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Digitalisation Journeys

last updated 23 May 2018

  • Jing King pushes boundaries to establish itself as a FinTech and AI powerhouse

    Realising that change was the only way forward, Jing King Tech Group moved from being a smart-card manufacturer to a forerunner in FinTech industry.Read more
  • DeClout stays nimble to discover key opportunities in the fast-changing Tech sector

    With the ability to discover key opportunities in the fast-changing ICT industry, DeClout is able to do things differently, instead of doing different things.Read more
  • OKH improves productivity with digital tech

    Logistical service providers are pressed to improve their productivity and service offer through the use of innovative digital tech solutions.Read more
  • Mocha Chai Laboratories brings old films to new audiences

    A number of classic films shot on analogue equipment in the past can no longer be accessed by a new generation of audiences. The only way forward is for the films to be digitised into a modern format.Read more
  • Frozi boosts yogurt and ice cream sales with F&B solution

    With the new system in place, Frozi’s products can now be sold in small quantities all over Singapore. The accuracy and efficiency of planning and scheduling for delivery have significantly improved. Read more
  • JIT Fashion transforms business with new supply chain system

    The improvements have led to direct business impact. Sales have gone up by more than 100 per cent, as JIT Fashion now counts NTUC Fairprice, BHG Singapore, Robinsons, Tom and Stephanie and other stores as customers. Read more
  • With mobile marketing system, Charcoal House wows new and repeat customers

    Staff learnt to analyse, filter and make sense of the data collected, and can now easily identify regular customers through a review of their transaction history to better serve them. Read more
  • A royal presence for on-the-go security

    The solution has brought about an improvement in the services by Royal Security and the team on the ground, and also time savings of between 8 and 10 hours per week.Read more
  • DMK tailors its fashion retail with actionable insights

    The transformation has changed the job scope for staff, resulting in lower turnover and a more productive environment. They don’t have to focus on the non-productive areas any more. Read more