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YR Asia Satellite TV debuts in Hong Kong and Macau; acquires 120 hours of Singapore content

Dated: 13 October 2008

Newly formed YR Asia Satellite TV will broadcast on Hong Kong’s I-Cable Channel 28 beginning 18 October 2008. This marks the first landing for the entertainment channel, which is targeting to launch in 15 countries, reaching out to 1.2 billion Mandarin-speaking people in China and the rest of Asia Pacific. After its Hong Kong and Macau debut, YR Asia is slated to launch in Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Indo China and Pakistan by the end of this year. Plans to land in Taiwan in January 2009 are in the pipeline.

YR Asia is a brand new entertainment channel offered by media management company Net Leader Holdings Pte Ltd. It is the first regional satellite TV station broadcasting out of Singapore targeting Mandarin-speaking audiences that is managed and operated by a Singapore-based company. The 24-hou​r channel will feature variety, sports, drama, animation, lifestyle and documentary content from its global content partners.

In its first major content acquisition, YR Asia purchased 100 hours of Mandarin content from Singapore, mainly in the genres of lifestyle and documentary series. In addition, it is finalising a deal for exclusive broadcast rights to 20 hours of brand new Mandarin content supported by the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA). This bulk acquisition marks the largest of its kind for Singapore's Mandarin factual programming to date.

Mr Wee Ah Kee, Chairman of Net Leader Holdings and YR Asia, said, “YR Asia aims to deliver wholesome programming with educational value to anyone from the region who is interested in the Chinese language and culture. With Singapore’s reputation for educational excellence and rising recognition for quality factual programming made with an Asian perspective, the addition of the Singapore content to our programming slate will be a good fit with our positioning as a family-friendly viewing channel with an Asian focus.”

“With more broadcasters converging in Singapore, local content producers can leverage these international cable and satellite networks to reach a wider audience. The programme sale to YR Asia is an example of this positive synergy between our growing pool of content aggregators and producers. Through YR Asia, Singapore’s Mandarin factual programmes will reach an estimated 1.2 billion people in the region, helping our content to gain greater traction in the Mandarin television market,“ said Dr Christopher Chia, MDA’s Chief Executive Officer.

More Made-by-Singapore content is expected to make its way overseas. Three distributors, namely MediaCorp, ThreeSixZero and Six-six-eight, have been appointed to undertake the international distribution of a library of over 5,000 hours of programming supported by MDA in the last two years.

YR Asia is participating in MIPCOM, the world’s biggest audiovisual content market running from 13 to 17 October in Cannes, France, to market its channel and seal partnerships that will augment its programming slate. MDA is also leading a delegation of 13 Singapore companies to MIPCOM to promote Made-by-Singapore content to international distributors and broadcasters.

YR Asia Satellite TV
YR Asia is a brand-new entertainment channel launching in 2008. No news, no politics, YR Asia focus purely on family entertainment and edutainment programmes. Some of the content genres available on YR Asia include Entertainment, Kids, Xtreme Action, Lifestyle documentaries, Movies and Drama.

With plans to land in more than 15 countries in Asia Pacific, YR Asia is poised to reach more than 1.2 billion Mandarin-speaking people in China and the rest of Asia Pacific. YR Asia is based and broadcasted from Singapore.

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