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last updated 21 November 2018

Digital transformation will bring different benefits to a business, depending its sector, the stage of its digitalisation journey and its value proposition to customers. For some it can be about cost efficiencies; for others, digitalisation can mean a broader customer base or tapping new markets.

The future economy will look very different from today. Digitalisation will fundamentally alter the supply and demand dynamics in the economy. Ecosystems, and not sectors, will define economic activities. In ecosystems, value chains will converge. Barriers to entry will shift from large capital investments to large customer networks as distribution models shift from a single point to that of multiple nodes.

Digitalisation Journeys

Meet companies that accelerate their digitalisation journeys by harnessing the power of technology and digital capabilities, regardless of their developmental stage and digital readiness. While some of them enhanced their operations, delivered better digital services and products, or overcome problems in their businesses, some companies went further to tap into new markets or ventured beyond Singapore. Read more

Innovation Showcase

With its strong technical capabilities and deep talent pool, Singapore’s ICM sector can be the digital technology hub of Asia. Find out how these promising tech companies are adding buzz and vibrancy to the ICM industry. Read more


Accreditation@SGD aims to level the playing field for promising Singapore-based technology companies to win projects, grow and compete in the global market by helping them establish their credentials and facilitating access to Government and large enterprise buyers. It gives accredited companies the opportunity to be better-recognised overseas with a trusted Singapore branding. Read more