyle. The event champions the aspiration of local filmmakers and Singapore as a regional center for arts and cultural diversity.


Kid Witness News 2006
Jun 2006 –September 2006

Organisers: Panasonic
Contacts: Yvonne Neo,, 62772309

Kid Witness News is an outreach programme consisting of workshops and a competition to challenge to kids to produce a 3-minute news clip on the themes of Art, Environment and a selected MDA Media Literacy theme.

Kid Witness News was introduced in Singapore last year, with the objective of encouraging youth to explore their talents and creativity in producing a video clip in the form of a documentary, news report, drama or animation.


22 June 06 - 07

Organisers: Animagine
Contacts: Wei Siong,, 98247670

AnimateNOW! is an inaugural event initiated by ANIMAGINE. This event is made up of 2 components. There is a workshop component for teachers and students, where they will learn the basic fundamentals and history of animation. Participants will also learn and experience how to produce stop motion and 2D animation.

The other component of AnimateNOW! is the online flash competition. The competition entries will be created online using AnimateNOW!, an online widget developed by ANIMAGINE. The widget is the first of its kind in Singapore and is available for free. Monthly competitions will be held whereby viewers vote for the best animation created using the widget. The winners of the monthly competition will than compete in a finale competition which will be held at the end of the year.

Through AnimateNOW!, the founders of ANIMAGINE hope to educate students in harnessing animation as a powerful communication tool, reveal animation as an established artistic genre, and its myriad of practical and important functions in modern industries.


Animation and Visual Effects Seminar
21 June 06, Singapore Expo, Foyer 1, Level 2 9.30am to 5.00pm

Organisers: SIGGRAPH Singapore Charter, Intense Animation Studio and Singapore Exhibition Services
Contacts: Jenesta Leong (SES),, 62338623

This seminar features prominent speakers such as Prof Sun Li-Jun from Beijing Film Academy, Peter Barber from Blackmagic Design, Bill Westenhofer from Rhythm &Blues and Tony Sealy from Intense Animation Studio. It is targeted at students, professionals and freelancers in the creative industry. Please refer to website link for information on admission fees.


ImageReel 2006
26 June –24 March 2007

Organisers: SIGGRAPH NTU
Contacts: Tan Soonwei,, 90019416

Image|reel is a free annual digital exhibition event where the public are provided with equipments for hands-on experience on creating animation. The event includes free talks by professionals and screening of local students’ and studios’ works to the general public, and also to showcase the annual SIGGRAPH Electronic and Animation Theatre, which contains some of the year’s best animations from around the world.

Image|reel ’06 is an event jointly organized by ACM Siggraph NTU Student Chapter and Siggraph Singapore. Image|reel was fist held on 14th - 15th May 2005 and received overwhelming response from the public who included animators, artists, game developers, engineers, students and others captivated by the world of computer graphics.


22 June –25 June 2006

Organisers: Lucid
Contacts: Domnique,, 93899875

onedotzero is the largest international festival of digital moving creativity, committed to providing a home for visionary moving image experimentation providing a place for both established and emerging creativity to thrive side by side.

The first stop on the onedotzero_10 international tour, onedotzero_singapore brings a broad range of festival selections to the red dot design museum, including retrospectives, compilations of new moving image, live events, and parties. Featuring live performances by London's famed audio-visual mds, the Light Surgeons, the multi-talented United Visual Artists, and much more.


Animania 2007
26 June –24 March 2007

Organisers: CreativeBits
Contacts: Chia Sheh Meng,, 63965516

AniMania is an annual competition organized by CreeativeBITs to provide a platform for artistic expression in animation. Other than the main competition, Animania will include free animation workshops for teachers and the public. Teachers are required to register for the workshops while no registration is required for the public workshops. AniMania will also feature a showcase gallery of previous and ltest competition entries submitted. Viewers at the gallery will also be given the choice of voting for their favourite animation clip


Game Fest 06
26 June –24 March 2007

Organisers: Singapore Gamers Association
Contacts: Chris Soh,

Spanning over the weekends of July, GameFest 2006 will see the launch of key game initiatives for youth seeking to understand the gaming industry and showcase their creativity in this vibrant space. GameFest 2006 will include gaming related programmes and activities for youth to bridge talent with creative platforms to better express themselves through games


HDTV Showcase at Libraries
July –Oct 2006

Organisers: Media Development Authority and the National Library Board
Contacts: May Tan,, 63722063

A series of HDTV showcase will be organised in selected public libraries such as Jurong, Tampines, Esplanade and Woodlands Library to offer the HDTV experience to the public as well as informing them about HD technology.


World Cyber Games 2006
August 2006

Organisers: Rapture Gaming
Contacts: Herman Ng,, 63450503

In Singapore, the World Cyber Games is the most highly anticipated gaming event yearly;with this year's local preliminary happening from March 2006 to August 2006. The winners will represent Singapore in the Grand Finals held in Monza, Italy. This year, activities include gaming contests in tertiary institutes, gaming centres and Suntec Convention Hall. For the first time as well there will be the inaugural World Cyber Games Asian Championship and the introduction of game casting.


8 July 2006

Organisers: MOE North Zone Cluster
Contacts: Law Lai Choo,, 63666158

In line with the tenets of EXCEL –Excellence through Continuous Enterprise and Learning, the MOE Excel Fest is a platform for sharing and learning for teachers, the public as well as parents.Its theme of 'Touching Hearts, Engaging Minds"" makes it an appropriate platform to showcase the measures taken by schools to promote the holistic development of students to support engaged learning.


Planet CRUSH Cyber Wellness Centre
22 July 2006

Organisers: TOUCH Community Services
Contacts: Chriz Siew,, 62735568

TOUCH Cyberwellness &Sports is officially launching Singapore's First Cyber Wellness Centre. Featuring a Café, GameLab, Helpline and Academy, the centre will provide a one-stop shop for cyberwellness education and support.

The term “Cyber Wellness” refers to the positive well-being of Internet users and a healthy cyber culture for the Internet community. It involves an understanding of the risks of harmful online behaviour, an awareness of how to protect oneself and other Internet users from such behaviour, and a recognition of the power of the Internet to benefit oneself and the community at large.

Digital Media
Film / Broadcast
media Literacy / Cyber Wellness