France 5, MDA and producers from four countries collaborate on "EXTINCTIONS"

Dated: 15 October 2008

France 5, Frederic Lepage Concepts (France), Coyote Conseil (France), Oak3 Films (Singapore), Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA), Mixer (Brazil) and Greenspace Productions (Canada) officially announce their cross-platform global co-production television series, EXTINCTIONS, in conjunction with broadcasters, France 5, High Fidelity HDTV (Canada), Radio Television Belge Francophone (Belgium) and distributed worldwide by Marathon International.

EXTINCTIONS is a groundbreaking cross-platform six-part documentary-thriller series in high definition, featuring endangered species: Asian elephant, cheetah, jaguar, orang utan, tiger and polar bear. It offers insights into the relentless processes involved in these disappearances, filling the viewers with emotion and providing them with guidelines on how to avert such disasters.

This cross-platform property will deliver on various types of media, including global television, video-on-demand, mobile phones, books and user-generated content through the EXTINCTIONS’ dedicated internet channel.

“EXTINCTIONS is shot in various parts of the world, with half the series shot in Asia. The project is not just a financial partnership between companies in different countries, but an aggregation of the artistic, intellectual and technical resources of talents from four continents. It is a global co-production made with the global audiences in mind,” said Frederic Lepage, Director of Frederic Lepage Concepts.

Said Zaihirat Banu Codelli, Chief Executive of Oak3 Films, “We are fascinated by the idea of producing a series on species that are near to extinction on a global scale. It will take expertise from four continents to produce this series and Oak3 Films is thrilled to be part of it.”

Among many of its ‘firsts’ for this documentary series, the series documentary is the first four-way co-production between Singapore, France, Canada and Brazil.

Dr Christopher Chia, Chief Executive Officer, MDA said: "We are excited by the many 'firsts' this project presents. This is Singapore’s first co-production spanning four continents with established partners hailing from North America, South America and Europe. It is also our first collaboration with a Brazilian company, Mixer, and France 5. This is a great opportunity for Oak3 Films to co-produce a cross-platform project, which showcases Singapore's capabilities to deliver quality content to international audiences and Singapore’s vantage point in providing an Asian perspective to a global co-production.”

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Oak3 Films Pte Ltd
Founded in 1996 in Singapore by Suat Yen Lim, Zaihirat Banu and Jason Lai, Oak3 Films has an established reputation for high quality work in the region. The Gods Must Be Hungry, a documentary co-produced with Discovery Asia, broke new ground in 2003 when it was rated with the highest viewership in 10 years for Discovery Asia. Other international co-productions with Discovery Asia includes Fun Taiwan, a 13-episode Travel and Adventure program, an episode for the prestigious Caltex Crossings Belt on Discovery Asia entitled, Crossings - Ju Ming, which is a biography of a Taiwanese sculptor, 5 Star Insider, a 10-episode Travel and Living program and currently in production, Culinary Asia, a 6-episode for Discovery Asia. Oak3 Films has also co-produced for ARD (Germany), ZDF (Germany), ARTE, Q Channel (Korea), ESPN Sports Asia, CNBC Asia and National Geographic Channel Asia.