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Diversity of Public Service Broadcast Programmes and Use of Innovative Concepts Commended in First Combined PAC Report

2 February 2015 - The first combined annual report by the Media Development Authority’s (MDA) four Programme Advisory Committees (PACs) lauded improvements in the production quality of Public Service Broadcast (PSB) programmes.

Singapore, January 2015 – The first combined annual report by the Media Development Authority’s (MDA) four Programme Advisory Committees (PACs) lauded improvements in the production quality of Public Service Broadcast (PSB) programmes. The PACs commended the use of innovative concepts and increased variety of programmes, especially children’s and youth interest programmes, and those showcasing local heritage, arts and inspirational real-life accounts.

Commendations and Recommendation on PSB content

"The PAC members encouraged the broadcasters to further diversify their offerings, strengthen niche programmes (e.g. for the elderly, children, sports), offer in-depth and timely analyses in current affairs programmes, as well as boost talent development in the industry. To commemorate Singapore’s 50th birthday, members proposed more programmes promoting social integration and celebrating Singapore’s diverse social fabric.

PAC Choice

The inaugural ‘PAC Choice’ lists PSB programmes which deserve special commendation for their production quality, creative concepts, and engagement and informative value. It includes the info-educational series, Follow Fasha, for presenting educational elements in dramatised segments; and Kalaimanigal (Doyens of Art) for its research on Singapore Cultural Medallion winners.

Other PAC Choice selections like the documentary series, The Days of Rage, and the cultural travelogue series, The Place We Live In <<生活在这里>>, had also been nominated for the Asian Television Awards, reflecting the industry’s endorsement of PSB programmes.

Observations on Content and Standards in Broadcast

The report also included the PAC’s observations on broadcast content and standards. The PAC highlighted misleading claims in radio advertisements and sponsored radio segments that were not clearly identified. The PACs also observed that several programmes on the free-to-air vernacular channels featured an excessive use of English.

MDA consulted the PACs on a number of cases ranging from TV and radio advertisements to programmes aired on subscription TV. The PACs’ views are valuable sources of inputs during MDA’s investigations on potential breaches.

About the PACs

The PACs were set up by MDA with the aim of providing feedback from a community perspective on the range and quality of TV and radio programmes, and recently locally-produced PSB programmes. They also provide feedback and advice on content standards in programmes and advertisements on the broadcast platforms. The PACs comprises members of the public of different ages, races, occupations and fields of interest.

Gabriel Lim, Chief Executive Officer of MDA, said, “We thank members of the PACs for their hard work. The inaugural annual combined PAC report provides holistic feedback on programmes across the four language channels, and will be valuable for local broadcasters. We will continue our discussions with MediaCorp and other production companies to improve local content offerings, and widen its reach. Through the PSB Contestable Funds Scheme, MDA will also continue to support the development of quality PSB programmes for broadcast on pay-TV and internet platforms this year, in addition to MediaCorp’s free-to-air TV channels.”

Refer to Annex A (174.90KB) for additional quotes from the Programme Advisory Committees.

For the full report, please see here (278.45KB).



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