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First Singapore-China subway drama A Starry Night 星光依旧灿烂

Dated: 13 April 2009

Made-by-Singapore content is going international on a new platform. ​The Media Development Authority (MDA), Singapore media company Ufinity and Chinese company Prime Time Entertainment, are collaborating to produce the first Singapore-China subway drama –A Starry Night 星光依旧灿烂 –to be broadcast simultaneously in trains and train stations in Singapore and China, reaching out to over ​15 million daily commuters. The project is supported by media platform ow​ners, na​mely SMRT Media in Singapore and Digital Media Group (DMG) in China. Singapore’s Threesixzero Productions has been commissioned to undertake the creative process of this project.

Slated for debut in the second half of this year, commuters in Singapore can enjoy their first subway drama on television displays in the train stations along the North-South and East-West rail lines. In China, DMG will screen the drama on television screens within the trains, as well as on train station and bus shelter displa​​ys they manage. In total, the subway drama is expected to be screened on at least 16,452 television displays, targeting a daily 1.4 million passenger trips in Singapore and a captive audience of 14 million commuters in seven Chinese cities, namely Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Tianjing, Nanjing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

The Mandarin 50-parter, each two-and-a-half minutes in duration, centres on the love story of a Singaporean singer (Singapore’s Project Superstar alumna Kelly Poon 潘嘉丽), and a young man from Shanghai (Taiwanese actor Robert Fan 范植伟) who comes to Singapore to pursue his studies and music aspirations. Through the young man, the Singaporean sees her hometown with a fresh pair of eyes. The subway drama is filmed mainly in Singapore and presents a vibrant tableau of the country’s iconic locations and heritage.

The other cast are Mei Xin 美心 (Singapore), Nathan Lee 李承铉 (Korea), Ivan Huang黄阅 (China), Lawrence Wong王冠逸 (Singapore), Johnny Jiang 姜育恆 (Taiwan) and Sky Wu 伍思凯 (Taiwan). It is directed by Lisa Chen 陈秀玉 from Taiwan. The soundtrack will feature songs contributed by Singapore song-writers.

Following its subway launch, the drama will be expanded into a feature film for theatrical release. Plans are in the pipeline to repurpose the content for a wide variety of platforms, such as online, mobile phone and outdoor media.

Said Dr Christopher Chia, MDA’s Chief Executive Officer, “Singapore’s first subway drama, A Starry Night, will be traveling in more ways than one –it will be enjoyed by commuters on the go;and will also be the vehicle bringing the best of Singapore’s production capability, musical talents and picturesque locations to viewers within and beyond Singapore. We are proud to support Ufinity in this groundbreaking collaboration, which will take Made-by-Singapore content across borders and onto an exciting array of platforms.“

Ms Teo Chew Hoon, Managing Director, SMRT Investments Pte Ltd, said, “SMRT Media is proud to partner MDA to promote this first cross-national subway drama series. With 1.4 million passenger trips served in our island wide rail network daily, SMRT Media will launch the series with impact. We are constantly introducing refreshing ideas to our media spaces and we believe our passengers will be delighted by the subway drama series. We hope this will enhance their travel experience with us.”

Please see:
Annex A for the synopsis, cast, director and broadcast details
Annex B for the production stills

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