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MIPCOM 2006: Biggest showing by Singapore media at the Singapore Pavilion

Dated: 26 September 2006

In a sign of the progress of the Singapore media industry, the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) will lead its largest delegation of 15 Singapore companies comprising some 51 industry professionals to MIPCOM 2006, one of the world’s largest global content markets for co-producing, buying, selling, financing and distributing entertainment content.

Singapore’s participation at MIPCOM this year highlights the country’s ability to work across the entire range of media activities and genres, from creative services for the production of quality content to state-of-the-art post-production infrastructure, and from live-action documentaries to animation series. Representative companies at the Singapore Pavilion include production houses Big Communications, Dream Forest, Film Formations, Infocus Asia, Lights &Shadows, Mega Media, Oak3 Films, Ochre Pictures, Scrawl Studios, The Right Angle Media and Threesixzero Productions, as well as broadcaster MediaCorp, media content management company Six-six-eight, postproduction company Infinite Frameworks and pay TV channel Asian Food Channel.

These companies are amongst Singapore's leading content producers and service providers and they will showcase for sale and distribution a variety of international documentaries, lifestyle features and animation programmes. A highlight of this year’s offerings is the strong assemble of High-Definition (HD) programmes.

“In the last couple of years, Singapore’s media industry has made significant inroads into the international market, with a slate of co-production projects with leading international players across various platforms, and an increasing demand for Made-by-Singapore content. Our record participation and strong line up of HD programmes at MIPCOM 2006 demonstrate the dynamism and diversity of our growing creative output,” said Dr Tan Chin Nam, Chairman, MDA.

Strong slate of HD programmes Deepening Singapore’s capability to produce HD programming has been a core focus for MDA. At last year’s MIPCOM, MDA announced a US$20 million, three-year partnership with US-based Rainbow HD Holdings LLC and Singapore’s Mega Media to create HD content for the US market. As a result of the collaboration, five HD programmes in the genres of lifestyle, sports and fashion have been produced and will be showcased at MIPCOM 2006.

In addition, MediaCorp will launch its first HD catalogue of 18 hours of original Asian documentaries at MIPCOM 2006, some of which are customised for mobile and interactive platforms. Among the line-up is its China Specials series, which includes threetitles Marco Polo –The Maverick, The Emperor’s Wall and The Eunuch –Manhood Deconstructed.

Besides live-action programmes, the Singapore Pavilion will also showcase HD animation programmes, such as 3 Feet Apart (Oak3 Films), Katakune (Mega Media), and Nanoboy (Scrawl Studios). In all, more than 30 HD programmes from the Singapore companies will be pitched and promoted at the Singapore Pavilion.

”The global media and entertainment industry is moving to HD and MDA is committed to developing both the hardware and software to ensure that Singapore maximises the tremendous potential that the technology presents to our growing media industry”, said Dr Tan. “We hope to provide local and international audiences with quality Made-by- Singapore HD content, and the strong slate of HD offerings at MIPCOM is a step in this direction.”

Singapore Media Fusion In addition, MDA will be launching “Singapore Media Fusion”, a strategic positioning of the Singapore media industry that consolidates and showcases the collective richness and diversity of the industry through a unified front. Industry players can also leverage on “Singapore Media Fusion” as a common platform to showcase their success.

Dr Tan said: “As the champion of Singapore’s media industry, MDA believes it is timely to develop a strategic positioning that will allow the industry to communicate its strengths in a coherent and compelling manner. In addition to lending consistency to the manner in which the Singapore media industry is represented and promoted, ‘Singapore Media Fusion’ enhances Singapore’s profile at the international level by projecting a unique voice that harnesses the collective strengths of our media industry.”

The strategic positioning of the Singapore media industry comes at a time of increasing awareness and demand for Singapore-made content. In content development, Singapore’s media companies have made strides with co-productions with international leading players including: House of Harmony, a Germany-Singapore telemovie production that premiered to nearly 7 million viewers in Germany on ZDF in October 2005;Secrets of Battleship Yamato, a US-Japan-Singapore television documentary which was beamed to households in US, Germany and across Asia;One Last Dance, a China-Singapore triad film thriller directed by Max Makowski and slated for release at end of this year.

In conjunction with “Singapore Media Fusion”, a portal,, will be launched on 4 October to cultivate an online community of local and international media practitioners who are interested in the Singapore media scene, whether they are seeking content, co-production partners or specialised media services. It will offer information on Singapore’s media industry, including a directory of local media companies, trailers of Made-by-Singapore media content and allow like-minded local and global talents to virtually congregate and engage in seamless interaction –to exchange ideas, share information and look for partnership and co-production opportunities.

International media personalities who have collaborated with local media players on projects, including One Last Dance director Max Makowski, will also be featured in a communications campaign in testament to the strengths and potential of Singapore’s media industry. Dubbed “I made it in Singapore”, the campaign kicks off the launch of “Singapore Media Fusion” to highlight the growing capabilities of the Singapore media industry that are increasingly attracting international recognition and demand.

Visitors to the Singapore Pavilion at MIPCOM 2006, which is located at Stand 05.20 - 07.19, will be among the first in the world to view the “I made it in Singapore” campaign, which will subsequently be rolled-out at key international events and markets. MIPCOM 2006 will be held from October 9 to 13 at Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France. New programmes and more will be launched at the MDA’s Singapore Networking Cocktail Party, which will be held on 10 October at 4.30pm at the Singapore Pavilion. Please refer to Annex for the list of programmes and synopses.

For more information, please contact:

Ms Chia Pei Siang
Manager, Communications
Media Development Authority
Tel: (65) 6837 9010
HP: (65) 9368 9920

Ms Phoebe Seow
Assistant Director, Communications
Media Development Authority
Tel: (65) 6837 9369



Participating companies at the Singapore Pavilion

AFC Network AFC Network is a Singapore-based media firm and its channel, the Asian Food Channel (AFC), is the region’s first and only 24-hour cable TV food channel. AFC began broadcasting in Hong Kong in mid-2005, in Singapore in September 2005 and in Indonesia in December 2005. In the brief time that AFC has been on the air, the channel has been able to showcase the best and brightest programming from around the region and the world. Taking this to the next level, AFC plans to commission its own programming in the coming year. To this end, the AFC team will be at MIPCOM to source for strong programming, and to also identify and develop commissioning and co-production opportunities. List of projects to sell/market/distribute/pitch:
• $2 Wonderfood (Lifestyle/Food)
• Makansutra (Lifestyle/Food)
• All Star Potluck (Lifestyle/Food)
• Yummy King (Lifestyle/Food)
Contact details:
Ms Maria Brown, Managing Director
Telephone : +65 6835 8838
Fax : +65 6292 7555
Email :
Website :

BIG Communications Fully equipped with its own animation studio, BIG Communications is breaking new ground in Singapore's animation industry with Master Raindrop, a 26-episode 3D-animated comedyadventure TV series, co-produced with Yoram-Gross-EM.TV (Australia) and Flux Animation Studio(New Zealand). Internationally distributed by Germany's EM.TV, this series has secured pre-sales in Europe and Australia, and is scheduled for worldwide release in early 2008. BIG Communications also specialises in creating and producing high quality live-action TV programmes for broadcast on HD and SD in these genres: documentary, natural history, current affairs, infotainment, variety, children and drama. To-date, its first HD documentary co-production Beyond the Edge: F1 Powerboats is Singapore’s largest and only multi-camera HD production involving seven HD cameras and seven professional camera crews. List of projects to sell/market/distribute/pitch: • Oujo and the Heavenly Fire (Animation)
• The UnSuperheros (Animation)
• Furmaids (Animation)
• Forgotten Communities (Documentary/ HD)
• FestiveAsia (HD)
• ArtExpress (HD)
Contact details:
Mr Vincent Lim, Managing Director
Mr Wilson Silva, Director
Tel : +65 6836 7636
Fax : +65 6234 0503
Email :
Websites :,

Dream Forest Dream Forest Productions is a leading production company with many prime-time quality shows to its name, in both live-action (dramas, sitcoms, entertainment shows, children’s programmes) and factual content (documentaries). Achar!, its cross-cultural sitcom clinched a World Medal (Bronze) at the New York Festival 2005. A War Diary, a docu-drama on life during World War II in Singapore, won several distinctions at the 2002 Asian Television Awards. It will be at MIPCOM to market its programmes as well as seek co-production and distribution partnerships.

List of projects to sell/market/distribute/pitch:
• Sentinels 999 (Animation - Adventure)
• Mighty Sumo and Samurai Kid (Animation - Adventure)
• Achar! (Animation - Adult)
• DNA (Animation - Adventure)
• The Adventures of the Blue Panda (Animation - Educational)
• Zobots (Animation - Educational)
• India’s Girl Child (Documentary)
• Railway Children of India (Documentary)
• The Face of Asian Terrorism (Documentary)
• Billion Dollar Addiction (Documentary)
• Body Parts for Sale (Documentary)
• Desperate Dolphins of Mekong (Documentary)
• Saints of Asia (Documentary)

Contact details:
Ms Foo Piao Xu, Production Manager
Ms Sharon Tan, Research Writer
Telephone : +65 6837 2345
Fax : +65 6837 0341
Email :
Website :

Film Formations Film Formations is an award-winning Singapore-based production house that has, since its inception in 1998, created over 100 hours of quality programming for local, regional and international markets. Its past productions have been recognised at the Asian Television Awards (Best Drama Series, Best Single Drama or Telemovie), the New York Festivals (Gold World Medal, Children/Youth Programming) and the Banff Television Festival. Recent productions include the documentaries Tokyo Shock Boys’ Guide to Japan and Gerbil Plague for National Geographic and Gourmet China: A Living Legacy for Discovery Networks Asia. It actively seeks like-minded production partners who are keen to collaborate on its key programming genres: documentary, children’s programming, and drama.

List of projects to sell/market/distribute/pitch:
• Eye In The Sky (Documentary/ HD)
• Triads: A Secret History (Documentary/ HD)
• Gourmet China: A Living Legacy (Documentary)
Contact details:
Mr Lee Thean-jeen, Director of Production
Mr Erik Dugger, Writer Director
Telephone : +65 6324 8300
Fax : +65 6324 8200
Email :
Website :

Infinite Frameworks Infinite Frameworks comprises of an award-winning post-production facility and a 3D Animation studio. With a staff strength of approximately 100 comprising of producers, editors, colorists, VFX supervisors/artists, 3D Supervisors/Animators, Infinite Frameworks is known for its dedication to the craft of TVCs, Branding and Promotions, Feature Film post, VFX and Animation.

List of projects to sell/mkt/distribute/pitch:
• Ghost Hunter DAX (3D Animation/ HD)
• Deviants (3D Animation)
• Crocodile Journals (Stop Motion)
• Magic Six (2D/3D Animation)
• Sing To The Dawn (2D/3D Animation/ HD)

Contact Details:
Mr Mike Wiluan, Managing Director
Telephone : +65 6222 7888
Fax : +65 6227 7557
Email :
Website :

Infocus Asia Films Infocus Asia Films is one of Asia’s leading production houses known for its blue chip documentary work around the region. From science to natural history to natural disasters, IFA Films has been responsible for a number of critically acclaimed long form programs since the company opened in 2000. Recent works include The Real Bangkok Hilton and Psychic Vietnam both of which aired to strong reviews on BBC 2. IFA Films also produced The Killer Wave, a special on the Asian Tsunami that aired globally for BBC and Discovery Channel International. Currently in production are five Asian wildlife hours shot in High-Definition for Animal Planet and Discovery Channel HD that will premiere this fall and early 2007. At MIPCOM, IFA Films will be looking for co-production opportunities for a number of Asian and international documentary projects.

List of projects to sell/mkt/distribute/pitch:
• Where Humans Fear to Thread (Technology series)
• Tech Rescue (Technology series/ HD)
• Monster Insects (Wildlife series)
• Mega Fish (Wildlife/ HD)
• China Specials (People and Culture/ HD)

Contact Details:
Mr Bryan Seah, Producer
Telephone : +65 6341 5989
Mobile : +65 9773 6113

Lights and Shadows Lights &Shadows is an award-winning Singapore-based animation company. Renowned for its services in broadcast, architecture and commercial productions, it produces original high-quality animation shows with a team of experienced people focusing in conceptualisation, character design, scripting, animation, post and all-related animation production activities. Lights &Shadows is in the business of delivering creative entertainment products including 3D CGI, 2D Flash in both High-Definition &Standard-Definition formats for television, direct-DVD and the internet. Its awards list includes New York Festival, Promax World, Promax Asia, Shanghai TV Festival, BDA Asia and Long Xi Advertising Awards. At MIPCOM, it aims to identify potential distributors and acquisition partners for its animated shows, as well as collaborators for coproductions.

List of projects to sell/market/distribute/pitch:
• Odd Sox (Children animation / HD)
• MackFly (Animation / Flash)
• Kan-Do-Kangaroo (Children animation / HD)
• Toileteers (Animation / Flash)
• Dim Sum Dozen (animation-live / HD)

Contact Details:
Mr Calvin Tng, Executive Producer
Telephone : +65 6220 9980
Fax : +65 6220 9983
Email :
Website :

MediaCorp (Represented by MediaCorp TV12, Channel NewsAsia and Caldecott Productions International) With 70 years of radio (1936) and 43 years of television (1963) experience, MediaCorp is a pioneer in the development of Singapore’s broadcasting history. As Singapore’s largest broadcaster and one of the region’s most renowned broadcasters, MediaCorp offers a complete range of media businesses: TV, Radio, Entertainment Productions, Movie Productions, Newspapers, Magazines, Electronic Media and other broadcasting services. MediaCorp’s vision is to become one of Asia’s top media companies by delivering valued content to the world. At MIPCOM, MediaCorp’s team will be promoting and marketing their programmes as well as to network and establish new contacts.

List of projects to sell/market/distribute/pitch:
MediaCorp TV12:
• Cinta Q (Quest for Love) (Malay Drama)
• Dimensi Ke-4 (The Fourth Dimension) (Malay Drama)
• Manam (Tamil Drama,)
• Goal (Tamil Drama)
• Miss Janu (Tamil Drama)
• Mugangal (Tamil Drama)
• Padigal –6 Stages of Life (Tamil Drama)
• Nagal (Tamil Drama)
• Picture Perfect (Info-ed)
• Frequency of the City (Info-ed)
• A Flair to Remember (Info-ed)
• Island Boy (Kids Drama)
• Wushu Warriors (Kids Drama)
• The Magic Garden (Kids Drama)
• Record Breakers (Kids Reality Series)
• Bring Your Toothbrush (Kids Reality Series)

Channel NewsAsia:
• Arts Incorporated (Art &Business)
• The Million Makers: Series 1&2 (Business)
• Serving Up Designs (Design &Business)
• Asia Rebound: Post 1997(Business &Economy)
• Flu 1, 2, 3 (Health)
• Stems of Life (Health)
• Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Health)
• Beautifully Naturally (Lifestyle)
Page 9 of 12 • Diary of Indulgence (Lifestyle)
• What Women Want….Really: Series 4 (Lifestyle)
• Inside the Jemaah Islamiyah (Documentary)
• Torn by Terror –Struggle in Southern Thailand (Documentary)
• Indonesia: On The Ring of Fire (Documentary)
• Every Dog Has its Day (Documentary)

Caldecott Productions International
• Marco Polo –The Maverick (Documentary/ Film/HD)
• Behind The Emperor’s Wall (Documentary/ HD)
• The Eunuch –Manhood Deconstructed (Documentary/ HD)
• Fagin &Oliver –The Asian Twist (Documentary/ HD)
• Tribal Sex Series (Documentary/ HD)
• Voiceless Art Series (Documentary/ HD)

Contact details:
Telephone : +65 6333 3888
Fax : +65 6251 5628
Website :

Mega Media Mega Media is one of Asia’s leading media companies, covering the entire media content value chain. Mega Media’s six key areas of business are Creation, Distribution, Technology, Education, New Media and International. Today, Mega Media has become one of Asia's market leaders in High-Definition production with a complete range of high-end post-production facilities, and Singapore's only Dolby-certified motion picture sound stage and Southeast Asia's first Digital Cinema encoding facility. Mega Media’s facilities have catered for projects from across the globe and have achieved a reputation for international standards.

List of projects to sell/market/distribute/pitch:
• Song of the Stork (Film)
• The Teenage Textbook Movie (Film)
• S-11 (Film)
• Unarmed Combat (Film)
• High Cost of Living (Film)
• Out of the Box (TV Production)
• Live Wire (TV Production)
• Rouge (TV Production)
• Arts Buzz (TV Production)
• Art Nation Season 1-6 (TV Production)
• Soul Food (TV Production)
• A Thousand Words I &II (TV Production)
• Love Market in the Clouds (TV Production)
• Reel World (TV Production)
• Flick focus (TV Production)
• Happy Family (TV Production)
• Watch (TV Production)
• Inside the Forbidden City (TV Production)
• RadioTV (TV Production)
• Tube Top (TV Production)
• Music Walk (TV Production)
• New Clips on the Block (TV Production)
• Style Me with Rachel Hunter (Reality Television/ HD)
• Beyond the Edge –F1 Powerboats (Sports Documentary/ HD)
• Rainforest Challenge –Mud, Guts and Glory (Sports/Adventure Documentary/ HD)
• Ultra Eye: Singapore (Lifestyle Travelogue Documentary/ HD)
• Ultra Eye: Tokyo (Lifestyle Travelogue Documentary/ HD)
Page 10 of 12 • Hope on the Andaman Coast –A Cliff Diving Expedition (Sports Documentary/ HD)
• Planet Parkour (Sports Documentary/ HD)
• New Revolution (Documentary/ HD)
• Katakune (Animation/ HD)

Contact details:
Ms Sol Foo, Manager, Business Development
Telephone : +65 6513 3511
Fax : +65 6295 5315
Email :
Website :

Oak3 Films Founded in 1996 in Singapore by Suat Yen Lim, Zaihirat Banu and Jason Lai, Oak3 Films has earned a reputation for high quality feature films as well as television dramas, documentaries, and children programmes shot and aired in Asia and Europe. It has produced with various broadcasters including MediaCorp, ZDF, ESPN Star Sports, ARTE, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel’s Travel and Living, and Discovery Asia. Among its major acclaimed productions are The Missing Star, School Days, Gods Must Be Hungry, Sense of Animals. Oak3 Films will be looking at international co-production opportunities for features films, drama and documentaries and to sell their programmes at MIPCOM.

List of projects to sell/market/distribute/pitch:
• Path of Typhoon (Documentary/ HD)
• 3 Feet Apart (Animation/ HD)
• Gods Must Be Hungry (Documentary)
• Brother No. 2 (Documentary/ HD)
• Rulers Behind The Throne (Documentary/ HD)

Contact details:
Ms Zaihirat Banu, Director
Telephone : +65 6226 2338
Fax : +65 6226 2339
Email :
Website :

Ochre Pictures Nominee and winner of Asian Television Awards 2003 for Ceciliation, one of its telemovies, Ochre Pictures’ drama series and telemovies have broken boundaries in terms of quality content and production values. Two other telemovies were also selected for Special Screening at the Shanghai International Film and Television Festival in 2002 and 2005. Ochre Pictures produces drama series, telemovies, documentaries, infotainments and children programs for both local and international channels. Our valuable clients include local channels like MediaCorp Group of Channels and international channels like Discovery Channel, Disney Channel and National Geographic Channel. Ochre Pictures will be looking out for co-production opportunities at MIPCOM.

List of projects to sell/market/distribute/pitch:
• Dressed To Travel (Documentary/ HD)

Contact details:
Ms Jean Yeo, Creative Director
Mr Pedro Tan, Managing Director
Telephone : +65 6324 0859
Fax : +65 6324 0901
Email :
Website :

The Right Angle Media The Right Angle Media is a Singapore-based independent production company with an output of 50 to 70 hours of television programming a year. It specialises in factual entertainment with documentaries at its heart. Over half of its productions reach out to the international market, appearing on international channels like Discovery, National Geographic, the Asian Food Channel and several European networks.

In a track record spanning ten years, the company has also garnered its share of awards. In 2004, our biographical documentary, Muhammad Yunus for the Discovery Channel, won an award at the New York Television Festival. This feat has been repeated by Makansutra, its top-rated food series and Hidden Genders, a documentary for the National Geographic Channel. Its first HD production Megastructures: World’s Busiest Port (National Geographic Channel) won best editing at the Asian Television Awards, besides picking up the best cinematography and best editing trophies at National Geographic’s Showreal Asia. At MIPCOM, the team plans to seek coproduction partners and distributors for some of the ideas it is developing.

Contact details:
Mr Adrian Ong, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Mythili Radakrishnan, Vice-President
Telephone : +65 6325 4201
Fax : +65 6338 9791
Email :
Website :

Scrawl Studios Scrawl Studios is a media and entertainment company specialising in animated content for television and web. A pioneer in Singapore’s animation scene, Scrawl Studios has been the driving creative force behind many new animated properties for audiences around the world. In 2002, Scrawl won the Gold Award at the Oshima Picture Book contest in Japan with an original work, Slip, which has been developed into an animated short. Nanoboy, the studio’s first 2D animation series, debuted in MIPCOM 2005 and the series is due to be delivered early 2007, with pre-sales secured in Korea and Thailand, as well as distribution for U.S. and Europe in the works. The company is also developing an animated programme adapted from an international series of children’s books titled Milly Molly, in partnership with Beyond International. Other productions include a mixed-media kids programme, Oli's Wild Adventures and sci-fi animated comedy, Gizmo, an upcoming Singapore-Canadian-Hong Kong co-production.

List of projects to sell/market/distribute/pitch:

• Nanoboy (Animation/ HD)

• Milly Molly (Animation)

• Gizmo (Animation)

Contact details: Mr Seng Choon Meng, Head of Development Telephone : +65 6225 0910 Fax : +65 6225 2910 Email : Website :

Six-Six-Eight Six-Six-Eight is Asia’s leading specialist in media content management, offering a range of services including financing, co-production, distribution and marketing TV, HDTV and Motion Picture projects. Its team is based in Singapore with representative offices in Germany, Switzerland Italy, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. While operating at a worldwide level, Six-Six- Eight's business focuses on the fast growing markets in Asia. It will be at MIPCOM to market its programmes and establish contacts.

List of projects to sell/market/distribute/pitch:
• Ultra Eye: Singapore and Tokyo (Lifestyle Travelogue Documentary/ HD)
• Hope on the Andaman Coast –A Cliff Diving Expedition (Sports Documentary/ HD)
• Katakune (Animation/ HD)

Contact details:
Ms Emma Neubronner, International Sales
Telephone : +65 6296 6668
Fax : +65 6295 5382
Email :
Website :

Threesixzero Productions Established in 2001 by New York Festival Finalists Han Kwang Wei and Ng Hwee Hoon, Threesixzero Productions specialises in the production of documentaries. It has produced for major networks and channels like Mediacorp, Arts Central, SPH Mediaworks and Discovery Channel. Threesixzero produces on average 40 hours of TV programmes per year. These include a variety of programmes, ranging from social stories to travelogues to information-based programmes to arts and cultural documentaries. Threesixzero Productions creates and develops its own story concept for production or co-production opportunities. Their goal is to continue exploring the dynamism of the diverse cultures of Asia and make quality programmes that are of the highest standard.

List of projects to sell/market/distribute/pitch:
• Little Big Dreams (Documentary/ HD)
• Black Roses of Bangkok (Documentary)
• Making Van Goghs (Documentary/ HD)
• State of the Opera (Documentary)

Contact details:
Mr Han Kwang Wei, Managing Director
Telephone : +65 6236 0132
Fax : +65 6532 4068
Email :
Website :