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Celebrate and Discover with Media Fiesta 2010

Dated: 24 February 2010

Sophomore editi​​​on promises to take the festivities across Singapore

Media Fiesta, a month-long festival offering interactive media activities, experiential games and showcasing local talent, will return for its second edition in March 2010. Themed “Celebrate and Discover Media”, this year’s programme line-up will bring Singaporeans on an exploratory journey into the world of media.

Continuing their partnership from 2009, Media Fiesta 2010 is hosted by the Media Development Authority (MDA) and organised by Pico Art International. The focus for this year is to provide an inspirational platform for audiences to experiment and engage with various forms of media –including traditional, new and future media. Through its various activities, Media Fiesta offers participants a glimpse into the future by demonstrating the convergence of media and info communications, thereby exciting Singaporeans about the new possibilities brought about by this transformation. It also aims to create greater awareness of and appreciation for Singapore-made media content, services and applications.

The inaugural event in 2009 featured a four-day main event and fringe events across the island, focusing on public education activities. In 2010, the outreach strategy has been fine-tuned to bring Media Fiesta to a larger audience. Media Fiesta 2010 will feature a ‘Media Transformer’, a mobile display that showcases interactive media exhibits such as the Future Media Showcase, a Download Café, Media in Creation, Media Trivia and Know your Film Ratings.

The Media Transformer will make its stops at four anchor events1, with one happening on each weekend of the month. These are:

  1. The Spectaculars (5-6 March, The Cathay Cineplex, Hall 4): A screening of film classics from the 50’s to 70’s.
  2. Enchanted Journey through the Pages (13-14 March, Woodlands Regional Library): A workshop where children will get hands-on experience in story writing and e-publishing.
  3. The Quest of the Unknown (21 March, Colosseum, iluma): A family-oriented gaming competition where gamers can win attractive prizes.
  4.  Sounds@*SCAPE (27 March, *SCAPE): A musical showcase featuring the best of up and coming Singaporean talents.

Note: For full details of Anchor Events, see Annex 3.

Dr. Christopher Chia, Chief Executive Officer of the Media Development Authority said: “Media is a part of our lives. Media greatly enhances and enriches how Singaporeans, whether young or old, work, learn and play. Through its exciting event offerings, Media Fiesta 2010 will showcase the vibrancy of the media sector, provide a platform for Singaporeans to enjoy the best works and talents from our media professionals, and discover the breadth of media choice available to them today. The public will also get a chance to learn how social and community norms ultimately influence the setting of classification standards.”

A collaborative effort, Media Fiesta 2010 has the support of close to 60 partners and sponsors from both the public and private sectors such as National Library Board, NTUC U Live, TQ Global, Toshiba, Panasonic and AV8 among others. (See Annex 2 for full list of partners and sponsors).

“We are honoured and excited to be working with the Media Development Authority for the second year running on Media Fiesta. Having helped to conceptualise and run the festival last year, we are proud to be able to help evolve and grow this festival. The media landscape has already changed so much from just a year ago –and we look forward to bringing the exciting aspects of media to the public again,” said James Chia, Group President of Pico Art.


The Media Transformer is an interactive, mobile exhibit that will contain five components:

  1. The Future Media Showcase will enable visitors to see and have a hands-on experience with the applications and technologies on display, to help them be more aware of emerging interactive digital media applications and technologies.
  2. The Download Café will allow visitors to use their portable devices to download applications, movie trailers, animation trailers and trial-ware games according to their interests.
  3. The Media in Creation segment will feature green screen technology and offer a glimpse of local media capabilities behind-the-scenes and the career choices available in the media sector.
  4. Media Trivia showcasesaugmented reality technology through which the public can learn more about local animation, TV programmes, music, films, publishing and gaming content, in a fun and engaging way.
  5. The Know your Film Ratings zone will allow the public to discover interesting facts on film classification through the use of interactive content.


  1. The Spectaculars
    A screening of film classics from the 50s to 70s, scheduled for 5-6 March 2010. To be held at The Cathay Cineplex, there will be a total of seven films shown over the weekend from dramas such as They Call Her… Cleopatra Wong to vernacular horror films like Sumpah Pontianak. Tickets will be sold through The Cathay Box Office.
  2. Enchanted Journey through the Pages
    A workshop where children will get hands-on experience in story writing and e-publishing, to be held at the Woodlands Regional Library from 13-14 March 2010. Targeted at children from the ages of 9-12, the event will feature a walk-through of the Media Transformer, a fantasy-adventure dramatisation of National Library Board’s Quest of the Celestial Dragon by Monsters Under the Bed, and a creative writing workshop using e-publishing software. On 13 March 2010, the country’s best young authors will be recognised at the Young Authors’ Awards Ceremony. Pre-event registration is required on the NLB’s website Go Library (
  3. The Quest of the Unknown
    A family-oriented gaming competition that will be held on 21 March 2010. Colosseum and Asiasoft will be partnering to set up a gaming competition, where families will compete against each other to claim prizes. The games featured include MapleStory, RayCity and Bejeweled 2.
  4. Sounds@*SCAPE
    A musical showcase on 27 March 2010 featuring the best of up and coming local talents, which will be held at the new *SCAPE Youth Centre in the heart of the city. Established local performers such as For This Cycle, Silhouette and Barricade will perform alongside the performers from NOISE, an initiative of the National Arts Council.

 For more information, please see the annexes​ for information:
Annex 1  – Fact Sheet
Annex 2 – Acknowledgements
Annex 3 – About Anchor Events
Annex 4  – About Media Transformer


About Media Fie​​sta

Media Fiesta is an annual, month-long nation-wide initiative by the Media Development Authority that provides Singaporeans with fun and engaging opportunities to experience and learn more about media, and how they can use media in a responsible and discerning way, for work, learning and play. For more information on Media Fiesta, visit

About Media Dev​​​​elopment Authority (MDA)

Formed in 2003, the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) plays a vital role in transforming Singapore into a GlobalMediaCity and positioning it at the forefront of the digital media age. MDA spearheads initiatives that promote developments in film, video, television, radio, publishing, music, games, animation, media services and Interactive Digital Media. At the same time, in ensuring clear and consistent regulatory policies and guidelines, MDA helps to foster a pro-business environment for industry players and increase media choices for consumers. For more information, visit and

About Pico Art International

Pico Art International is a Singapore-based multinational corporation, specialising in global experiential marketing. Founded in 1970, the company has 34 offices worldwide. Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, it has expanded its core business and competencies, evolving from exhibition design and fabrication to value-added event marketing on an international scale. Please visit for more information.

1For the weekend of The Spectaculars, the Media Transformer will be staged at iluma, Atrium instead of The Cathay