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A new digital element adds vibrancy to the Singapore Media Festival

30 July 2015 - The Media Development Authority Singapore is pleased to welcome a new constituent event, Digital Matters, on board the Singapore Media Festival. This enhances the digital element of the festival.

The Media Development Authority Singapore (MDA) is pleased to welcome a new constituent event, Digital Matters, on board the Singapore Media Festival (SMF). This enhances the digital element of the festival. 

Organised by award-winning content and events company Branded Ltd., Digital Matters is a pioneering Business-To-Business-To-Fan (B2B2Fan) event in Asia that unlocks new insights in the creation of online content and their uses. Digital Matters -- previously held in May 2013 and now co-located with other SMF constituent events for synergy -- will focus on facilitating dialogue among industry players on the new frontiers of digital creativity, social distribution and competition, which are key elements in bringing local content to the global online space.

The inclusion of Digital Matters further enhances the international appeal of SMF, as it adds value to and complements the other constituent events of the Festival; Singapore International Film Festival, Asia Television Forum & Market, ScreenSingapore, and Asian Television Awards. With its global reputation as an expert gateway to Asia’s entertainment industry and over a decade of experience in organising world-class events, Branded will bring its impressive network of connections with talent, business leaders and stakeholders to Digital Matters. 

“We are delighted to partner with Branded to bring Digital Matters into the Singapore Media Festival (SMF). Technology is changing the way media is being distributed, marketed and consumed. Branded have a proven track record with Digital Matters of bringing together leaders in this space to provide critical insights and stimulate innovative thinking”, said Mr Robert Gilby, Chairman of the Singapore Media Festival Advisory Board and Managing Director of The Walt Disney Company (SEA). 
He added, “The inclusion of Digital Matters in SMF will provide unique opportunities for participants to establish strategic partnerships with digital leaders from local, regional and global media companies, setting SMF apart from other traditional international Film and TV events.”

Enhancing the SMF experience for both consumers and industry players

Digital Matters will be held over two-and-a-half days, from 3-5 December, 2015. It will consist of a one-and-a-half-day B2B conference for digital content platforms, brand owners and content creators plus teen-focused creative workshops for online entertainment fans.

Jasper Donat, Co-Founder and CEO, Branded Ltd. said, “With SMF’s new partnership with Branded, Digital Matters attendees will have the opportunity to meet digital natives, leading content creators and their fans who are fundamentally changing the global entertainment industry. The desires, actions and communications of these influencers are the exact zeitgeist that everyone wants to understand and monetise. And Digital Matters is the event that will connect them.”

At the full-day workshops aimed at creating new digital content, young participants aged 13-20 can look forward to hearing from experienced creators on their experiences and exciting plans for future content. Themes for the workshops range from Fashion, Cooking, and Lifestyle to Beauty and Music. There will also be a Meet & Greet session at the end of each workshop, deepening the B2Fan experience further.

Industry players can look forward to hearing from digital media leaders on future trends and topics, such as crowd-funding and opportunities for online branded content marketing. Digital Matters aims to attract at least 300 participants to SMF, comprising online video content creators and platform providers as well as advertising agencies. 

The annual SMF, which runs from 26 November to 6 December this year, is one of Asia’s leading international media events that brings together the latest trends, talent and content for Film and TV.  Hosted by the MDA, it is organised by Reed Exhibitions, Contineo Media, SGIFF Ltd. and Branded Ltd. For more details of the Singapore Media Festival, please go to

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About Singapore Media Festival (SMF) 
The Singapore Media Festival, hosted by Media Development Authority is set to become one of Asia’s leading international media events, where the industry meets to discover the latest trends, talent and content in Asia for Film and TV. It brings together established media events – Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF), Asia TV Forum & Market (ATF) and ScreenSingapore (SS), Asian Television Awards and Digital Matters, which will take place from 26 November to 6 December 2015. ​

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