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MDA launches Call For Digital Media Applications and Services Projects

Dated: 17 June 2008

Aiming to establish Singapore as a leading producer of digital media applications and services

The Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) welcomes industry players with innovative digital media applications and services that have shown commercial viability and possess the potential to become industry leaders to respond to its Call for Proposals (CFP). Announced by Dr Lee Boon Yang, Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts at the imbX 2008 opening ceremony today, the CFP is aimed at supporting companies to push their innovative digital media applications and services to the global market.

Dr Christopher Chia, Chief Executive Officer, MDA said: “With our strategic geographical position and advanced telecommunication infrastructure, Singapore has enormous potential to become a regional and, in time, global hub for digital content, services and communities. This CFP seeks to complete the value chain put in place by MDA on its thrust to develop the digital media sector and complements our ongoing effort to support innovative content development and research and development.”

The scope of the CFP includes high growth areas that Singapore has potential to excel in. These niche areas include, but is not limited to, Immersive Learning Media, the provision of engaging on-demand learning and simulation technology;Pervasive Media, which allows information processing to be fully integrated into everyday objects and activities;Virtual and 3D Media such as building online social networking sites and communities;Digital Interactive Advertisements and Digital Hubs.

It is jointly carried out with the Infocomm Development Authority’s Digital Marketplace initiative that will put in place the infrastructure, ecosystem and best practices framework to position Singapore as a digital global node and a regional hub for digital media assets.

With rapid technological advancement and media convergence, unique forms of digital media are being created, generating exciting opportunities in the media industry. An example of such innovative digital media applications is MXR Cooperation’s wIzQubes™- a patented product that enhances children’s learning and playing experience using mixed reality.

Expressing his interest to tap on this CFP, Mr Steven Zhou, Director of MXR Cooperation said: “"Having successfully deployed wIzQubes™at the Singapore Science Centre and schools, our eyes are now set on the regional market. With MDA's Digital Media Applications and Services CFP, we hope to develop more applications and services for wlzQubes™and be the leader in this sector.”

Another local company, Fresbo, which developed a widget application on popular social networks like Friendster, Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and currently has 150,000 subscribers, agrees that this CFP provides the much needed push for the company to build more content on its application.

Mr Low Bingjiang, CEO of Fresbo said: ”The Digital Media Applications and Services CFP is a good move for bootstrapping startup companies like us in pushing product development further and expanding our offerings to the global market. As Fresbo World starts to gain traction in the market, the CFP will help us to increase the users of our application."

Submitted proposals will be evaluated by a joint MDA and IDA Evaluation Panel based on criteria such as proven commercial viability, competitive advantage and potential to scale regionally or globally. More details of the CFP can be found at

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