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Experience the vibrancy of Singapore media at the inaugural Media Fiesta 2009

Dated: 25 February 2009

Media choices for everyone

This March, Singapore will reverberate to the beat of its first-ever Media Fiesta, a month-long high-octane festival of fun activities where Singaporeans of all age groups will experiment, touch, listen and engage with media for work, learning and play.

Hosted by the Media Development Authority (MDA) and organised by Pico Art International, Media Fiesta 2009 aims to raise media literacy amongst Singaporeans across all forms of media such as animation, games, publishing, film, broadcast and Interactive Digital Media.

Media Fiesta 2009 will have four defining highlights:

1. a four-day Main Event at Marina Square Atrium and 40 fringe events islandwide throughout the entire month of March for the enjoyment of all;

2. public education activities encouraging Singaporeans to use media in a responsible and discerning manner;

3. a Public Service Content showcase to promote better appreciation of Made-by-Singapore content and instill national pride in Singaporeans of homegrown media productions;and 

4. a range of activities to enhance Singaporeans’ understanding of content classification guidelines and ratings. 

Said Dr Christopher Chia, Chief Executive Officer of the Media Development Authority: “With the pervasive use of Web 2.0 technologies in almost every aspect of life today, it becomes even more important to show how we can use and enjoy media in a healthy and responsible manner.

“Through the engaging activities lined up for Media Fiesta 2009, we hope to highlight the wide range of media choices available and foster pride in Made-by-Singapore media content, leading to a creative and connected society. The inaugural Media Fiesta 2009 is distinguished for its wide range of content and activities, as well as the high level of community support it enjoys from the people, private and public sectors. I encourage all Singaporeans to take part for there is something for everyone.”

A nation-wide effort, Media Fiesta 2009 has the support of more than 40 partners and sponsors, ranging from media heavyweights like MediaCorp, SingTel, StarHub, Singapore Press Holdings (Razor TV), Shaw and Cathay, to Microsoft, Hewlett Packard;home-grown enterprises such as ST Electronics and Scrawl Studios, to educational institutes like DigiPen, Innova Junior College and Nanyang Polytechnic;and community organisations like the (Singapore) Cybersports and Online Gaming Association (SCOGA), as well as government agencies like the National Heritage Board and the National Library Board.

Said Jean Chia, Managing Director of Pico Art International Pte Ltd: “Pico is proud to be the organiser of this inaugural event. With the pervasive use of media, it is important that everyone understands how best to take advantage of new technologies and platforms to enhance their lives. Pico is proud to conceptualise the Media Fiesta, together with the Media Development Authority and our partners and sponsors.”

Main Event, 5 –8 March 2009, Marina Square Atrium
The Main Event will showcase a wide range of media content and technologies in the areas of animation, games, publishing, film, broadcast and Interactive Digital Media, reflecting the diversity of Singapore’s evolving media landscape. Programmes include film screenings, inspirational talks offering industry insights, showcases of the latest products and technologies as well as appearances by popular celebrities. The public can also step onstage to find out what goes on behind-the-scenes of live radio and television broadcasts. Other highlights include:

  • ​Shaw-Online Sky Cinema 
    For a unique cinematic experience, film aficionados can enjoy Singapore short films such as Boo Junfeng’s “Keluar baris” and Anthony Chen’s award-winning film “Ah Ma”, as well as preview animation snippets of “Dinosaur Train”, a Singapore co-production between Singapore’s BIG Communications and acclaimed US company The Jim Henson Company, at the Shaw-Online Sky Cinema, where screens are perched ceiling-high, and bean bags used as cosy receptacles for reclining in. 

  • Inspiration Box 
    Budding media entrepreneurs and students can embark on a learning journey with local companies Egg Story, a leading digital animation and effects studio in Asia and Infinite Frameworks, a producer of award-winning media and entertainment content, who will reveal insiders’ perspectives on how to turn an idea into commercial success. 

  • Innovation Tower
    Learn more about the development of Singapore’s new media technologies at the Innovation Tower through displays featuring MSN, Razor TV and STOMP. Experiment with KooBits, an interactive online publishing platform that has been launched in more than 80 Singapore schools and several hundred training centres in Indonesia, while exploring innovative offerings by SingTel, StarHub and MediaCorp. 

  • Public Service Content Showcase
    Find out more about Singapore’s Public Service Content and the values behind them. Interact with the cast of Channel U’s popular drama series “Perfect Cut 2” as they share their experiences working on a drama that explores social issues—one’s obsession with superficial beauty, in this case. Experience the excitement of live recordings for “Live ‘n’ Loaded”, a multi-platform music contest to unearth local music acts, talk shows by Suria and Vasantham and the auditions for upcoming Channel 5 drama “Fighting Spiders”. Children can also enjoy programmes put up by okto, including excerpts from the musical “School House Rockz” and live recordings of variety show “oktoLIVE!”.

  • Black Box
    Gain a better understanding of the principles behind content classification decisions while viewing an exhibition showcasing the evolution of classification and the community representatives that play a key role in content regulation. 

  • Entertainment Showcase
    Try out exciting games on popular game consoles such as Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360 and listen to music collections on Creative players at the Entertainment Showcase. Garena, one of Singapore’s most successful homegrown online gaming service providers, boasting more than 11 million registered users from over 180 countries, will showcase its latest games at the station.

Fringe Events, 1 –31 March 2009, islandwide
In all, 40 fringe events will be held throughout the month of March.

One of the highlights includes “A Celebration of Local Films” brought to the public by Cathay, where Singapore films, including “Singapore Dreaming” and “881”, will be screened at Cathay Cineleisure from 19 –22 March to foster appreciation of local films.

The Board of Film Censors will open its doors to students who will rate a film together with the classifiers for a better understanding of the decision-making process behind classification, beyond a mere ratings system.

Students can also participate in learning journeys to film, music and animation studios under the guidance of media professionals in the “sCene 3 Act 1 New Media Academy” workshop organised by Innova Junior College. Teenagers and children can learn how to use writing tools and templates to create their own stories in the workshop “Words, Pictures, Story! Writing My First Story” organised by the National Book Development Council of Singapore.

For more information, please refer to the following annexes:
Annex 1 –Fact Sheet
Annex 2 –Acknowledgements


About Media Fiesta 2009
Media Fiesta is an annual, month-long nation-wide initiative by the Media Development Authority that provides Singaporeans with fun and engaging opportunities to experience and learn more about media, and how they can use media in a responsible and discerning way, for work, learning and play. For more information on Media Fiesta, visit

About Media Development Authority (MDA)
Formed in 2003, the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) plays a vital role in transforming Singapore into a Global Media City and positioning it at the forefront of the digital media age. MDA spearheads initiatives that promote developments in film, video, television, radio, publishing, music, games, animation, media services and Interactive Digital Media. At the same time, in ensuring clear and consistent regulatory policies and guidelines, MDA helps to foster a pro-business environment for industry players and increase media choices for consumers. For more information, visit and

About Pico Art International
Pico Art International is a Singapore-based multinational corporation, specialising in global experiential marketing. Founded in 1970, the company has 34 offices worldwide. Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, it has expanded its core business and competencies, evolving from exhibition design and fabrication to value-added event marketing on an international scale. Please visit​ for more information.