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MDA awards first niche TV licence to VeeV Interactive

Dated: 6 March 2008

The Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) has issued the first Niche Subscription TV Licence to VeeV Interactive Pte Ltd (VeeV), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sky Media Pte Ltd.

Under the 5-year Niche Subscription TV Licence, VeeV will be able to offer a broad range of programmes, including scheduled and on-demand TV services, over any delivery platform for up to 100,000 subscribers in Singapore.

With its niche TV licence, VeeV plans to roll out a commercial Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service focusing on educational content. Using Singapore as its research and development centre, Veev also has plans to expand its digital media business into the region.

The Niche Subscription TV Licence is part of the two-tier licence framework MDA introduced in 2007 to facilitate the growth of IPTV services in Singapore by offering operators greater flexibility to roll out services for different market segments. The other licence category is the Nationwide Subscription TV Licence, which caters to operators targeting the mass market. The first nationwide IPTV licence was awarded to SingNet Pte Ltd in January 2007 for its mioTV service.

“MDA is pleased that our pro-business regulatory framework has helped pave the way for new IPTV service providers to enter the market with innovative and diverse programming content. We hope to see more IPTV service providers use Singapore as a launch pad to regionalise their business and test-bed new IPTV technologies and solutions,” said Ms Ling Pek Ling, Director, Media Policy, MDA.

MDA does not limit the number of niche licensees and welcomes local and overseas IPTV service providers to come forward and establish their presence in Singapore. A summary of the key conditions for the Niche Subscription TV Licence can be found in Annex A.

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For more information on Veev, please contact:

Lara Lai (Ms)
Chief Operating Officer
VeeV Interactive Pte Ltd
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