Fact Sheet - Digital TV Broadcasting

16 December 2013 - As a global phenomenon, the world is now transitioning from analogue to digital broadcasting. Singapore is no different. Together with our ASEAN neighbours, we are now working together and coordinating our transition to digital broadcasting… Read more

1.    As a global phenomenon, the world is now transitioning from analogue to digital bro​adcasting. Singapore is no different. Together with our ASEAN neighbours, we are now working toge​ther and coordinating our transition to digital broadcasting between 2015 and 2020.

2.    Today is a significant milestone in Singapore’s digital broadcasting journey. Bukit Batok becomes the first zone in Singapore to be ready to receive digital broadcasting signals based on the DVB-T2 standard. With digital reception, consumers can watch all seven free-to-air (FTA) MediaCorp channels in high or standard-definition.​

3.    MediaCorp has put in place the digital broadcasting infrastructure in Bukit Batok to enable all households to receive digital TV. They will progressively expand coverage and achieve nation-wide rollout over the next two to three years.

To check if your estate is ready to receive MediaCorp’s digital TV signals, you can visit: www.mediacorp.sg/digitaltv.

What should I do to tune in to digital FTA programmes?

Pay-TV subscriber

Quite simply, if you are already a pay-TV subscriber, you need not do anything. This is because you are already receiving digital broadcasting signals through your pay-TV set-top box​​1.
Estimates show that around 60 per cent of local households are on pay-TV.

Non pay-TV subscriber

If you are not a pay-TV subscriber, you will need to get a DVB-T2 digital set-top box and antenna to receive digital TV signals on your existing TV set. Yes, this also means that you do not need to change your existing TV set if you do not want to.

Future proof your purchase? Think Integrated Digital TV sets

If you are already thinking of buying a new TV set, to future proof your purchase, you may want to consider getting an integrated digital TV (IDTV) with a Digital TV Ready label. Such a TV does not require a set-top box because the digital tuner is already integrated into the TV set. So you simply connect the TV to an antenna.

You can continue to watch FTA programmes, but…

Digital broadcasting signals will be available progressively with MediaCorp’s island-wide deployment exercise over the next two to three years. Analogue TV signals will continue to be available for at least two years from December 2013 until the switchover to digital broadcasting signals is completed between 2015 and 2020.

Meanwhile, what this means is that you can continue to watch your favourite FTA programmes in the same way as you have but just do take note of this digital broadcasting switchover timeframe. To enjoy the benefits of digital TV, you should consider switching over early once your estate is covered by MediaCorp’s digital broadcasting infrastructure.

Know more

To help consumers identify TVs and set-top boxes that are compatible with Singapore’s digital TV system, Digital TV Ready Labels have been affixed to DVB-T2 compatible television sets and set-top boxes.


More information on digital TV, including DVB-T2 compatible IDTVs and set-top boxes available in the market can be found at: www.mediacorp.sg/digitaltv and www.mda.gov.sg/digitaltv​​.

To educate consumers about digital TV, MediaCorp will be rolling out a series of advertorials and infomercials from 2014. Educational videos, digital TV brochures and posters are also available at major retail outlets ​so that members of the public can learn more about digital TV.​

Get digital, and start enjoying digital broadcasts!

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​1​Howe​ver, if you ha​ve secondary TV sets ​not subscribed to Pay TV service, these TV sets would require a DVB-T2 digital set-top box and antenna eac​​h.

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