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Singapore media companies announce multi-million dollar co-production deals at MIPCOM 2006

Dated: 9 October 2006

Singapore marked a milestone in achieving its vision of becoming a vibrant global media city by embarking on a new strategic positioning to consolidate the industry’s presence in the global arena. Called “Singapore Media Fusion”, the communications strategy was unveiled by the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) today, with Mr Bernard Brochand, Mayor of Cannes, witnessing the launch at the MIPCOM Opening Cocktail Party held at Majestic Hotel.

Backing up the promise of “Singapore Media Fusion” to capitalise on the country’s unique blend of East-West cultures and achieve cross-media synergy, Singapore media companies served up co-production deals with leading international players worth more than US$20 million at the opening day of MIPCOM 2006, one of the world’s largest global audiovisual content markets.

IV Lab has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Nelvana Limited, one of the world’s leading international producers and distributors of children’s programming and products, to co-produce an adventure animation series Future is Wild. The Singapore animation company also inked a second production agreement with American entertainment bigwig Promenade Pictures and New Zealand’s Huhu Studios for The Flood, a biblical animation project.

Scrawl Studios also announced a co-production agreement, worth US$4 million (S$7 million), with DECODE Entertainment, a Canadian distributor of entertainment programming for children, youth and family audiences, and established Hong Kong animation company, Agogo Media. The collaboration will see the three companies produce a fast-paced sci-fi comedy animated series, Gizmo.

In addition, Lights and Shadows also announced a US$4 million (A$6 million) collaboration with Australia’s Stewart-Wall-Entertainment, to create a high-definition 3-D animated series titled Odd Sox.

Riding on the success of the first German-Singapore telemovie House of Harmony, Singapore’s Oak3 Films will be collaborating with German company Smeaton Entertainment, to co-produce telemovie Love under the Sign of Dragon, which is slated for broadcast over primetime on ARD, Germany's largest terrestrial broadcaster.

Dr Tan Chin Nam, Chairman, MDA said: “Made-by-Singapore content is increasingly recognised for its high quality and Singapore media companies have consistently shown their capabilities in producing programmes that appeal to an international audience. The collaborations between established media companies from around the world and Singapore’s production companies are a testament that Singapore has capitalised on the strengths of ‘Singapore Media Fusion’ to make strides in the global media scene”.

The MDA is leading the drive to transform Singapore into a global media city. Singapore aims to create 10,000 new jobs in the media industry and double the industry’s contribution to the country’s Gross Domestic Product by 2012.

The “Singapore Media Fusion” strategic positioning, along with other key initiatives such as the nationwide introduction of high-definition TV and a S$500-million push in research and development in the area of Interactive &Digital Media, reflect the country’s commitment to reap the benefits of the fast-growing media sector as a key engine of future growth.

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