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UNDP Launches 100-Day Global Consultation on Digital Inclusion at ATxSummit 2024 in collaboration with IMDA


1. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in collaboration with Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), launched an important global initiative on digital inclusion at ATxSummit, an exclusive by-invitation only platform bringing together more than 4,000 guests from 85 countries across tech and government. ATxSummit is part of Asia Tech x Singapore, Asia’s flagship tech platform that unites over 25,000 global and industry decision makers to forge an inclusive digital future.

2. Over the next 100 days, the UNDP will initiate a global consultation to engage its network across 170 countries and territories, national counterparts and practitioners across all regions to generate collective insights on the way forward in safeguarding digital inclusion. Digital inclusion is a critical foundation for economic and social progress as well as the empowerment of individuals and communities. It expands beyond physical and financial access to technology, encompassing broader themes like digital literacy, trust and confidence. As the world changes rapidly with dynamic advancement in technologies and complex global trends1, it is imperative that digital inclusion strategies evolve and adapt to stay ahead of the curve. Interested parties can sign-up to join the 100-day Global Consultation at

3. The global consultation will build on UNDP’s Digital Inclusion Playbook that was also launched at the ATxSummit, providing a foundational set of framework, policy recommendations and global case-studies that support countries in taking immediate actions to ensure digital inclusion in their communities. The report features digital inclusion initiatives across the world, including Singapore’s newly launched Digital Skills for Life (DSL) framework2 which underpins its national Digital for Life (DfL) movement. Individuals can pick up digital skills under the DSL framework through resources available on IMDA’s DfL portal at

4. The insights from the Global Consultation would go towards enriching and expanding the Digital Inclusion Playbook particularly in its future outlook, fostering a network of like-minded policymakers and practitioners, as well as shaping the potential for further collaborations and initiatives.

5. The UUNDP and IMDA convened a high-level roundtable at the ATxSummit on 31 May 2024 to launch the Digital Inclusion Playbook and the 100-day Global Consultation. The roundtable kickstarted the consultation process with a productive dialogue among senior government officials from 11 countries3 across different regions, as well as senior representatives from the international organisations, private sector and civil society4, who contributed deep insights.

6. Mr Robert Opp, Chief Digital Officer, UNDP highlighted: “Now more than ever, we need a global commitment to digital inclusion that unlocks the full potential of technology to accelerate and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This means ensuring people and human rights are placed at the centre of all aspects of digital transformation. We are excited to launch the Digital Inclusion Playbook and the 100-day Global Consultation to share insights and provide an avenue for greater collaboration around digital inclusion. UNDP is delighted to have convened the high-level roundtable together with IMDA, and we look forward to further engagements globally.”

7. Ms Doreen Tan, Assistant Chief Executive (Strategic Planning and Digital Readiness) of IMDA, said: "We are excited that Singapore will be the starting point for the launch of this UNDP global consultation on digital inclusion. We are also heartened that our Digital Skills for Life (DSL) framework, in line with our national Digital for Life movement, has been featured in UNDP’s Digital Inclusion Playbook as an example of efforts to digitally upskill citizens. As part of ATxSummit, IMDA is honoured to host a panel discussion among experts and practitioners from diverse continents and countries. There was a rich exchange of experience and learnings among these experts and practitioners from the private, people and public sectors including international organisations such as UNDP and the World Bank. Singapore will continue to collaborate with our global partners to forge a digitally inclusive world, where no one will be left behind.”


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